What isDHI Hair Transplant? What Should I Expect From The Treatment?

As time passes, every field advances. So, this is the case with hair transplants. Apart from the FUT and FUE procedures, a modern technique, DHI, or Direct Hair Implantation, has come into existence. This technique is also used for hair restoration purposes and is used productively at many medical centers.

In this article, we will take a look at what is a DHItransplant, its methodology, and other relevant bits of information. Like the DHI hair transplant cost in Pakistan.

What is a DHI hair transplant? How do you explain the procedure?

DHI, Direct Hair Implantation, is the contemporary solution to hair loss. This technique is carried out with the assistance of a unique pen-like tool, called the Choi Pen. With the help of the pen, it is possible to open the pathways for the hair follicles and implant them in a single step.

In this way, it is less time-consuming and less invasive. Moreover, it is an updated version of the traditional FUE hair transplant.

The main procedure remains the same: removal of hair follicles from a donor area and implanting them in the required parts.

The methodology of the treatment:

When you visit your doctor on surgery day, these steps will be followed:

  • Local anesthesia will be applied to the scalp.
  • Next, hair follicles will be extracted from the donor area using a special tool.
  • Then the pen-like tool is laden with the extracted hair follicles to begin the implantation.
  • Once all the hair follicles are implanted, the scalp is covered with gauze.

Is there any difference between DHI and FUE treatment? DHI hair transplant vs. FUE

Both treatments are used to regrow hair on the scalp. However, due to advancements, DHI is slightly different from FUE. Let’s have a look at how similar or how different both the procedures are:


  • In both procedures, the hair follicles are removed individually one by one. This ensures that there is no obvious scar.
  • Both have a quick recovery due to minor scars.


  • In FUE, after the extraction, the hair follicles are set in a mixture, while the pathways for transplantation are carved. Whereas in DHI hair treatment, after the removal, the hair follicles are transported inside the Choi Pen. The tool is then used to cut the pathways open and implant the hair follicles simultaneously.

Which is more effective: FUE or DHI?

In terms of effectiveness, FUE, and DHI hair transplant both work wonders. However, DHI has a quick recovery period due to minor wounds. Moreover, the usage of the Choi Pen improves precision and increases the odds of obtaining higher density.

The success rate of the DHI hair transplant procedure is greater than 99%, which is more than the FUE technique. Hence, the DHI hair transplant reviews received are positive.

What to expect before and after the treatment?

When someone plans to get the treatment, the first thing they should consider is DHI hair transplant before and after. So, let us discuss how to prepare before the treatment:

  • Consultation with the surgeon
  • You have to be a good candidate for the procedure
  • Alcohol, Coffee,etc. should be given a stay.
  • Usage of styling products must be discontinued a few days before the treatment.
  • You must also follow other pre-surgery instructions given to you by your surgeon.

After the treatment you must:

  • Take pills on time and regularly, specified by the doctor.
  • Following the first two weeks, prevent pressure on implant spots.
  • You must avoid washing your hair for at least 3 days or as recommended by your doctor. Normally, the first wash is done at the clinic.
  • Do not touch the implants.
  • Do not use a hairdryer for some days.
  • DHI hair transplant is a risk-free procedure, but if you notice something unusual, contact your surgeon immediately.

Therefore, if you are thinking about getting the DHI hair treatment, do your research and talk to your dermatologist beforehand. To achieve spectacular results, it is necessary to choose the most reputable and experienced surgeon in your area. You can also check alternative treatments as well to compare different solutions.

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