In the words of Petrula Vrontikis, a designer and educator at the Art Center College of Design, “What visionaries had in common was a particular love of craft and a desire to play”. This quote has inspired millions of people and got them motivated from the very beginning.

If you are worried about what qualifications do you need to be a graphic designer UK then before that you must think about your creative approach to it. You can’t be a graphic designer with no interest in arts. Interest and being able to play with forms are the prerequisites of being on the way to become a graphic designer in the UK. You can’t fit in a set; you need to break through with your creativity. So with the key essentials and some skill set you can ace this field with confidence.

However, if you get a chance to secure a certification that can help you stand out, bright, and shine, then this will validate your otherwise bland skills. Hence, certification becomes a must. Check out next all that you need to have.

What qualifications do you need to be a graphic designer in the UK?

Graphic design qualification is something that can help you fill all the gaps in your process of achieving a job in graphic designing. While possessing knowledge is one thing, being able to support it with certification and merit can only come with a qualification. It works as the backbone of your CV.

There is a lot that you can do to build your qualification if you want to be a Graphic designer in the UK. You can work in a marketing, publishing, or game design agency. Else you can go for digital art or even work as a freelancer. With that, you will develop a big network of your own clients.

While this all sounds so good to the ears, this doesn’t come that easily. You might have relevant skills but it is a qualification that helps you excel. Check the list and know what qualifications do you need to be a graphic designer in the UK right below:

  • Degree or Diploma Course- Get Yourself enrolled in a degree or diploma course in relevant subjects like graphic designing, illustration, digital art, etc. There are a lot many colleges in the UK that can help you acquire a degree or diploma course and give you an edge over other contenders.
  • Foundation Courses- If you have a side liking for graphic designing and want to keep it as a plan B then you must go for a part-time Foundation course. This usually takes two years for its completion. With it, you won’t sound like a beginner.
  • Apprenticeship- Another way to tell that you are not a novice is by doing an apprenticeship in graphic designing. With it, you will get experience in the real world and client dealing. The best thing is that you might even get hired based on your performance. It is one of the greatest ways of entering this field or any without having much prior certification. So get paid and experience through it and win a chance to put something eye-catching in your portfolio.

So the perks of internships or apprenticeships are many. The best thing is it is a type of learning phase in which you learn, work, and get paid for being able to contribute what you do. Thus, all-in-all, it gives a win-win opportunity for those who get a chance to do so.

In lieu of that, here is another way to shine brightly from others when you are just in the phase of applying. More than any other profession, a CV or portfolio matters the most too graphic designers applying for jobs. Yes, it is true! If you are looking and applying for a graphic designing position in the UK then, creativity is something that people believe you already have and they assume that it will be quite visible from the look of your resume. This is true! You must all take your resume seriously because it might seal a job for you.

What skills is required to be a graphic designer?

Along with qualifications, skills are something that can help you perform well in this field of graphic designing. Skills make your stay in this domain last longer. Here is a list of skills you must possess in order to be a graphic designer:

  • Creativity- You can’t be a graphic designer without creativity. You need to imagine and re-imagine ideas and concepts and give them a look all fresh and innovative. This is the skill that a graphic designer can’t live without, so make sure you have it.
  • The inflow of Ideas- If you are a graphic designer then your head must always brim with new ideas. You need to have a good stock of ideas inside your head and only then can you come up with a path-breaking design for your clients.
  • IT Skills- In the present era of digitalization, it is impossible to do without the skill of IT. There is so much software in the world now that can help you with photo editing. Being the most essential skill, you need to know all about it if you want to pursue graphic designing as your career.
  • Execution- Now that you have taken note of the huge number of ideas you must have, it is also important to know and understand the skill of being able to bring those ideas into form. This can only come from the right execution. You must be good at the skill of expressing what you have in your mind because that is what graphic designers do. They just implement their ideas!

So, if you want to secure a name in graphic designing, qualification is something you must possess. Getting a diploma or degree can prove to be really purposeful. However, there is another way to get experience and that’s where the world of apprenticeships comes in. The way can any just ensure you get to learn something about graphic designing from an institute that can help you add a star to your portfolio.

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