What Knives Should Every Chef Have?

All the chefs possess culinary skills that result in nummy meals to satisfy your hunger. But undoubtedly, all those culinary skills are of no value if a chef doesn’t have the best cutlery in his kitchen. And an essential item in kitchen cutlery is the knife.

Every chef must have all the necessary cutting tools, from slicing veggies for a Chinese meal to dicing fruits for your relish deserts. Markets are full of various kinds of knives. Each knife performs a task that is different from the other. So you have to select those which match your requirements. For your convenience, we are here to help you out in choosing a few knives that are considered must-haves for every chef. So let’s get started.

  • Paring Knife
  • Chef’s Knife
  • Santoku Knife
  • Bread Knife
  • Boning Knife
  • Cleaver Knife
  • Utility Knife

Along with these, there are many other options when looking for knives for your cooking area.

Top Picks of Some Must-Haves for Every Chef:

Chef’s Knife:

A chef must have a chef’s knife. A chef’s knife is the most prime knife in every kitchen. Mostly this knife comes with a blade of eight inches in length and a width of about 1 ½ inch. The length may vary from 8 to 10inches. The thing that makes it more efficient and versatile is its long edge.

If you have a chef’s knife in your kitchen, don’t worry about buying other knives. That’s so because this single knife is enough to perform the majority of your kitchen tasks. You can use this knife for slicing veggies, dice fruits, cut meat, poultry, fish, chopping nuts, and more. So every chef must have this multipurpose knife to ease the preparation of food.

Damascus steel Handmade Chef Knife Set:

Apart from buying separate chef’s knives, one must invest in buying a complete set. This Damascus steel handmade chef knife set is having all the five necessary pieces. Not just in the kitchen, but its elements are instrumental outside the kitchen as well. You can now easily make scrummy meals at night parties and other outdoor gatherings. All these are made using high-quality Damascus steel with twisted Damascus patterns on them.

Not just the blade, but this set is also unrivaled in the quality of its handles. Pukka wood-colored sheath is used that is beautified with mosaic pins. So you will get both quality and beauty in these knives. Talking about the dimensions, the first one has a length of 14 inches. The second one from all the five knives is 12 inches long, third of 12.5 inches, then 11 inches, and 10.5 inches simultaneously.

Paring Knife:

If you want to go for a paramount with small-size yet precise working in knives, go for the paring knife. A paring knife is also called the mini version of the chef’s knife. It is with a length of 2 to 4 inches along with a sharp and smooth blade.

Peeling, slicing, and trimming are all the tasks that are done daily. For all these necessary tasks, a paring knife is the best option. So this knife is also included in the list of knives that a chef must-have.

Handmade Damascus Steel Twist Pattern Chef Set:

If you are getting a top-notch five-piece knife set at the most reasonable rates, then isn’t it worth buying? Yes? If you have this option, you must opt for it. Damascus handmade five-piece chef knife set falls in the same category. All the handmade knives in this set have rosewood handles that provide more durability. This set has those pieces that can be easily used in daily kitchen tasks as well as outside. So it is a reliable and much needed set for all chefs. 

Bread Knife:

As the name implies, this knife is especially for loaves of bread and cakes. It makes cracks on the bread when you try to cut it with any other knife. To save your loaf of bread from damaging the thick hard crust and the soft interior, you must have a bread knife in your knives’ set. The bread knives are also used with the name of serrated knives.

This knife is with a long and narrow blade having sawlike- edges. And these sawlike edges are called serrations.  Apart from the function of cutting bread and cakes, they are also suitable for slicing fruits, skinning tomatoes, and other items with thin skin.

Boning Knife:

When you have a knife for slicing, dicing, peeling, don’t you also need to prep poultry, meat, and seafood? Indeed it is one of the main knives of a kitchen. This kitchen tool is with a narrow blade and a sharp pointed edge. Length mainly varies from 12 cm to 17 cm.

You can use it for precision boning, making deep cuts, holes, and boning pork.

Final Verdict:

We have presented you with our top picks regarding the knives that a chef must-have. So, complete your kitchen knives’ set today by adding these ultimate options. Have an easy cutting and ease your way to make the mouth-watering meals.

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