What To Bring on a Bikepacking Trip 2021

What To Bring on a Bikepacking Trip 2021

Reasons to buy a bicycle are as diverse as the people buying them. People who are mostly interested in urban commuting look for bikes for Los Angeles. However, people of a more adventurous bent may seek out bikes specifically for a bikepacking trip.

Bikepacking is similar to backpacking except that, instead of carrying your essentials on your back while hiking, you ride out into the wilderness while carrying your gear on your bike. As with backpacking, you can make trouble for yourself by either packing too much or not enough. Here is a guide to some of the essentials you need for bikepacking.


Before you can pack anything for your trip, you need something to pack the gear in, and that means bags. You can use panniers, which are special bags that hang on either side of your back wheel, or you can choose bags that strap elsewhere on your bike, such as the seat or handlebars. It really depends on your own personal preference.


The clothing you want to pack depends a lot on when and where you’re traveling. For a bikepacking Southern California trip during summer, you may be able to pack relatively light, while a more northerly trip may require a warm hat and coat. In either case, you’ll probably need separate sets of clothes for camp and clothes for riding.


You should have something to protect you from the weather while you camp, such as a tarp or tent. You should also have a sleeping bag and pad to keep you warm and comfortable while sleeping.

First-Aid Kit

Since you’ll be in rough terrain far away from civilization, your kit should contain supplies that help you cope with minor injuries. Think bandages, antibiotic ointment, blister pads, etc.

Bike Repair Tools

Pack things such as a patch kit, pump, and spare tubes so you can deal with a flat. A multi-tool can help you cope with any other bike issues that may arise.

Food and Water

In addition to packing nonperishable food, you’ll need some way to prepare it, such as a camp stove. Don’t forget the utensils for cooking and eating.

Because water sources can be scarce and questionable, you’ll need bottles with which to carry it, as well as purification tablets or a water filter to be sure it is safe to drink.


Getting lost on your bikepacking trip could be disastrous. A GPS is a good idea, but you don’t want to rely on it completely. You should also have an accurate route description, compass, and a map.


Things like a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and toilet paper are a given. Wet wipes can be useful for keeping clean between showers. You’ll also need protective items such as lip balm and sunscreen.


If you plan to travel after dark, a headlamp is a necessity. Even if you plan to make camp as the sun goes down, you still need a flashlight or a lantern as you set up your sleeping space.Obviously, your most essential piece of bikepacking equipment is a bicycle. If you’re interesting in making the trip this year but don’t have a suitable conveyance, you can find suitable women’s or men’s bikes for sale online.

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