What Type of Services do Landscapers Provide?

Landscapers can provide various services that benefit both residential and commercial properties. Most jersey city landscaping services encompass a variety of different landscaping fields, including irrigation systems installation in St Petersburg, lawn care, tree trimming, pruning, fertilizing, and transplanting hardy plants to name just a few.

Landscaping contractors most commonly provide services for new homeowners or business owners who are looking to enhance the appearance and functionality of their property. At Boulder landscape design, services for new homes include designing a landscape that best fits the home’s architecture, selecting appropriate plants as well as installing hardscape features such as patios, walkways, or retaining walls (if applicable). For businesses, landscapers can provide services to improve the overall aesthetic of an establishment. This includes selecting plants that can help reduce stress and provide privacy, as well as installing irrigation systems to make sure the plants stay healthy and looking their best. 

6 Common Services from Landscapers

Lawn Care & Maintenance: 

Lawn care and maintenance is the most popular service provided by landscapers. This includes mowing, fertilizing, weeding, watering, edging, etc.  In landscaping Annapolis MD, lawn care services are best suited for those of you who have busy lifestyles.

Landscaping Design: 

If you’re looking to make a serious change to the landscape of your home, it will likely require some research as most landscapers can provide all or some of the following:  Aesthetics (paving choices, plants, and flowers, etc.), Irrigation systems, Landscape Lighting, and Structural work such as retaining walls. Landscaping design & installation is recommended for new homes or when an existing lawn needs to be redesigned due to the expansion or construction of a swimming pool or patio. 

Outdoor Patios & Fire Pits & Other Hardscapes:

Patios are becoming increasingly popular, both for the homeowner and as a selling feature. With a new patio, you’ll be able to enjoy outdoor dining with no worries about bugs or rain ruining your meal.

Another advantage to adding an outdoor patio is that it allows you to transform any part of your yard into an entertainment area. Imagine turning your backyard into a place where you can host parties or spend time relaxing with family and friends!

Adding an outdoor fireplace or fire pit to your patio area will increase the use of your new space.  Landscapers can help determine what type of material is best for constructing the walls of the fireplace or any other hardscapes, and how much it will cost.

Landscape Lighting:

These are often used to highlight special features within a lawn or garden. The installation of lighting can help create a stunning view that is illuminated at night so that the outdoors look like something out of a storybook! 

Landscapers can help you decide if there’s a need for additional outlets (for outdoor electrical connections), or whether your yard would be better off with solar lights that operate on battery power.

Irrigation & Drainage:

When you’re installing new plants, especially those that come from tropical climates, it’s important to have an irrigation system installed. 

Landscapers are more than just the “hands-on” guys, by offering a wide array of services that include: installing residential irrigation systems, sprinkler system installation and design, residential and commercial lawn maintenance for water management, designing water features to improve your yard’s aesthetics, and more.  They can help with this because they understand exactly what will be needed during every stage of a plant’s growth. Additionally, landscapers are familiar with the drainage needs and requirements for your property due to rain or seasonal flooding. Landscapers can help you with both of these issues and they will also provide advice on what types of plants best suit your property.

Why We Should Contact Landscapers

If your property is out of control because you’re too busy or lack the time needed to maintain it yourself then hiring a professional landscaper might be what’s best for you!

Hiring a professional means that all your hard work won’t go unnoticed – they’ll make sure everything looks neat and tidy on your property so that when people come over it makes them want to stay longer!


Given there are many fields of landscaping services available, homeowners should make it a point to ask about expertise when meeting with prospective companies. For example, if an individual has a specific purpose in mind for their Longmont landscaping, such as drought-tolerant plants or edible landscaping to cut down on food costs, they should find a company that specializes in these types of services. Likewise, if an individual wants to improve the appearance of their home’s exterior, they should find a company specializing in hardscape installations and garden design.

Landscaping services are fairly inexpensive for those interested in enhancing the look of their property. Homeowners only pay for the cost of materials used during projects, meaning labor is free of charge.

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