What to Know About Dog Bite Cases

What to Know About Dog Bite Cases

In the modern world, dogs seem to be the closest animals to human beings. They have been domesticated since the start of civilization, and their role in the life of human beings has continued to expand. One hundred years ago, dogs were used for hunting purposes, but their roles have advanced to security, companions, service animals, and essential assets in drug-fighting agencies.

However, all the developments and dog training do not mean that they have left their animal instincts. Occasionally, dogs get out of control and bite people, even their owners, for various reasons. Therefore, it is advisable always to remain cautious as, at any given time, the dog can turn on you without your knowledge.

The Severity of Dog Bites

The severity of dog bites always depends on the aggressiveness that the animal was using while biting. In most cases, only minor injuries are inflicted, which can easily be home-treated or sorted in the nearby medical facility. However, sometimes dog bites are severe and could have permanent impacts on the health of an individual. These painful bites have raised the issue of legal proceedings against dog owners in the legal sector in the last few years.

Can You Sue for Dog Bite?

Suing for dog bites has turned into one of the complex legal aspects of the legal sector. For you to sue, you have to claim personal injuries while at the same time attributing civil liability to the dog owner, which is one of the complex aspects to undertake. However, with justifiable evidence, you’ll always have a chance to convince the judge that the dog owner is liable for injuries caused by negligent acts of not securing the dog.

As highlighted above, some of the injuries caused by dogs can be treated at home, which means you don’t have to sue in such cases. However, if the severity of the injuries caused significantly affects your health, you have no other choice other than to sue for damages and compensation.

Defense for Dog Bites

The owner does not always have to accept civil liability in case one files a civil lawsuit. There are various ways the defendant can avoid civil liability by claiming that the person with the dog bite significantly contributed to the bite. If the person provoked or threatened to harm the dog, the judge could rule for self-defense. If the dog was on the leash, the defendant could file for unintentional or accidental negligence. In some instances, the judge could rule that the person with a dog bite is at partial fault.

Possible Damages for Dog Bites

When a court establishes liability in one of the parties, there are possible damages and compensation to be paid. The responsible individual will have to pay for the medical expenses for the person injured. This is one of the common damages that is always awarded in the case of a personal injury. The responsible person will also have to pay for lost wages during the recovery period, mostly if the injuries hinder the person.

In some instances, the court may institute punitive damages as a means of punishing the responsible party. Punitive damages are always focused on punishing for the harm, pain, and suffering experienced by the other party.

Seeking Legal Representation

If a dog has bitten you, getting legal representation is one of the most critical strategies. Personal injury cases are better handled by a legal professional who quickly understands the underlying factors. A personal injury lawyer also understands all the possible compensation and damages that one can get in such cases and will always push for the best deal possible.

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