Transport A Car Interstate In Australia

What Is the Cheapest Way to Transport A Car Interstate In Australia?

Moving interstate in Australia is often a challenging task which is why most people choose to hire the services of professional removers. However, all removalists might not offer interstate vehicle transportation services and some of them even outsource the task to other agents. This can not only increase the risk of damage to the car during transportation but may also lead to other issues such as inappropriate use of the vehicle and delay in delivery. That is why it is important to seek reliable yet super cheap car transport options for moving vehicles interstate. However, choosing the least expensive transportation service providers may not always be the right choice. This can be better understood by learning about the various factors affecting car transportation costs.

Factors Impacting Car Transportation Costs

Various factors impact the cost of transporting a car interstate in Australia. The most important of these factors include the following.

Vehicle Type: In general, the cost of transporting bigger cars such as SUVs and 4WD is significantly higher than transporting smaller vehicles such as hatchbacks or compact family cars. This is because bigger cars occupy more space and also have greater weight which impacts their transportation volume.

Distance To Be Covered: The distance that needs to be covered for transporting the car is another important factor impacting the price. So transporting a car from Melbourne to Perth will cost significantly more than transporting a vehicle from Melbourne to Sydney. This is because the distance from Melbourne to Perth is almost four times the distance between Melbourne and Sydney.

Final Destination Within A State: The final destination where the vehicle needs to be delivered within the state also affects the car transportation costs. The farther into the state the final destination is located, the greater the cost of transporting the vehicle. Hence it is important for people making the move to inform their car transport service providers about the exact location of the final destination within the state to get an accurate cost estimate.

Expected Delivery Time: People who want to get an express delivery of their car at the final destination, obviously need to pay more.  That is why the expected delivery time is an important factor impacting the cost of transporting a vehicle interstate. Most cheap car transportation service providers have extended delivery schedules that can be weeks or even months long depending on where the vehicle needs to be delivered.

Some Cheapest Ways Of Transporting A Car Interstate

Learning about the various factors that impact car transportation charges for interstate moves helps people better manage the costs for the same. At the same time, they can use the following cheapest ways to transport between states.

Opt To Drive The Car

Driving the car on their own can help reduce transportation costs by a significant margin for people moving interstate. However, driving the car on their own may not always be a safe and convenient option, especially when people need to cover long distances. It is likely to make them feel physically and mentally exhausted besides enhancing the risk of accidental damage. Most importantly, the fuel and maintenance costs of driving the car across large distances might amount to be greater than the cost of hiring a transport company.

Opt To Transport The Car In Winters

In most cases, companies offering such services charge less to transport the car during winter. This is because most people avoid moving during the cold weather which reduces the workload of the transporters. Moreover, the companies want to keep their trucks operational to prevent them from getting damaged due to cold. Hence they are willing to accept transportation tasks at minimal costs, which can prove to be a great opportunity for people to save money while moving their car interstate.

Hire The Services Of A Driver

Hiring the services of a driver to drive a vehicle from one state to another is also considered to be an effective way to cut transportation costs. However, this is again a feasible option only when the car needs to be transported over short distances. In the case of interstate transportation over long distances, the cost of hiring a driver to drive the car is significantly more as it includes the boarding and lodging expenses for the driver as well as their meal expenses. Moreover, handing the car over to a stranger increases the risk of damage and theft.

Find Reliable Transportation Service Providers

Even though seeking the services of professional car transportation companies may seem expensive initially, they generally prove to be the most cost-effective option. This is because the companies providing such services possess extensive expertise in transporting different types of cars safely across diverse distances. They also take every precaution to minimize the risk of damage to the vehicle and ensure its timely delivery. Most importantly, the prices charged by such companies are often carefully calculated after factoring in the various aspects that impact transportation charges. The small profit margin that is included in the cost is worth paying as it ensures peace of mind for people making the move concerning the safe delivery of their car.

Summing Up

Transporting a vehicle interstate is similar to transporting other household goods and hiring the best service providers is often the cheapest option.

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