What is the best thing about investing in Cyprus?

Warm climate, the ability to fly to any point of Europe in a couple of hours, and friendly people – these reasons attract a large number of people to Cyprus. But not only this glorifies such a colorful island around the world. The Cyprus economy attracts with its profitable investments. The island has an excellent geographical position with a well-functioning economy, well-thought-out tax policy aimed at attracting foreign capital. The standard of living here is high, it is safe to live and relax. Investing in Cyprus is also very popular with foreign investors because it requires citizenship.

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Reasons for investing in Cyprus

Many reasons will motivate you to transfer your funds to the island’s economy.

  • The government of Cyprus is not afraid of progressive reforms, actively attracts investments, grants citizenship.
  • After the crisis, the economy has been growing for several years.
  • The country’s legislation protects investments: it is based on English law.
  • Cyprus offers the lowest rate in the European Union.
  • The number of tourists coming to the country is only increasing.
  • The ports of Cyprus are also expanding. The island has an advantageous geographical position, so it is attractive for both transport ships and cruise liners.
  • The development of the island’s infrastructure affects the value of real estate: the purchase can pay off in several years.
  • There is a real possibility of obtaining Cypriot citizenship. It empowers you to do business across the European Union.

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The most profitable investment destinations in Cyprus

Since 2016, Cyprus has become a promising jurisdiction for investment in the following areas:

  • tourism (including the construction of immovable property for sale and the purchase of a finished real estate for rent or sale);
  • trade (including supermarkets and shopping centers);
  • energy.

Before making your first contribution, you need to study in detail the benefits of each direction.


The tourist flow and income of the tourism sector remain at the proper level, even against the background of changes in the global economy, thanks to which it is possible to safely use financial resources for the purpose of investment. Many tourists choose Cyprus because of the sunny weather and sea, the tranquillity and attractiveness of the environment, hospitality, cuisine, and culture. Moreover, constant reforms and active development of the economic structure make Cyprus favorable for investment in the hotel business and the purchase of real estate for further lease to people who come to rest in Cyprus.


Grocery stores, supermarkets, and markets are always in demand with locals and visitors, especially during the high tourist season in Cyprus, as many tourists want to taste high quality and fresh produce. Investments in the agricultural sector provide an opportunity to profit from the constant sales of fruits, vegetables, and dairy products in the markets. In addition, local residents and the category of tourists staying in Cyprus for a long time, shop in grocery stores and supermarkets, which offer a wide range of all necessary products and things, which is also an attractive investment.


In today’s environment, where ever-growing concerns about global warming meet with an innovative focus on sustainable, forward-looking investment strategies, the renewable energy sector is considered a fertile area for economic growth. Renewable energy sources are becoming more and more popular with investors, especially in Cyprus, because of its geographical location, where sunlight comes most of the year. Combined with the growing share of clean energy in the world, investing in power plant development will help you generate long-term profits.

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