What is the difference between Translation and Localization?

The terms “translation” and “localization” are used in the market as similar terms, leading to marketers being unaware of their differences. Understanding what distinguishes these similar terms is beneficial for more than just your knowledge of the industry; it helps you extend reach on your website efficiently and profitably. So, here down in this post, we will provide a complete idea on what is the difference between both of these terms and how they are actually used in the market.

Translation and Localization

Both of these terms had significant differences when studying intensely, although they are the same to a great extent. Translation can be said as the part of the localization, and it’s meant to change your texts and words into other languages without changing the structure of a sentence or without changing anything in the content on the marketplace.

If we talk about localization, then it means to translate and adjust the content according to the need of the society and the culture of a country. It’s meant to make and change the products according to the condition of the culture more than make some changes in the content there. If you ant’s to know more about Translation and Localization, here is the complete guide.

Significant Differences between Both Terms

Here are some significant differences between both of these terms, which may help you to understand the specific marketing and the relevant terms all around the world rather than in your area specifically. Let’s have a lot at the differences:

  • Translation involves only changing the word into some specific text or the language as per the need to remove the language barrier precisely. And it’s main aim is to involve or remove the language barrier rather than make it feasible for all. In localization, the term is different and it’s meant to change the content so that specific people or the specific country or region of the world can understand this in a specific way. Its aim is to make the content easy for the market. In localization, words and even colors and style of the text are changed where needed.
  • Translation is a neutral cultural difference, and it does not rely on the culture or the region. But on the other hand, localization depends upon culture to culture. It is dependent on the culture of the people where they make the words and texts relevant, which meets as per the people’s needs. It is not free from culture or regional differences.
  • Translation mainly relies on technical subjects such as research, medical and science. But if we talk about localization, then it’s a means to change the website content and all the marketing content. It is beyond medical research and changing the science texts only.
    Translation focus on the primary language and regional languages of the world, but localization focuses on the specific region and specific language.


Both of the terms and the same but have a lot of differences. Most people get confused while differentiation these terms and using them in the market. Read the instructions given above and make yourself able to understand the needs of the advanced world with specific knowledge and a combination of words. For more information, could you read our latest blogs?

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