What should you know about Breve Coffee?

Coffee is one of the most famous beverages around the entire globe. Every one of us had a sip of this delicious drink once in our life. What makes it so special and loved is the availability of this beverage in so many forms. There are different types of coffee that are initially inspired by the culture and traditions of the people who made it. It is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans.

Origin of Coffee

Coffee cafes found their root deep within the Muslim culture. As ottomans were credited to introduce this drink within Europe. It is widely considered that the first coffee cafe established in Europe was in Venice. The very first ones appeared during the early 17th century. Vienna was another place to inherit the coffee culture from ottomans.

Ottomans were really fond of this drink and established the first coffee cafe in Constantinople in 1475. From there, the drink saw no lows as it crept down the lines of different countries by establishing itself as the most consumable and lovable drink at the same time. The first coffee shop to be established in England was in Oxford in 1650.

Caffe’ Breve

The café breve is an American variation of the classic Italian cafe latte, which is considered to be a strictly milk-based drink. It can be better called an expresso based drink that is very much made like the famous cappuccino. However, there’s a slight difference and that is, it has steamed-half and half instead of milk. This ultimately leads to the production of creamy foam. It’s famously known among the coffee lovers as cafè breve and breve coffee. Breve means “short” in Italian

What does it taste like?

Now if you are new to coffee drinking, then you must have an idea about the different variations and styles of coffees available. As every other coffee form differs from others in their taste. If we talk about the breve coffee, so you should have an idea that how does it taste to have this coffee at your disposal.

In Italy, caffelatte is usually prepared in homes for the morning breakfast. It is usually very rich in taste and can serve a perfect appetizer for you in breakfast. Although it’s extensively used by the Italians in the breakfast, it is also known to be used in desserts. Consequently, making it a perfect dessert beverage.

People are fond of having this coffee without adding any particular sweetener to it. It is believed to be best consumed without any sweetener. However, it isn’t any obligation, you always add syrup or sweetener to it making breve coffee more of a treat. If you’ve consumed latte, then the breve coffee is not much different to it. Here is a guide about coffee drinks to try if you are a coffee lover.

In short, it is having creamier and fluffier consistency compared to the Latte due to a slight difference in the preparation technique. It is all in all an Americanized version of the Italian cappuccino.

What is the difference between Latte and breve?

If you are not a fan of coffee, then surely the variation of breve coffee can make you a one. Still, there’s a common misconception found among the people about the difference between two variations. You’ll be even more amazed to find out that there’s a real slight difference between the two. Want to have a creamier coffee? Go for breve one. If you aren’t a huge fan of having a creamier texture and consistency, then Latte is your drink.

So what makes the breve coffee a creamier one? well to put it simply, it is an espresso-based drink that is made with half and half instead of milk. The greater amount of aeration to this coffee provides a loath or foam volume to it, making it more like a cappuccino. Therefore, it is regarded as an American version of a cappuccino.

So, the important difference accounting for the difference of taste between the two is the dairy product used. Like we’ve discussed the variety of dairy products in Caffe’ breve the Latte coffee used 2% or whole milk.

How to make your first cup of Breve coffee?

Well, to cut the things short a breve coffee is an Americanized latte. It is an American style cappuccino. However, when talking about the way to make your first cup, you should first understand that there is much more to it than the half-and-half mix. It is one of those brews which you can’t afford to miss.

Deriving its name from Italian origin means short, however, if you ask us it would be much better if you call it a mas cremoso which means creamier. It is a perfect blend of only two ingredients that is brewed in a way that can lighten anyone’s taste buds.

If you become a fan of this form of coffee, it’ll be really hard to move on to the skimmer forms of coffees. As it can provide with a taste of your life. To those especially which are having ardent love for creams. Okay, so now how can you make your first cup of coffee breve.

  1. Make one shot of espresso.
  2. Foam half-and-half. It can be done on an espresso machine or by warming the cream in a microwave and then whisking the cream vigorously. An easier method is to use an Automatic Electric Milk Frother.
  3. Pour espresso into a cup.
  4. Pour in hot cream. Spoon foam over top.
  5. Not everyone is a fan of adding sugar however you can add any sweetener or syrup to it (optional)

Wallah! Your first cup of breve coffee is prepared. Now you can always have a sip of delight with it. Getting the best coffee in the town is surely difficult but now you can also get awesome discounts over some of the top coffee brands and fulfill your coffee cravings.

Are there any benefits related to drinking coffee?

Well, it is a commonly rumored myth about how dangerous can coffee be on your health. However, our take on the coffee is a bit different. So, here we’ll be discussing some of the important health benefits of drinking a coffee. Although, we’ll make ourselves clear that excess of anything is poison. So, over drink it!

Energy booster

It is the most commonly-believed idea about coffee. Looking for a quick energy boost, have a cup of coffee then. Due to the presence of caffeine and nicotine, they act within the body by working on different receptors to stimulate them. In brief, it provides a temporary energy boost.


Coffee is believed to have polyphenols in it. They are known to be anti-oxidants. They help in removing the free radical wastes which are produced naturally in our body.

Coffee and diabetes

By conducting different researches, the researchers have found out that the people consuming coffees are at a lesser risk of any metabolic syndrome. The news became even better when it was hypothetically concluded that coffee can even help you keep safe from diabetes type 2. Isn’t it amazing?

However, one can’t deny the facts of coffee being harmful to the body as well. But it’s great to know that coffee is even helping you fulfill the taste carvings and at the same time doing good for your metabolic processes.

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