Moving houses is a big step whether you are moving within the same city or to a different location. So what do you do with your belongings? You can either sell them to start afresh in the new place or move with them. Moving your possessions to a new home can be stressful, and it requires careful planning. Therefore you should plan adequately ahead of time to ensure the safety of your items during the move. Here are tips for handling your belongings during a move.

Purge unwanted items

The first step to take as soon as you decide to move is to declutter your house. Sort your belongings room by room and purge the unwanted knickknacks. You don’t want to carry stuff you no longer need to your new home and decluttering streamlines your move. You can either donate, sell or throw away the unwanted items.

Get some moving essentials.

Once you declutter your house, look for moving boxes to pack the stuff you will move to your new home. You can save more money by using old boxes and borrowing some from your friends, and you should also source other moving supplies like bubble wrap and packing tape.

Take an inventory of your valuables.

It is easy to lose some belongings when moving. Ensure you make a list of your valuables before packing to know when you lose something during the move.

Separate fragile items

If you have fragile items, ensure you separate them from the rest. Pack them separately, giving them the care and attention they deserve. You can ask the movers to load them in a separate section of the truck during the move to avoid damage.

Use bubble wrap

When packing fragile items, make bubble wrap your best friend. You can use it to secure items to prevent them from being damaged. Tiny bubbles filled with air cushion your belongings during transit by reducing the empty spaces inside the boxes to minimize movement. 

You can wrap individual items or place the bubble wrap inside the boxes. If you don’t have a bubble wrap, envelop your fragile items with dish towels or linen to prevent damage.

Resist the urge to overpack

It is not easy to resist the urge to shove everything into the large boxes so that there are fewer to carry. However, you want to avoid that because it makes things hard for the movers.

Lifting a large, heavy box is hard for the movers, increasing the risk of damage. The best way to pack for a move is to place heavier items on the bottom of the boxes and lighter ones at the top. 

Also, pack heavier items such as books in small boxes and oversized items such as linen in bigger boxes. Ensure you distribute the weight as evenly as possible.

Hire professional movers

Whether or not you are moving within the same location, the best way to handle your possessions is to hire a professional moving company. With years of experience moving people, professional movers can ensure the safety of your stuff during the move.

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