What Makes A Good CCTV Security System?

There are different types of “good quality” CCTV security systems out there, where some brands even claim that they are the number 1 in the market. But of course, we want specific answers that can help us differentiate the best ones for our own tastes, since we all have different opinions. These differing opinions include the layout of our home, the need to install an outdoor camera that’s good for the dark, our budget, and many more that will be covered in this article.

But how can we make sure that these will be explained in full detail? What you are going to learn here are more on the qualities of the right CCTV security system so then you can finally narrow down your options because there are simply a lot of CCTV systems out there that truly have a good quality. We are just here to give you a helping hand in choosing the perfect one that suits your home or business. To do so, we are not going to dive into reviews about the product, and we are going to disregard any brands to prevent any biased opinions for some of the readers. Without further ado, let us begin!

Specs That Meet Your Needs

Due to the wide variety of cameras in the market, there are also a lot of specifications that differentiate each one of them. You need to check the right combination of specs that meet your actual purpose. For example, getting the best outdoor camera needs you to pic specs that consist of wide angle lens, as well as the ability to capture with clear quality even when it’s dark. That’s why you must not ask what’s available in the store, but what you specifically need for a camera once you step into the store.

Also, you need to take note that when choosing the specs, you also need to check the amount of cameras present in the list. If your house needs a set of cameras that consist of 4 to 6 indoor and 1 to 2 outdoor cameras, then do not settle for a package that only consists of indoor cameras only. Take note that indoor cameras might not provide clear footage if the indoor camera is installed outdoors.

The Service Matters!

Sure, the product you are taking a look right now might be made of the finest specifications that define world-class CCTV security systems. But does the company itself have a good service that will make you feel that you’re dealing with the right people and not just the product? If there’s any issue on the system, such as a hardware problem, but the technical support that you’re getting from the cctv installer company is lowly-skilled, then that is something that you can raise a doubt at.

Criteria For The Camera

The following should be present if you are looking for the best CC camera for your security system:

  • The bigger the size of the sensor chip, the bigger the size of output quality that the video images will yield once the footage is recorded. For example, a 3/4” CCD is always better than the lower ones because it can produce a clearer video.
  • For outdoor camera, consider the ones that have a high IP rating with at least IP65 in it.
  • The camera should both have a CCD ( Charged Coupled Device) and a CMOS in it to ensure the top quality video. Take note that you always need the best quality video for your security because all details should be clear and crisp when protecting your place.
  • Lastly, a warranty of at least one year or higher is a requirement.

Criteria For The DVR

The Digital Video Recorder for the CCTV security systems is very important to consider as well, which is why the following criteria must be followed:

  • User-friendly GUI is needed so then operating the CCTV system will be much easier, particularly for those who are non-tech-savvy.
  • The DVR should fully support CODEC techology. The CODEC technology saves a lot of storage when saving lengthy CCTV footage because it shrinks the overall file size, but without ruining the quality of the video.
  • The DVR should be flexible enough to support a number of media sources, not just HDMI. It should still support VGA, as well as BNC video outputs so then it can work on any kind of device.
  • DVRs should have at least 2 years worth of warranty for the best service.

These are the basic information that you need to know if you want to get the finest type of CCTV security system that will surely protect your home at all costs, and with clear image that will surely cover every detail that it captures. When protecting your home, mediocre quality should be out of the topic at all times, because what you need is an investment that’s worthwhile if you want your home or business to be safe and sound at all times.

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