What LED Lights Are Best for Growing

What LED Lights Are Best for Growing

Many homeowners and renters are turning to indoor growing to enjoy plant life year-round, enhance their gardens, and even grow their food. To grow indoors successfully, you’ll need a healthy amount of light. LED lights are an economical and efficient way to improve indoor plants, even if you’re planting in poor light or winter.

What are the best LED lights for growing? We’ll walk you through our top picks and help you pick the LED lighting that’s best for you.

What to Look for in LED Lights for Growing

A genuinely successful LED lighting system will do an excellent job of mimicking the intensity and coverage of the sun. Young seedlings need copious amounts of light to thrive. The best LED lights for growing will be powerful yet natural in their light output and provide enough consistent illumination to get every seedling soaking in rays.

You also want LED lighting that’s safe and won’t overheat. Energy efficiency is also a selling point for many consumers, as this will help reduce your energy bills and tax the local grid a bit less. So here are our top choices, which accomplish all of these effectively and using the best technology available today.

Iluminar iL1 600W

The Iluminar iL1 is a genuinely advanced and efficient lighting system that can help optimize your plants’ growing and maturation potential. It does this by using a full spectrum of light, from fabulous to warm, depending on the developmental level of your seedlings.

This allows you to use the lighting’s full energy potential efficiently, reducing energy costs while ensuring that your plants get the right amount and spectrum of light at each stage of their development. It’s a well-built and smartly designed system to help you grow effectively and in a tailored manner while running cool.

Iluminar iL1 C 330W

A still high-quality yet slightly more economical option is the Iluminar iL1 C. It offers a full range of light spectrums and can be adjusted in intensity from full spectrum to specifically warm or cool light, depending on the needs of your growing plants.

The design is low-profile, and the efficient LED lighting is designed to burn less energy while providing high-quality natural light. It’s easy to operate, fully adjustable, and weighs just 18.3 lbs.

Iluminar iLi3 240W

If you’re looking for something more straightforward but still effective, the Iluminar iLi3 might be an excellent choice. Its design is more basic but still delivers plenty of healthy, full-spectrum light. It’s lighter weight, as well, and can be installed almost anywhere.

The mast has been removed from this model, making it ideal for racks and smaller spaces, including indoor growing tents. The wattage has also been reduced, but with an increase in micromole per joule energy output, meaning that you save money while maximizing illumination. It’s a sleek, minimalist design that doesn’t scrimp on production or quality and works well in any setting.

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