What is the Best Material for Boxers?

2021 is a crazy world. But it is also a world where we are all spoiled for choice, including the type of underwear we decide to wear.

Back in the day, men did not really have many options when it came to underwear. There was one style, one type of fabric, and made in one place.

But now, there are so many options in the types of underwear men can choose to wear—many with advanced technology integrated into them to ensure the most premium health and hygiene.  And as a bonus, many of them are American made underwear—the best type of underwear you could ever own.

So, today men are posed with a choice. A choice of what type of undies they will purchase and wear. Many men prefer to purchase these online as it can be quite awkward to browse in a store with other people looking at your shopping behavior. But when shopping online, you may not get the chance to feel the different types of materials for yourself.

That’s why we are here to help. We have rounded up all the types of materials that boxers are made from and which ones are the best to wear.

1. Cotton boxers

This type of underwear is a classic—mainly because after all these years it still holds a purpose and works. Cotton is one of the most popular materials amongst men, mainly because it is soft and comfortable. Plus, this option of material tens to be much more economical and works for a range of situations—except for those where you are bound to get extra sweaty!

2. Nylon boxers

This material for boxers provides a soft sensation that keeps any moisture out! The good thing about nylon boxers is that they last a long time even during long-term use or intense conditions. They are a great choice for men to wear when they are working out, but highly suggest not giving them a go if you know you will be in a humid climate. Humidity and nylon do not mix—at all!

3. Modal boxers

What’s softer than cotton? Modal! Modal boxers are arguably one of the softest types of underwear out there. They are a great choice for lounging or sleeping in and are designed to provide optimal comfort. While they may not maximize the support your groin area may get, they will help you get into relaxation mode—which is always a great mode to be in if you ask us!

4. Polyester boxers

Similar to nylon boxers, polyester material bodes well for underwear that is made to make a statement. This material soaks up color dye really well and thus often come with crazy cool and fun patterns. In addition, they are much more lightweight than the modal or cotton options. This means that these boxers are the ideal option if you are wearing tighter clothes or are going to be in the sunshine and heat for a few hours.

These four types of underwear all have their place and purpose. In no way are we suggesting to only wear one type. In fact, it makes sense to have a collection of some of each type of boxers in your drawer. So that way you have your go-to undies when you are headed to the gym or playing sport, wanting some relaxation time, or going on an outdoor adventure in the sunshine. There is always a time and place for each type of boxer and you can use this guide to help you figure out just which one to choose for each occasion. It really is as simple as that! So what boxers will you be choosing next?

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