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What is the Best Gaming Console in 2024?

Which gaming console is the best? Choose between the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Alternatively, why not choose a hybrid handheld device like the Nintendo Switch OLED? What about portable gaming consoles like the Nvidia Shield or the Switch Lite, which are geared for gamers? Additionally, there is the last-gen, but still well-liked, PS4 and Xbox One to take into account.

Many of us consider gaming consoles to be necessities. Yet, they may be pricey, and each has a unique set of features, such as graphics capability, aesthetic appeal, or game selection. Besides, many console game development companies create games unique for each model. If you’re not a serious player, it might be complicated. We’ve listed the best gaming consoles to help you decide what to buy in 2024.

The PlayStation 4 is the base-level console from Sony, sitting below the PS4 Pro and the new PlayStation 5. This console has been a fan favorite since its launch and is now the best-selling gaming console. Its strength lies in exclusive games and it is still pushing narrative-driven single-player titles. Compared to the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch Lite, the PlayStation 4 offers access to new PlayStation games, while the newer consoles also offer cross-generational games.

PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 is the latest generation of the gaming console. It supports emerging standards such as High Dynamic Range, 4K, and HDR. Sony and Microsoft produce cutting-edge machines with incredible visual effects, silky smooth performance, and blisteringly fast loading times. Both companies have invested much money in securing exclusive new games and subscription services. In 2024, Sony and Microsoft will have more competition, with the PlayStation 5 being the winner.

The PlayStation 5 is available in the standard model and the Digital Edition. The latter is less expensive but lacks a disc drive. The Digital Edition lacks the Blu-ray drive but is identical to the standard model. The standard model is best for fans of older PlayStation games.

The DualSense controller from Sony has customizable triggers, which allows the bumpers to more accurately replicate pulling the trigger on a rifle or drawing a bow before firing. The superior haptic motors also greatly enhance the sense of realism. Compared to the Xbox controller, which at most offers marginal advantages, the two technologies represent a significant advancement.

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox are equivalent in terms of hardware. Your choice will mostly depend on how much you enjoy PlayStation’s exclusive games compared to Xbox’s. Starfield, a highly anticipated game initially scheduled for a PlayStation release, will now be available only on Microsoft’s system. Therefore, you should test the library on both consoles.

Even while it never approaches Xbox Series X performance levels, the speed at which you can load existing titles is welcomed. Microsoft’s console consistently outperformed the PS5 in various third-party experiences. The Series X is probably far more optimized for backward compatibility, whilst Sony is concentrating on experiences for the future generation. For instance, it takes 7 seconds for Miles Morales on the PlayStation 5 to start up and begin playable.

XboxSeries X

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s response to next-generation gaming, providing the same 4K@120fps performance, ray-tracing, high-quality textures, and better particle effects as the PS5. Although not nearly as quick as Sony’s custom SSD, the SSD’s presence also makes games responsive.

Since the PS5 only supports PS4 games outside of its PS Now service, it can’t fully compete with the wide selection of games that are readily accessible and provide backward compatibility back to the original Xbox.

The style is somewhat more subdued than the competitors; it features an all-black design with green accents inside the vent above the console, yet it is still 30cm tall. When it comes down to it the Xbox controllers’ safe’ upgrade is what makes it fall short of becoming the greatest platform. Sony invested heavily in every part of the next-generation gaming console experience, whereas it appears Microsoft concentrated primarily on the tower.

The loading times have decreased significantly, even beating PS5 with good margins; below is a representation of loading times between one X and Series X.

Xbox Series S

Tom Warren recently penned a review of the new Xbox Series S, which has significant potential but a few major flaws. One is the lack of native 4K support and storage, and another is its 1080p target resolution. Nonetheless, the Xbox Series S is a perfect console with a lot of promise, but it doesn’t live up to the hype surrounding next-gen consoles.

The Xbox One’s sleek white design is similar to the PlayStation 5 but has a large black circle to house the cooling system. The Xbox One’s other differences are that it lacks a disc drive and comes with two USB-A ports on its front panel. In addition, it also has an expansion slot, making it a more versatile device than the PlayStation 5 or Xbox One.

It could even be the best gaming console for you if you have a 1440p monitor, mainly because it is significantly smaller than the other next-gen consoles and is, therefore, a better TV-side partner. Suppose you want to play on another system. In that case, it may also be a reasonably inexpensive option to obtain Microsoft-exclusive games, especially in light of the company’s recent acquisition of Bethesda. But make no mistake, if you’re still using a last-gen One X, stay away from it because it isn’t as powerful as its bigger brother and can’t even run games with Xbox One X upgrades.


The Nintendo Switch Lite is a more compact version of the original Nintendo Switch. It features a streamlined design, comes in several colors, and supports games designed for handheld mode. Its price is lower than the Switch itself, and the Switch Lite is an affordable alternative to the full-fledged Switch. Regardless of its price, the Switch Lite is the best gaming console in 2024.

While the Switch Lite has integrated controllers, the wireless Joy-Con controllers have many advantages over the regular Joy-Con. In addition to HD rumble and infrared sensors, they have motion-sensing capabilities. Many games require this feature to be effective, and the wireless controllers are perfect for people who have trouble gripping a controller. The wireless Joy-Con controllers also allow for multiplayer gaming.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is an excellent option for gamers who don’t want a full-sized console. It has many advantages, including extra protection for the screen. Aside from being portable, the Switch Lite has a MicroSD slot that can expand the console’s storage capacity. The system also features a second microSD card, which can be inserted to add even more memory.

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console, and its limited graphics and storage space prevent it from being as powerful as other gaming consoles. Although Nintendo has tried to bring over third-party games, many major releases haven’t made the Switch yet. With a limited range of third-party games, the chances of seeing new, graphics-intensive games will become even slimmer as time goes by.

You’ll need to use the included dock if you want to play the Switch on your television. The dock contains an HDMI port. Attach the Joy-Con controllers to the dock, and the Switch should instantly display the unlock screen. If you don’t use the dock, you’ll have to buy an HDMI cable separately, which may not be available at your local store. In any case, the Switch is not the best gaming console for your home in 2024.

NintendoSwitch (OLED)

The Nintendo Switch (OLED) doesn’t have the upgraded graphics that some would have hoped for, but it does have a more prominent 7-inch OLED display, as the name says, for a better portable gaming experience with more vibrant colors and deeper blacks. The Switch OLED presents Zelda in the best possible light.

However, the Switch’s improved battery life over the original 2017 model goes beyond simply the screen; depending on the game you’re playing, it boasts a battery life of 4.5 to 9 hours. The gaming console also addresses several long-standing issues, such as the fragile kickstand, replaced by a far more durable one, and revised button shapes.

The OLED model is pricey, but it’s worth it if you have an older Switch from 2017 or haven’t yet purchased one. The change isn’t worth it if you have a newer Nintendo Switch with better battery life.

Conclusion: The Best Gaming Console in 2024

The newest lineup of consoles will better utilize these technologies, standardizing them. While there were only a small number of titles for last-gen consoles that entirely used these capabilities, they will be better utilized by future systems. A 4K or HDR-compatible TV is not a requirement for any system, so you may purchase a new console and wait to upgrade your TV until you’ve done more research, discovered titles you think are worth the investment, or are otherwise prepared to make the purchase.

The best gaming console in 2024 boils down to individual preferences. Owning a Nintendo Switch is their best bet if they have to travel a lot. But, if you’re looking for a 4k experience with reasonable frame rates and the exclusives that break records on records, then buying a PS5 is your best bet.

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