What People Aren’t Telling You About Tanning

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Do you have friends and family members who are always pressuring you to get a tan with them? They might invite you to the beach but you’d rather stay under a parasol; they might invite you to the pool but you like to cover up…none of these things are a problem, of course, but it doesn’t always feel that way if and when we feel the peer pressure against us, pushing us to get tanned, get “healthy,” and get “beautiful.”

But are these voices really what you need to hear? Are they the voice of reason? Is getting tanned using the sun and/or UV beds the best way to do it? Below are some important things that your peers are not telling you about tanning.

1. You Absolutely Can Do It UV-Free

There is no need whatsoever to expose your skin to all of that UV radiation just for the sake of enriching its melanin hue. Look for skincare infused tan products that will allow you to apply a tan with lotions and other products, all of which will pour vitamins and other beneficial things into your skin at the same time.

Tanning in this way can deliver a fully natural look but without the associated risks and potential skin damage. In fact, quite the opposite will happen, with your skin being enriched and moisturised as you get the look that you want.

2. Changes in Your Skin Melanin are Actually Signs of Skin Damage

When people say they are “making progress” in their tan as their skin goes through the various stages of browning, what they’re not telling you is that their skin is actually undergoing more and more damage. When UV makes contact with the skin, your body tries to increase the production of melanin as a protective measure. Therefore, the more tanned you get, the more melanin your body is producing in a mad dash to protect the skin from further damage.

3. Being Tanned Doesn’t Mean You’re Better Protected from the Sun

Another thing that big fans of tanning will say in their own defence is that their tanning is helping them gain more protection from the sun and its UV radiation. After all, if you have darker skin, you are better protected, no? The problem is, as we just mentioned above, the part they’re leaving out is where they explain that your skin is darkening because it is being damaged, and more melanin is being produced to try and create protection.

So, your tan won’t protect you, because the damage has already been done!

4. Tanning Isn’t the Only Way to Look Healthy and Beautiful

Surely if there’s a lesson we should have learned by 2022, it’s that one’s skin tone really shouldn’t be much of a defining factor in our perception of beauty. If we agree as a society that being tanned “looks healthier” and that being fair-skinned makes one look pale and death-like, while being darker is “going too far the other way,” we seem to be boarding some less-than progressive trains of thought.

There is a strong perception that being “kissed by the sun” generally adds a feeling of greater energy, health and life. It’s perpetuated by the traditionally great health of the more naturally tanned populations of the Mediterranean: Spanish, Italians, Greeks, etc. But we need to remember that their good health is more down to a great diet of fish, olive oil, fruit and organic produce, not to mention a stress-free lifestyle!

So, don’t let yourself get so taken in by all the tanning hype!

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