What Type of Therapy Does Charlie Health Offer?

Mental health care is often overlooked in the United States and all around the world. Young adults and adolescent patients are often left behind in the crush of life and social momentum. Many young people struggle with the changes that they experience throughout this monumental time in life, yet millions of people who could benefit from the addition of therapy sessions or other mental health counseling don’t take advantage of the resources in this field.

With the help of a tailored mental health program like that offered by Charlie Health (see more at CharlieHealth.com), you can find the support and care that your teen requires to get themselves back on track. Our young people offer so much hope for the future, but the current climate of social upheaval, coronavirus pandemic tragedy, and economic volatility is providing young adults with a potent combination of destabilizing forces that rivals any measure of chaos that our social world has experienced in many decades. Creative mental health solutions are needed now more than ever before.

Charlie Health provides a unique telehealth option for busy teens and families.


One of the primary factors that set Charlie Health apart from the vast landscape of health care options out there is the sophisticated telehealth options that the firm offers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth utilization rose to unprecedented levels, yet many practices are still tinkering with their telemedicine infrastructure. Charlie Health has perfected the approach and can provide your child with powerful results over the phone or with the help of video calling platforms.

With therapy opportunities that can be accessed from the comfort of your own home, caring for your children’s mental health and well-being is easier than you might imagine. Therapists and mental health counselors are able to leverage all the same great techniques that are used in the office without forcing your child to commute after a long day at school, stressing them out even further.

Professionals here are well-versed in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), psychotherapy (or talk therapy), humanistic therapy approaches, and holistic blending that can tailor an appropriate treatment plan to each patient individually. With distance-based therapy sessions, a counselor can speak directly to your loved one without bringing them out of the space they take the most comfort in. One of the unexpected challenges of therapeutic approaches is the environment in which the conversation takes place. Many individuals can’t settle into a peaceful routine in their therapist’s office, and the telehealth option is a fantastic alternative that can jumpstart healing and mental well-being.

Therapists at Charlie Health can speed up the process of healing with a variety of customized approaches.


The therapy team here believes in a customized approach to mental health and personal care. Each patient needs their own unique assistance in order to realize the path toward healing, and this is exactly what the team of mental health specialists provides. Whether you’re seeking an intensive outpatient program that brings in group therapy, individual sessions, and more, or a more laid back approach that sees your loved one speaking candidly once or twice a week to a professional, there are a great many options that can be brought to bear here.

Therapists on staff are specialists in diagnosing and preparing tailored treatment plans for each of their patients. Contacting the staff for a consultation can bring you much greater peace of mind while providing the framework that your child needs to begin the healing process from depression, PTSD, or substance use disorders (among many other specific requirements).

Consider reaching out to the team today for a consultation and the first step toward greater mental wellness.

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