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What to Consider when Buying an Air Conditioner

The weather is natural and there is simply no way to control it. However, with the use of technology, there are ways you can regulate temperatures in your home. This article explains on what are the factors that can help you decide on what to purchase for this purpose.

In most parts of the world, summertime is considered one of the most unbearable weather conditions. Some places normally have extreme heat variances and adaptability just does not work. Due to this, the installation of air and temperature controllers in homes and offices is the solution. Here is some advice on how to get the right equipment taking into consideration budgetary constraints.

Types of Conditioners 

There are basically two types of conditioners available. There is the Window AC and the Split Unit AC.

The difference mainly is in their power-saving modes whereby the window AC has a higher power saving mode, the pricing which again goes to the window AC being cheaper and finally while in operation, the split AC has wider blowers thus are more efficient.

Window ACs Benefits:

  • They are easy to install. This is because you don’t have to conceal the air tubes thus no need to drill walls.
  • Normally due to their dual operation of hot and cold temperatures, it is possible to use them in any season.
  • You can find portable window AC. This makes moving them from one room to another easy. They are also ideal for medium-sized rooms.
  • Their prices are the most ideal and the affordability is a major benefit to all buyers.

Split ACs Benefits:

  • They have wide blowers which enable them to have a high-capacity cooling system. 
  • They are also less noisy since the compressors are normally installed outside the buildings.

Above is an example of a Split AC

AC Capacities:

It is quite tricky when it comes to choosing the capacity of any air conditioner.  Though it mainly boils down to how you would like to use it. Will it be commercial, or would it be basic home use? The size of the room should also be considered. The capacity of an AC is rated tons. This normally depends on the size of the room that it will service.

Power Ratings

The power ratings normally are considered by what we call the Energy Efficiency Rating (ERR) which is basically a coefficient of the cooling rate of the AC against the power that the AC consumes. Clearly, the higher the EER, the power rating will increase. However, if you are looking for efficiency, then the EER should be high and that would mean higher power ratings.


In the past, ACs were quite costly as they were considered a luxury. Most homesteads preferred to use roof fans to regulate the temperature. With today’s technology, cheaper brands of ACs are on the market. With whatever budget you have, it is possible to go out to the marketplace and get an AC that will perform to your expectation.

What to remember is that the pricing is normally rated according to the size of the AC and its capacity.

In summary, as you go out there to look for the most appropriate AC, consider the pricing, capacity, and type so that you can make decisive choices. 

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