Gin Culture of Sydney

What Should You Know About the Gin Culture of Sydney?

Gin is a popular spirit in Australia. It is generally grain-based like maize and barley, but it can also be made from grape and molasses. Gin is flavoured liquor, and its flavour predominantly comes from juniper berries. It also has other botanical elements that are used to enhance different flavours. 

Sydney is closer to becoming the world’s gin capital. If you love this beverage, a gin bar in Sydney is the right place to visit where you can taste the most popular varieties manufactured in Australia and across the world. Here we have discussed important information about the gin culture of Sydney. 

History of Gin in Australia 

The history of Gin in Australia can be traced back to the 17th century. Back then, the concept of gin was not invented yet. Australia’s gin history explicitly mentions Jenever, which is juniper-flavoured traditional liquor like the current gin. The Jenever, also fondly known as Dutch gin, was supplied during wars. 

If you look at the history of distilleries in Australia, it is relatively new. During the last decade, several distilleries came up in Tasmania, an island state in Australia. The popularity of the gin is also known as the second glorious revolution in Australia. The Kangaroo Island Spirits was one of the first distilleries in Australia that produced gin with native botanicals. 

Fillip to Australian Gin Industry 

The rising number of gin distilleries and the country’s newfound love for gin encouraged the Australian government to pass legislation that banned the import of French brandies and encouraged local gin production in the country. 

Gin has a strong relation with Sydney culture. Australians now consume it more than ever before. If you visit a gin bar in Sydney, you will be surprised by the new and old flavour combinations offered. Gin is highly prevalent in Sydney bars, and it dominates the cocktail sections.

The botanicals used in gin are quite diverse, including flavouring ingredients like spices, berries, fruits, and herbs. Gin distillers are often known to keep the botanicals secret to keep their recipe distinctive. 

Some common botanicals used cardamom, cinnamon, angelica root, coriander, caraway, orange peel, and orris root. Today, more than 40 gin distilleries in Australia use local botanicals to their advantage to produce world-class gin.

Boutique Gin-making 

The popularity of gin in Sydney and the rest of the country can be attributed to the “craft” of making gin.  Many regional and urban distilleries open for a gin tasting. You will get many opportunities to indulge in gin tasting in Sydney in cocktail lounges and bars. 

The Australian gin is a good value for money and known worldwide for its affinity to the natural flavours.  The local environment where these distilleries are located is pure and natural. The higher number of gin bars indicates gins’ connection with the lives of Sydney residents and their culture.

To sum up, if you are a gin lover, you will learn a lot about Sydney’s love for this flavoured spirit and the timeline of gin’s increasing popularity in Australia.

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