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What to Do If You’ve Been in a DUI Accident



On average, 30 people in the US die in drunk driving crashes every day, or one person every 50 minutes.

Though your risk of death is unlikely, the stark reality is that even if you drive defensively, there’s a chance another driver may be too impaired for you to predict their erratic movements.

When any accident occurs, the moment of impact can leave you stunned and hurt. However, it’s important to know what to do if you’ve been in a crash—especially a DUI accident.

Here are the steps you need to know in case one occurs:

Remain Calm After the DUI Car Accident

When an accident occurs, it’s hard not to feel stressed, anxious, or emotional—especially if you’re unsure if you or any passengers have been injured.

However, it’s important to keep a cool head and follow the best practices you should take after an accident. These steps hold true whether you were the driver of another vehicle struck by a drunk driver, or whether you were a passenger in the drunk driver’s vehicle, as with a recent case in the news.

Respond to Injuries and Safety Hazards

First, assess the situation. Is the car in a dangerous position that could cause a safety threat to you or other drivers? If so, move it—but if not, leave it where it is until police arrive.

Next, check for injuries. If you or any other passenger has been injured, follow through with basic first aid.

Call 911 to report the accident to police services, and ask for emergency medical services as well if there are injuries.

Document the DUI Accident

Don’t forget to capture photo and video evidence of the accident scene, any vehicular damage, the traffic signs and signals involved, and any injuries to your party. You should also search for any witnesses willing to provide contact information for your legal and insurance follow-up.

At this time, you may also want to write down what happened to preserve your memory.

This is especially important if there are indications that a driver was drunk. This is easier if you are a passenger who knows the driver was drunk. However, if you were driving another car, you may have seen telling signs like swerving or weaving, slow driving, or straddling the center lane marker.

Explain to the police what happened when they arrive. Ask for a copy of the police report, or find out how to obtain one later. You may also want to contact a DUI accident lawyer in advance, if you are reasonably sure the other driver was drunk.

Organize Your Case

In the weeks after the accident, you should gather proof of medical costs, lost wages, and repair costs to bring a drunk driving accident claim. Keep notes about repairs to your vehicle and your ongoing care. You’ll also want to attend any traffic or criminal court hearings for the drunk driver in order to provide evidence about their charges.

You may want to work with a DUI accident attorney during this time to ensure you get the compensation you deserve for damages and suffering.

Know How to Handle a DUI Accident

Knowing what to do in the case of a DUI accident can help ease your worries. It’s impossible to prepare for every situation, but following these best practices can put you in a good position to finish with compensation for your vehicle damage and suffering.

For more of the best practices you should know—just in case—be sure to check out our other blog posts.

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Benefits of Veterinary Compounding




Pets are an important part of the family, and keeping a check on their health is extremely important. They cannot speak how they feel, which is why being their owner, you must take them to the veterinarian regularly. They can suffer from health issues like infections, cancers, skin rashes and even diabetes and to treat them timely medication is a must. But, feeding medicines to pets is a tough job. Pets create fuss just like kids when given medicine. This is where veterinary compounding helps.

Veterinary compounded medicines are special medicines that are created by trained compounding pharmacists. These medicines only contain a specified amount of ingredients as suggested by the vet and hence are more effective. Moreover, it is recommended to never mix drugs without consulting with the veterinarian as the tolerance level of every patient (pet) is different.

Probing further, let us discuss some advantages of veterinary compounding.

Flavors can be added to compounded medicines – This is the most basic reason for which pet owners consider giving their pets the compounded medicine. Many pets don’t eat medicine because of it being distasteful. But, to improve their health, they need to eat the medicine, and it can be done by getting the medicine compounded with the flavors they love. Thanks to the advancement in pharmacy industry that favorite flavors of your pets can be added in the medication. Flavor choices include beef, fruit, tuna, and animal-safe chocolate.

More than one dosage can be compounded in one medicine – Another major benefit of switching to veterinary compounded medication is that different doses can be combined in one single tablet. Thus, you don’t have to struggle much to make your pet consume different medicines. Compounding pharmacists on the prescription of vets can combine two to three doses in a single pill.

Easy administration – If you have a four-legged friend in the home, then you must understand how difficult it is to medicate the pets. Dogs and cats run away when they see medicine that is not good in taste. You have to run after them here and there just to give them a few drops of medicine. Because of this reason, your pet will not get the dose they need to be fine, and their health may worsen. If you are madly in love with your pet, then the situation may become stressful for you. But, if you use veterinary compounding pharmacy, then it will become easy for you to administer your pet.

Compounded medicine has less dosage of drugs – If your furry friend is suffering from several health problems, then you may have to feed it with several medicines that can lead to over dosage. This, in the long run, can lead to major side effects. But, if you switch to a compounding pharmacy, you can prevent your pet from the side effects of over dosage. A trusted and reputable compounding pharmacist in collaboration with your pet’s vet can mix all the medicines in one dose that can protect it from unwanted health concerns in future.

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Pain Management: How can you Benefit from Physiotherapy?




Many people consider physiotherapy as less effective alternative treatments. People believe that it is better to watch online videos related to exercises than to visit a physiotherapist for quick healing. But that doesn’t help. I am here to clear the doubt!

Physiotherapy, which is often confused with massage has actually a lot to offer when it comes to pain management. Physiotherapy has also shown improvements in patients suffering from trauma, mental illness, depression, anxiety and psychic issues.

Why Choose Physiotherapy for Treating Pain?

A physiotherapist can treat both acute as well as chronic pain after thoroughly going through the symptoms and addressing the type of pain a patient is suffering from. Whether a patient is suffering from back pain, neck pain, ruptured tissues, joint pains and any pain, the professional physiotherapist will inspect about your lifestyle, come up with a routine plan and the type of treatment it will require to heal the pain. 

The treatment could involve any method such as acupuncture, electrotherapy, spasm, point-pressing, tension-releasing, stretching, exercise, correct posture building, mobilisation and so on. If you stick to the treatment thoroughly, you can get a permanent solution to your problem since the healing begins from within once you agree to what your therapist recommends you.

Let us look at some of the examples of pain and how physiotherapy is serving patients to cure all of it-

1) Acute Pain- Acute pain is a short-term pain which stays for a while and can be cured within days if treated properly. For instance, a strain in the leg or pain in the wrist. However, if you feel the pain frequently in a particular area, then it is an alarm to something serious that might occur later. Hence, do not ignore it.

2) Chronic Pain- Usually, the pain in the soft tissues remain for a few days or weeks if they are not severely affected. If the pain persists beyond months and takes too long to cure, then it is known as chronic pain. The chronic pain occurs when the brain doesn’t comprehend the signals from the nerve endings correctly, and the pain occurs frequently. 

3) Bad Knees- Many doctors have claimed that physiotherapy, along with proper medication, can prevent people with bad knees from going through a surgery. Usually, there is a muscle tightness near the knee joint that results in knee pain, and a person cannot walk properly. Physiotherapists find those tightened points and treat them with right stretching exercises, later applying warmth to the muscles for them to connect well.

4) Obesity Leading to Joint Paints- Excessive body weight can put pressure on various joints, causing body pains. In physiotherapy, the combination of different exercises and a lifestyle change can help reduce weight simultaneously treating the pain.

5) Back Pain- Wrong body posture, walking, sitting and sleeping pattern can often put pressure on your back, resulting in back pain. In physiotherapy, back pain is relieved using basic principles where the patient undergoes posture-correcting and muscle strengthening exercises as well as applying heat to the affected part.

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Expert Tips to Ensure the Success of Your Barcode System




Every successful business warehouse today realizes how important product traceability is for their profits and success. It is much needed to ensure visibility of inventory coming in and going out, to comply with industry standards, and perform a recall whenever required. However, despite that, not all companies follow this route. Instead, they keep on using inefficient and inaccurate manual methods to record information, losing on all the great benefits that they could have availed.

But, if you don’t want to be one of the lots, you can resort to the most popular automated mechanisms – barcode tracking and take your business to the next level. You just need to scan barcodes with a scanner and upload the same on your online inventory database. Here, have a glimpse on how barcode labelling is benefitting the organizations around the world and can be advantageous for you too.

  • Eliminate Error. When entering asset details manually, there can be various typographical and other types of error by employees. But, with automatic data transfers, it is less or not at all.
  • Increase in Control. You can keep a tab on movement and usage of assets and control it irrespective of where you are.
  • Offer Versatility. You can use a barcode scanner to record pricing and every other information that you require, whether it be for products, shipments, or equipment.
  • Provide Quick Results. The information picked by the barcode scanner is scanned directly into central computer making the data entry and retrieval fast and hassle-free.

Now, that you have learned the advantages of barcode systems; let me help you with some expert tips to implement it successfully for your type of business, keep reading.

Start Slow and Small

The automated capturing of data can be extremely enticing, and you may want to use it across your facility. However, experts don’t recommend so. They suggest implementing barcodes to one area of operations first and if it works fine for your business, go ahead for full-scale.

Adhere to the Industry Standards

You need to familiarize yourself with the standards of the industry you belong to. Only then you can pick an appropriate size of barcodes and place them properly on your products. You would also need to choose between 1D or 2D labels but only after considering what your industry determines.

Pay Attention to the Placement

A barcode is rendered useless if it is scratched or damaged. In fact, that in itself defeats the purpose of using a barcode system. So, make sure you stick your labels in a way that they can be prevented from folding or flapping. You do need a smooth crease to get that accurate scan.

Invest in the Right Barcode Printer

If you decide to print your labels in-house, you have to make sure that the printer generates the best ROI for your business. You have to calculate the cost of purchasing each type of printer (thermal, inkjet or dot matrix) and see if it is a good fit for your work.

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What Are The Qualities A General Contractor Should Have?




If you are thinking about renovating your home or finally constructing your house on that piece of land you had bought years back, before anything else, you should consider hiring a good contractor for the project. For any construction activity, your contractor is not only your point of contact, but also the person who will help bring your vision to life. Before you hire someone right away, it is always a good idea to keep an open mind and go through the profiles of at least four to five people.

We have compiled a list of qualities you should look for in a contractor; this can significantly lessen your burden and help you make the right choice.

  1. Experience.

Needless to say, this is the first thing you should look for in a contractor. This does not necessarily mean that someone who has been working for more than a decade is definitely better than someone who has been in the market for only five years. When we say experience, we don’t just mean the number of years- but also the kind of projects associated with those years. This will also give you an idea about whether the candidate will be able to make your vision come true. Most general contractors actually hire subcontractors for various aspects of the job, so it is also a good idea to go through those profiles.

  • Integrity.

This is the next thing you should look for in a general contractor. Always go through the feedback on their websites and social media pages, especially the negative feedbacks, to see how they have been responded to. Many contractors tend to overcharge customers, so you should also compare price quotations for similar projects. If you know someone who has recently renovated their place of moved in to a new house, you should ask them about their contractors. It is also a good idea to check with the local administrative offices about the contractor’s behaviour, since fraudulent people will never be on the right side of the law.

  • Adaptability.

Your contractor should be flexible enough to adapt to any changes you ask him/her to incorporate. Of course, it is not always possible to make certain changes to a structure once it has been constructed already, but the enthusiasm and responsiveness of your contractor to your requests should be an essential quality.

  • Communication skills.

You are hiring them for this project, so the final say on any matter should be with you. If you feel that someone is using passive-aggressive techniques to get things done in a different way, it is a big red flag. A good contractor should be open to new ideas and communicate his/her doubts properly and also keep you updated regularly on improvements.

  • Financial stability.

Lastly, you should look at the contractor’s financial situation. Most general contractors usually provide their financial statements from banks to prove that they are legitimate. Financial stability is an important consideration since it shows whether the contractor has been paying the subcontractors timely, if there are outstanding debts or insurance claims to their name.

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Why Should You Consider Underpinning Your House?




If you are a homeowner, you know that the most important aspect of any building is its structural integrity and the same goes for your house as well. If your house has a strong foundation, it can withhold a lot of stress. Underpinning refers to a process by which the foundations of a house are strengthened. This is usually done on buildings that have already been constructed. Of course, during construction, the builder should ideally take every measure to build a strong foundation, however, over time, due to numerous reasons, the foundations may get weak and this can leave the building susceptible to a number of issues.

Underpinning can be done in many ways, depending on the extent of weakness, structure of the building and soil profile. If your house was built quite a long time back, these are the reasons why you should consider underpinning:

  1. If you feel the initial construction was not strong enough.

A good construction ensures structural integrity of your house; however, not all contractors always offer a good job. If you have been having doubts about the initial construction of your house and feel that your need to get your foundations strengthened, you should probably consider underpinning your foundation.

  • If you live in an area prone to natural calamities.

Even if your house was constructed by the book with everything in perfect order, natural calamities can always shake the foundations of your home. This is especially true in you live in an area with high seismic activity where earthquakes happen quite a lot, or an area which experiences repeated flooding and soil damage. Earthquakes that measure at the lower end of the Richter scale may not cause you any physical harm, however, they can still rattle the foundations of your home. If your region experiences frequent floods, this may affect the soil profile and weaken your foundation.

  • Soil type.

Speaking of water damage, it should be reiterated that most houses are constructed on clay soil, which has a naturally absorbent nature. This means it can absorb as well as lose water very easily, expanding and contracting at routine intervals depending in the availability of water. This can weaken the foundations of your home as the soil keeps changing its texture. This is a very important factor behind underpinning your house.

  • Additional construction.

Sometimes, you may want to add an extra floor or a balcony to your house, or simply expand your house to accommodate more space. Constructing over an already built structure can cause great impact to your house, and can weaken the foundation, even if it was constructed very well. It is always a good idea to consider underpinning after you have made renovations and added new floors or elements to your home.

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