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What the Future Cities are Going to Look Alike?

The number of people in the cities is increasing with every passing day. So, making sure that everything runs smoothly isn’t possible until and unless the technology is used correctly. It is the only way to organize traffic in the cities, supply energy and other essential utilities to everyone equally, and so on. In simple words, the need for smart cities is more evident than ever.

As more than 60% of the people will live in urban areas by the year 2050, the authorities can face a lot of challenges. How to ensure that each individual gets access to clean water or is able to breathe in the fresh air? How to ensure that the mobility of anyone isn’t affected in any way even though the population is quite a lot? What’s the way to provide an excellent health system and ensure administrative structures are running smoothly?

All these are the questions that mess up many heads, but the solution is already out there. It is time to upgrade the cities into smart cities. There are several cities that have taken the initiative already. And the good news is that they are not just doing excellent but outstanding. Singapore, London and Barcelona are known as the best smart cities in the world. In Pakistan, the private developers take the initiative, as they introduced the first smart city in Islamabad called Capital Smart City and the smart city in Lahore; Lahore Smart City is the second project presented by the same developers. 

The governments need to understand that they have to take part in this venture too, as it is the only way to transform everything quickly. But there are many who don’t have any idea what smart cities look like. The answer is as follows:

Intertwined and Supportable Ecosystem

Millions in the city are facing traffic issues. It isn’t possible for an individual to go from point A to B without facing traffic chaos. Moreover, due to the increase in traffic, pollution is also increasing pretty quickly. It is high time that cities find a solution for this, as otherwise, the situation will get out of hand.

In smart cities, electric cars will be used, and even mobile apps are going to be available for the people that will tell them the traffic situation. The app even tells the users what routes they must take to reach the final destination. In this way, the traffic situation on the roads becomes better too.

Moreover, in smart cities, car parking management is also going to be considered. As they are mainly responsible for about 30% of a city’s traffic and 10% of its CO2 emissions.

Now with the increase in population, the demand for energy will also increase. It isn’t good to use natural resources to get power in the long run, as the time will come when they will end eventually. So, the concept of smart cities is to go with renewable energy resources. Also, they try to lessen the need for energy by creating a building that is climate neutral.

People, the Prime Focus

Nowadays, it isn’t easy for the residents to communicate correctly with the government. The result is that the government mainly focuses on the areas that are upfront and others suffer. Also, when someone relocates or goes through some significant changes in life about which authorities must know. They have to call them or visit the offices.

It is a trend that is going to be changed in the smart cities, as their residents are going to be the main focus. An IoT system is going to be introduced that will change everything as it makes it easy for the people to talk about their needs with the government. The government will know where to spend the resources and money. All this will eventually build up a city that is the best for every individual. The city has the same facilities for everyone.

Remember, all the efforts are useless if people don’t adopt the change. The only way to make each smart city project successful is by ensuring the residents that it is for their betterment and they can participate in it. There is also a need for people and authorities to understand that smart cities are the future!

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