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What is the purpose of valves or shims in a shock?


The need to improve your valves or shims has grown over time. We have seen racers complaining about their suspension not being on point, or they are always looking for something that pushes their limits and makes them the best.

After researching and studying the situation, we have understood that you need to pay as much attention to your suspension as you pay to your engine. We understand that horsepower matters, but so does your suspension and transmission. I have experience of 15 years in this field, and I have been racing for as long as I can imagine. One thing that I am always keen about is my suspension and keeping my bike up-to-date.

Regardless of the type of your bike, you need to take care of your suspension valves. Also, one more thing that I’d like to mention – if you have zero experience in replacing your valves, it is best that your hire a professional mechanic to do it because there are high chances that you might end up screwing the job. Though you can learn from the mechanic or auto shop expert, and then you can do it on your own in the distant future.

Also, it is best that you get your Shock shims changed as soon as possible. Contact Valving Shims today and get your bike checked at the most affordable rates from the best workers in town.

How does your suspension work?

The basic purpose of your suspension is to provide a better grip over the bike and save your bike from deadly gaps and shocks. The suspensions absorb the force exerted on them from the road and exert back the force on the road – making sure that the force doesn’t get to the body and breaks it.

Furthermore, there are quite a few components in your suspension that enable the valve to perform. Springs, valves, dampers, rebound valves, and shims are the components that comprise your suspension. All of these components play a vital role. The springs are responsible for absorbing the force and exert it back. Metal springs serve the purpose of compression and extraction. They work on the basic principle of elasticity, meaning – they store energy and then release it.

Later comes the damping. Damping is for controlling the pressure built in the shaft. It reverts back to the force. Moreover, damping is responsible for reducing the amplitude of the oscillation of the energy being generated by the engine.

Therefore, it is imperative that you take extra care of your vehicles, ensuring that everything is in its perfect position. Your suspension is the backbone of your vehicle, the brain being the engine and the body being the interior. Take good care of your bikes and ATVs!

What are the purpose of fork and shock revalve shims?

The primary purpose of fork and shock revalve shims is to adjust the pistons or shafts on which your entire suspension is dependent. Bike forks are attached to the part that holds the wheel together. Now, if you have ever seen a bike, you must know how they look like.

Forks are meant to be strong because not only do they hold the entire wheel and body together, but they also receive extreme force from the road. Therefore, it is best to keep a check on your forks and replace them timely. If you don’t take much care of your forks, it is highly possible that it will break soon, and the result can be disastrous.

Revalve shims are specifically to control the pressure inside the shaft. There are several kinds of valves and shims, and each one of them serves a different purpose. Revalve shims are essential for your bike’s suspension. Moreover, it is important to replace them time as well. The oil flows through the ports and the shims, which enables them to control the force exerted on the springs of the suspension.

If you’re looking to buy an affordable and trustworthy brand to buy motorcycle fork tuning, Shock shims , or fork and shock revalve shims – I, highly recommend Valving Shims, as they are one of the best in the game!

Shock shims and its benefits

If I share my personal experience with you guys, I was having quite some trouble with riding; let’s just say the experience itself was damping in nature (pun intended). Now I was confused, as I didn’t know what to do and how to increase the grip.

I did two things, and trust me; the feeling was outrageous. I just replaced all the shims and valves that I bought from Valving Shims and fixed up the fork. As soon as I did that, my bike was way better than before. My control during riding increased dramatically. Shock shims are an integral part of your entire ride, and you should have them checked or replaced timely.

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