What Is The Cheapest Cryptocurrency To Buy?

In 2022, the crypto market faced a major crash, which occurred against an imminent world crisis and many other factors that matched that period. November 2022 saw another major decline in the crypto market after news about the FTX platform’s bankruptcy. At that time, many of the major cryptocurrencies lost significant value. Despite the general bearish sentiment, we should keep in mind an essential rule: buy cryptocurrencies when everyone is selling them, and get out of the market when they purchase cryptocurrencies in masses. In other words, now is the right moment to look for promising and cheap digital coins and purchase them to hold long-term.

The prices of the market leaders such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are now relatively low and affordable for purchase (BTC – $24.78; ETH – $1,68), but there are also many other even cheaper coins that are worth your attention. An important advice from advanced investors is to build an investment portfolio with the best-traded stocks and add cheap, low-cap, but promising assets. What are they like, and why is it worth buying them?

Cheap Crypto to Buy Now

Factors that determine cryptocurrency price:

  • Supply and demand
  • The market trend
  • Emission of coins
  • News background
  • Technology at the core of the project
  • Real use cases.
  • Market cap.

Small cryptos with low market caps do not look attractive to investors; however, if you pick several cheap but worthy projects, some of them may reach the mood during the next upward trend. Unlike mega and large-cap coins, small-cap assets are capable of multiplying their value several times.

Here are the most promising cheap crypto to buy now and their crypto prices today:

  • XRP ($0.41)
  • LINK ($7.27)
  • XLM ($0.09)
  • NEAR ($2.50)
  • MATIC ($1.24).

Where to Buy Crypto?

Cryptocurrency experts predict a bright future for these projects, and you can find these and many other cheap and emerging assets on the WhiteBIT exchange. It is a centralized platform that meets regulatory requirements and provides robust security for users and their funds.

WhiteBIT offers a range of financial instruments, including futures, spot, margin, and cryptocurrency lending. The platform offers a different educational website, the WhiteBIT blog, which publishes up-and-coming project overviews, articles, and manuals on investing.

Criteria to Look for When Choosing a Cheap Cryptocurrency

When considering a cheap crypto asset to invest in, there are several criteria to look for. First, analyze the live price of the asset and track its changes over different periods to understand its volatility and reaction to market trends. This research, known as technical analysis, involves examining historical patterns and indicators.

Second, pay attention to the project’s reputation by checking reviews and engaging with the community on social networks. Are users actively involved, and are there regular updates?

Third, investigate the project’s founders and supporters. What is their background, and what successful products have they developed in the past?

Lastly, consider the supply of coins. If the supply is limited, and the company burns coins regularly, there will always be demand for the asset, which can keep the price stable.

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