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What Things Should You Need to Consider When Buying IP Phone?

In this advancing world, many people and businesses use the latest technology like IP phones instead of using the traditional telephone. Because this IP phone offers so many benefits to their customers as clear voice quality, more advanced and unique features, and it is very easy to install. And if you are thinking of buying an IP Phone, then some crucial things you always keep in mind when buying an IP Phone and this article will explain to you all these important things.

Let’s talk about some crucial things you need to consider before buying an IP Phone!

#1. Size and Type of Screen

First of all, you should check the size and screen type of the IP Phone that you want to buy. There are usually two types of the screen comes; one is a large touch screen with many colors, and the other is a small screen, and if you are buying the IP Phone very first, then you should always choose the IP Phone with a small screen. If you want to buy IP Phone with greater unique features, you should buy an IP Phone with a large touch screen with m unique colors. You should check the pixel counts because these enhance the sharpness of the texts, and due to this, you can read them efficiently.

#2. Maximum Number of Lines

The other important thing you need to consider is the number of lines in the IP Phone. You should always choose the IP Phone with the maximum number of lines because due to these, you would determine and handle the higher number of calls at a time simultaneously. Normally, two lines are enough for office workers, and for receptionists or executive administrators, five or more lines are necessary. So, you should choose the number of lines according to the task that you need to perform.

#3. Features and Functionality

When you buy the IP Phone, then you should check its features whether these features are advanced and unique or not. Because normally some general features are present in every phone like call park, call transfer, call waiting and can hold etc. but you should use the IP Phone with unique features like expansion module support, headset, blue tooth, line customization, HD (high definition ) quality of voice, gigabit support and XML (extensible markup language) support etc.

#4. Connection of IP Phone with Business Network

You should keep in mind how your IP phone will connect with another business network before buying it. Normally PoE (Power over Ethernet) is a source to provide the power to the IP Phone. So, always choose the IP Phone with the PoE because it is a better option for you; otherwise, without PoE, you should also buy the power supply for providing the power to your IP Phone.


Above all crucial things will help you buy the IP Phone of better quality according to your needs. If you are looking for the famous and best company that provides exceptional IP Phones like Fanvil VoIP Phones and its different models like Fanvil X3SP IP Phone, then VDS Technology is the great choice for you.

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