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What Vegetables Should You Add to Your Online Grocery Delivery?

Shopping online is great, especially for groceries. It can save you time, hassle and money. But it can be easy to forget the amazing variety of fruit and vegetables on offer when you’re not spending time in the store itself. Let us refresh your mind and highlight the ten vegetables we recommend adding to your basket next time you’re planning a grocery delivery.

1: Beetroot

As well as adding taste, colour and vibrancy to any meal, beetroot is said to help lower blood pressure, contain anti-cancer properties and improve digestive health. We recommend creating a vibrant pink beetroot risotto. 

2: Kale

This super-healthy green is full of nutrients and low in calories, making it a hit with celebrities around the world. Try adding to salads or smoothies for a hit of the good stuff and give your next grocery delivery a green upgrade. 

3: Mushrooms

Love them or hate them, mushrooms are a fantastic source of vitamin D. Studies have shown that they are helpful for maintaining heart and gut health. Add them to just about any dish for a hit of flavour and texture. 

4: Asparagus

No grocery delivery would be complete without some asparagus. Especially because it has been claimed that asparagus can help cure a hangover. So, bung some in the basket of your next grocery delivery and add it to your breakfast after a heavy night out for a hit of fibre and flavonoid. 

5: Leeks

Leeks are rich in antioxidants, high in flavour and low in calories. Try cooking up a delicious leek and potato soup for a filling dish that the whole family will love. 

6: Pumpkin

There’s nothing more exciting than receiving a pumpkin in your grocery delivery, they’re so vibrant and versatile. What’s more, they support healthy skin, eyes, and your immune system in general. Add to a stir fry or create a delicious pumpkin soup for a sweet, delicious meal. 

7: Pak Choy

Pak Choy is an amazing source of folate which is great for battling tiredness. Steam, stir fry or boil for a delicious addition to any meal. 

8: Winged Beans

Winged beans are said to help reduce premature ageing, combat headaches and migraines, and aid weight loss. Whatever your reason for consuming these delicious beans, be sure to add them to your next grocery delivery! 

9: Garlic

This garlic bulb is said to reduce heart attacks and contain anti-cancer properties, as well as lowering blood pressure and being low calorie. Add to any dish for a flavour hit that packs a punch. 

10: Lotus Root

Add lotus root to your dishes to boost your digestion, regulate your blood pressure and help reduce stress. Best added to delicious stir fry dishes. 

So, there you have it. Now your next grocery delivery will be packed full of nutritious and delicious produce for you to make exquisite meals for your family and friends. 

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