What is the best entertainment

Make a note of the prices of all items in the supermarket, including things that you don’t usually buy, and then go to the wholesale market to buy them. Remember the prices of the things you need in the wholesale market.

If they are not much different from the supermarkets, buy them at the supermarkets. Remember the prices of the items you will buy for a long time in all the supermarkets in the city or your neighborhood, and then you will find that the same kind of items are sometimes very different when they are promoted in different supermarkets.

The most exaggerated one was to buy yogurt. Two branches of the same supermarket were far away. One gave a small inferior plastic lunch box and the other gave a small glass fruit plate.

Make a note of the brand prices of the seasonings you often use in the supermarket, and then go to the small shop on the street that specializes in seasonings to compare. It will be much worse.

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Organize all the photos, look at them one by one, there will be a lot of feelings, classification. And delete the meaningless pictures.Organize the address book (the same is true for WeChat and qq address book), delete people who are not contacted, and classify them. High school junior high school classmates and colleagues, family relatives and close friends. And you can remark personal preferences, birthdays, etc. as appropriate. There will also be a lot of feelings during this process.

Organize the home, only a little, throw away the things that have been useless for a long time and that are rarely used.Buy a notebook and write in a diary when you are free. It’s the same as making wine.make a list. I can remember the movies, cartoons, TV series, novels, etc. I have seen in the world. The request is something you can think of on your own initiative. There will still be feelings in the process.

Organize your thoughts from the person you have recently contacted, whether it is what you hate or appreciate, target their strengths and weaknesses from all angles, combined with usual contact details, listening and hearing analysis, although this is not an entertainment activity that can be thought of. Span training, at least from the perspective of the problem, will not be so one-sided. In my opinion, even your enemies are full of shining points. 

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Also, think about your recent or unreasonable and extreme words and emotions and make some conjectures and reflections. It’s good to figure it out for yourself. It’s actually a lot of fun.

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