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What to Do if You Get in an Accident With an Uninsured Driver



What to Do if You Get in an Accident With an Uninsured Driver

Did you know that about 14% of motorists are driving around without insurance? In most states, this behavior is illegal and comes with consequences.

But, what happens if you get into an accident with an uninsured driver? Will you still be able to seek out compensation for your injuries and damages? What steps should you take after a crash to ensure your rights get protected?

Don’t panic! Read on to get informed and learn how to deal with getting in an accident with an uninsured motorist.

What to Do After a Car Accident

So, you were in an accident and don’t know what to do. First, take a deep breath. Check yourself (and any passengers) for injuries. Then, verify that your vehicle is safe where it is. If not, then move to the side of the road.

Now, you need to check on the other driver to see if they’re okay. If you see signs of any significant injuries, then you need to call 911. Otherwise, take the following steps:

  • Call the authorities
  • Give the other driver your insurance information
  • Get the contact details of the other driver
  • Take photographs (or video) of the accident scene
  • Ask any witnesses to provide a statement to the police
  • Seek out medical care as soon as possible

You can find more guidance on this page if you need further clarification on what to do.

Dealing With an Uninsured Driver

While you were following the above steps, did the other driver say they’re uninsured? If so, they may have asked you not to call the police. They may have offered to pay you for the damages on the spot.

It’s tempting to take a cash offer and let a minor situation go, but it’s advised that you don’t. You likely don’t know the extent of your injuries or damages yet. On top of that, you can’t prove an accident even happened if you don’t call the police.

Make sure to take the above steps regardless of the other driver. When you do, you’re protecting your own rights.

Seeking Out Compensation After a Crash

So, how can you get compensation if the other driver doesn’t have insurance? While the process is a bit more complicated, you can still seek out compensation.

First, you need to determine if you live in a fault or no-fault state. If you live in a no-fault state, then you need to file a claim with your own insurance. You might also do the same if you have uninsured motorist coverage.

If you live in a fault state, then it might be wise to pursue a claim against the other driver.

Moving Forward in 2021

Accidents happen, but the majority of them are a result of human error. When an uninsured driver is at fault for your crash, the situation can be complex. Make sure you take the steps above to protect your rights to compensation.

If we learned anything from 2020, it’s how important our health is. Remember to focus on your physical recovery as you deal with compensation.

Are you looking for more awesome tips to help you thrive in 2021? If so, then you’re in the right place. Keep browsing through our blog to see more of our trending content.

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Bernard Law Group: Top Car accident lawyer in Seattle




Bernard Law Group

Time after time, they fight large corporations and insurance companies and win. Through hard work, dedication, and deep knowledge of the law they are able to defend our clients’ rights. After an accident, the last thing victims need to worry about is a court battle.

Bernard Law Group is more than just one of Seattle’s best law firm. They are also proud members of the community. Their attorneys, paralegals, and staff are leaders in the community in a variety of ways.

Bernard Law Group is responsible for several public service announcements. The local ads stress the importance of wearing safety gear while riding a bicycle. Community education and finding creative ways to give back are high priorities.

They have been standing up for their clients’ rights for over 30 years ensuring that every client gets the time, effort, and attention they deserve.

As personal injury lawyers, they understand the importance of putting safety first. Founder Kirk Bernard is a health enthusiast and avid cyclist. Their team has purchased and donated hundreds of bicycle helmets for children in the community.

The Steps to Take After a Car Accident

If you are involved in a car accident, it can be jarring, no matter the severity. People can forget common sense things to do. If you are physically able, it is important to remember to follow these important steps immediately following a car accident.

You should always call to responsible authorities after any car accident. This can be instrumental in creating an official record that a car accident has occurred.

Responding law enforcement officials can also help to establish the fault in an accident. Speaking of fault, it is critical that you do not admit to fault following an accident. Admitting fault can even be as simple and small as apologizing. You should always avoid apologizing, especially if it was your fault.

Another important step following a car accident is to document critical details. This includes taking pictures of the damage to all the cars involved in the accident. Take pictures of license plates, insurance information, and any other information that could prove important later on.

This documentation can be the difference between you getting a settlement or being left to pay your medical bills by yourself.

Finally, you should consider reaching out to a car accident attorney following an accident. Accidents can be chaotic scenes and you may forget to do some of the steps listed above.

Car accident lawyers can help guide you on the right steps to take.

When You Need to Call a Car Accident Lawyer

We have outlined the times when you need to call a car accident lawyer following an accident, especially if you live in the South Dakota region.

Call a car accident lawyer anytime there is an injury that results from the accident. This can be an injury that either you or the other person involved has sustained.

Call a car accident lawyer if the car accident occurred in a specialized zone. This includes school zones, designated construction zones, or other types of work zones.

Always call a car accident lawyer if you are involved in an accident where a pedestrian or cyclist was hit. If it was a multi-car accident and another driver is uninsured, hiring a car accident lawyer can help protect you from any further lawsuits.

Call a car accident lawyer if the fault of the accident has not clearly been defined or if the responding law enforcement incorrectly labels you at fault. If you are found at fault, it will be much harder to obtain a fair settlement to help cover your medical bills.

Bernard Law Group: Top Car accident lawyer in Seattle

Practice Areas

Car Accidents

Victims of car accidents deserve to receive the medical attention they need to get back on their feet. With Bernard Law Group’s attorneys on your side, you get the best compensation available.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can be serious, as riders don’t get the same type of protection that passenger car occupants do. You can rest assured our attorneys will get you a bigger and better settlement.

Truck Accidents

While truck accidents aren’t as common as car accidents, their potential for damage and serious personal injury is much greater. Bernard Law Group’s truck accident attorneys know how serious these cases can be.

Personal Injury Accidents happen daily across the country, exposing innocent victims to conditions that often leave them unable to care for themselves. Our attorneys won’t rest until we can get victims the compensation they deserve.

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Why Hire the Best Child Custody Lawyer in an International Divorce



Best Child Custody Lawyer

Did you know that about 40-50% of all legally married couples in the United States end up in a divorce? When divorces occur, the aftermath can be devastating. This is more so when one of the couples resides in a foreign country. 

One of the main concerns when dealing with divorce is the issue of child custody. Given that it’s an emotive matter, you must work in close collaboration with the best child custody lawyer in your area to guarantee success.  

Are you wondering why you need the best child custody lawyer as you deal with a legal tussle with a partner who lives overseas? 

Well, divorce proceedings where child custody is involved can get messy and frustrating. This is more so when dealing with an uncooperative ex-partner. Here, we reflect on the main pros of having a child custody lawyer by your side when dealing with divorce proceedings. 

What Does a Child Custody Lawyer Do? 

Most people dealing with divorce ask this common question. Well, custody issues attorney advocates on your behalf in case of a mediation and dispute case involving children. One of the main reasons you need a custody lawyer is to help you reserve the right to be the primary caregiver following a separation or a divorce. 

The best child custody attorney understands the need for you to win the child custody case. As such, the best child custody lawyer will work on the paperwork to ensure that you have a strong case.

It would be best to have a reputable child custody lawyer by your side for the following reasons. 

They Understand the Jurisdictional Differences

One of the main reasons you need to work with the best child custody attorney is to understand international laws better. The jurisdictional differences from one country to the next can limit your ability to win the legal case. 

Unless you consult and work with a reliable child custody attorney, navigating such international laws can be hard. The best child custody attorney understands the dynamics that play out at the international level. They will work their way around such legal hurdles to ensure that you reserve the rights as the primary custodian. 

Reduced Stress 

The entire process of divorce can be complicated for most people. It’s worse when there’s a child involved. It important that you balance between providing support to your kids as they cope with the situation while also dealing with the legal complexities that unfold. 

You might even begin to experience mental health-related issues due to high levels of stress. However, the situation would be less stressful when a reliable child custody lawyer is by your side. 

Legal Resolutions Are Faster

It’s frustrating enough to have months on end of separation and divorce-related cases, more so when dealing with a foreigner. The longer the time taken to deal with such cases, the greater the tension and frustrations. If a child is involved in the divorce tussle, your best strategy would be to source for a divorce attorney to speed up the process. 

Most experienced divorce lawyers know how to work their way around the proceedings and the paperwork. A speedy conclusion of the case allows you time to heal and look ahead into life past the divorce. When a child custody case is resolved sooner, it also saves the child the agony of speculation over their future. 

To avoid the complications caused by delays in case hearing and determination, you can always consider the best divorce lawyers in your area. 

Helps Keep Your Child’s Interests First 

 A child is always the collateral damage in case of a divorce proceeding. 

Once you opt to spend money to get the best lawyer’s services, it shows that your child’s interests come first. 

The best child custody attorney advises you during the entire process. This ensures that every decision you make protects the fundamental needs of your child in the end. Most seasoned lawyers have been in the game long enough and can help you make better decisions. 

Avoid Irrevocable Mistakes 

You can’t afford to make mistakes during a child custody case. Every move you make from the point of paperwork to the filing of the child custody case matters. A simple mistake could leave your child in the hands of your estranged spouse.  

The best way to deal with such fears would be to call in the best attorneys in your region. Working with a seasoned lawyer helps you minimize any risk of mistakes throughout the case process. You had better pay more for a seasoned lawyer’s services if that will mitigate the risk of making expensive mistakes. 

If Your Ex Has a Custody Lawyer

Most spouses looking for favorable divorce outcomes will hire the best lawyers on the land. If you had a child, your ex-partner would equally look forward to turning the custody case in their favor. The best way to deal with a legal tussle involving child custody if your partner has a custody lawyer would be to consider hiring the best child custody attorney near you. 

Having a lawyer by your side will help boost your chances of winning the case more so if the other partner has a custody lawyer. 

Get the Best Child Custody Lawyer Today 

When dealing with a divorce proceeding, child custody is often a very emotive issue. It may be worse when your ex-partner lives in a foreign land, which means you and your child might never see each other again. The best way to deal with a divorce proceeding when a child is in the picture would be to hire the best child custody lawyer. 

A reliable lawyer will help take away the burden of handling the case from your shoulders. They will also make sure you win the child custody case.

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A Family Lawyer’s Guide to Changing a Will



Family Lawyer Guide

Do you have a will?

Having a will serves as one of the surest ways to make sure your loved ones are taken care of after your death. While many people start considering wills as they approach death, it makes sense to make wills at other times in your life, too, just in case the unexpected happens.

Still, you sometimes change your mind about how your assets should be handled. In these cases, you need to make changes to your will. But you might be wondering how to change a will in a way that’s effective.

Below, we have compiled a family lawyer’s guide to changing a will. Keep reading below for more information!

How to Change a Will

When you know how to change a will, you have the ability to dictate how your estate is divided among your family members and loved ones after your death. 

But if you’ve already made a will, you need to go through the proper process to change it in order for your wishes to be legally respected. Since a will is a legal document, you need to go through legal procedures to change it. 

We’ll go into the details in the sections below!

Consider Whether or Not You Want an Attorney

When making changes to their wills, some people wonder if they should hire family law attorneys.

While many people hire lawyers when they create wills, they often hire a lawyer to provide advice. When you change a will, though, you don’t legally need a lawyer. Attorneys sometimes cost money people fear they can’t afford to spend.

Of course, if you have a legal question regarding a will, though, consult an attorney.

Writing a Codicil

One of the best ways to amend your will is to write a codicil.

What is a codicil? Think of it as a postscript that goes at the end of your will. You must be of clear mental understanding to make a codicil. This ensures that you are making your adjustment to the will of your own accord and are cognizant of your changes. 

When you write a codicil, you should use the same legal language used in your will. For instance, begin your will by saying, “I, *insert name here*, hereby make the following changes to my will,” and then list your changes below. 

Signing the Codicil

When you created your will, you had to sign it yourself and procure the additional signatures of two other witnesses. The same is true of a codicil. 

While it seems inconvenient to have to get two additional signatures, it certifies that your will was made voluntarily and is thereby legitimate.

Once the codicil is signed, it is considered an amendment to your will, and the information contained in it will override any details in the original will.

Ready to Change Your Will?

Are you wondering how to change a will because you want to alter yours?

If you’ve been asking, “Can a will be changed?” the answer is yes! By writing a codicil and getting two witnesses to sign it, you can make legally-binding changes to your will.

Want more lifestyle advice? Check out the rest of our articles today!

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Best Accident Attorney For You



If you become involved with an event, it is crucial to determine who the celebration accountable was. If you’ve lost a loved one in a car crash, then you are definitely fighting not just with the emotional loss, but additionally with medical debts, funeral expenses, and maybe lost earnings. If you’ve been in a car crash, you have to acquire the proper automobile crash attorney Massachusetts. You might feel confident in calling The Fernandez Company. They’re there to be sure you’re appropriately cared for, and to struggle for your rights, and also to get back exactly what you deserve.

When it is a vehicle crash or it is a construction crash it may Change someone’s life indefinitely. At case that you have been in an automobile crash, then you are likely to have to know what matters to do after the crash. When you have been in an automobile accident that led from another person’s negligence, you are qualified to acquire reimbursement with that person.

Check to ensure everybody involved with all the injury is fine. You want to create a bid to block the collision. Whenever you are involved in a car crash and don’t hire a Massachusetts car incident attorney, you can turn into a puppet of those underhand procedures of insurance companies in addition to several others. In the event that you or a loved you have been hurt at a Massachusetts automobile accident do not hesitate to call our office now.

Just because you choose to Go over your injury with an Attorney does not necessarily signify you’ve to submit a litigation. Just because you choose to go over your injury with an attorney does not necessarily imply that you’ve got to actually go through with litigation. Whatever type of injury you’ve suffered from an auto accident that was not your fault, you’ll need to always talk to an auto incident lawyer Massachusetts as soon as possible. When you are in an automobile crash, the insurance company want to get a written record that releases all claims from the individual that resulted in your harms and damages.

Since people can’t tell if they will encounter an Automobile crash on the road, it may help to be careful to the ideal things to do following a crash. In the event you or your loved one was seriously hurt in a car accident, then you will feel overwhelmed at that moment.

At the event you require a lawyer to Look after your own Injury, then you may want to think about about “interviewing” a few before making a last choice. The lawyer will analyze the details of your car injury and check whether you find yourself with a legal claim. If he appears to be over-selling her or his skills or promising exceptionally quick benefits, you may want to see using another immigration lawyer before you finalize your pick. An automobile crash attorney may provide you with the help you want. He will have very excellent understanding of the calculation of the settlement. An auto incident lawyer Massachusetts will also make certain that your insurance plan claim isn’t denied with no motive and managed with bad faith by your insurer.

In case of death, the lawyer attempts to have a settlement to your loved ones of the deceased. If you’re talking to your automobile Crash attorney, he will tell you up front what compensation you’re Qualified for as a result of the crash.

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A Basic Guide to Determining Car Accident Fault



A Basic Guide to Determining Car Accident Fault

When you’ve been involved in a car accident, determining fault is crucial. Depending on the verdict, there might be financial or legal repercussions for the parties implicated.

Police, insurers, and courts have their own procedure to determine car accident fault.

In this article, we’ll explain how each authority proceeds to find out who is at fault. Keep reading to learn more.

The Police

Once a car accident is reported to the police, officers are tasked with preparing a report about what has occurred.

They interview the drivers and any witnesses to understand what happened exactly.

Based on the officer’s professional judgment, the report may include a statement on who was at fault for the accident. Yet, that isn’t necessarily very common.

But even when the report declares a party responsible, it doesn’t necessarily mean the person will have to pay damages in a lawsuit.

As part of the investigation, a police officer may issue a traffic citation. A citation means that a law enforcement officer accuses a driver of infringing a traffic law.

In this case, the driver may incur a penalty such as a deduction of points or a fine.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies start investigating a car accident after a claim has been filed. The investigator is called an adjuster. The adjuster has the task of overseeing the investigation until the settlement of the insurance claim.

Adjusters research the conditions of the accident and assess vehicle damage. They also interview witnesses and read medical reports.

Eventually, the adjuster on the case will determine car accident fault. Sometimes he will divide the responsibility between each driver.

The insurance companies will apportion the costs of the accident according to the recommendations of the report. They then compensate the drivers following the terms of their insurance policies.

To determine fault, insurance companies usually refer to the legal definition of negligence.


If you decide to file a lawsuit after an accident to recover damages, a court will determine who is responsible.

The court will listen to both parties’ lawyers and study all the evidence presented to them. There can be testimonies from the drivers, witnesses, law enforcement officers, and various experts.

A judge or a jury will have the final word based on the evidence that the defendant was negligent. They will determine whether the defendant must pay you damages to compensate for the injuries or losses incurred.

Do You Need a Lawyer?

If you’ve been in an accident, you might need to hire an attorney to help you recover damages. Find out in what circumstances you need a lawyer.

Determining Car Accident Fault

Determining car accident fault is essential for the application of the law. It’s also critical to find out whether financial compensation is in order.

Insurance adjusters are real investigators that will look at every aspect of the case before making their final report. If a lawsuit is filed, a court will decide the case by reviewing all the case elements and potentially calling on experts.

Consult the other articles in our Law section for more useful legal tips.

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