What Is Social Listening

What Is Social Listening? Why Does My Company Need It?

The digital age continues to challenge business professionals and innovators alike to think outside the box. It is no longer enough to have a great product or brand to present to customers. Entrepreneurs also need to consistently respond to the needs of customers. One of the best ways to understand what clients want and effectively provide solutions is by implementing social listening into your marketing plan.

What is social listening?

By definition, social listening is the process of monitoring conversations online and using the information gained to create a plan for improved sales or exposure. Social listening is not a matter of following every trend online. The practice is specific in tracking topics, keywords, phrases, and brands directly related to a company’s industry.

Listening to the desires of customers by way of social media is, in many ways, power. Business owners can gauge the popularity of a new product or service by monitoring how customers respond to what is offered. Entrepreneurs can then identify problems and rectify the situation.

A more in-depth look

Social listening is not a matter of randomly taking in customers’ feedback. The process is, in fact, significantly structured and often involves two steps.

First, a company should monitor social media channels for any mention of the brand along with competitors and products. Using keywords is the best way to stay on top of social media buzz related to a company’s products and services.

The second step in social listening involves analyzing the information gathered. Unlike social monitoring, which only involves looking at data, listening to customers online requires entrepreneurs to observe information and put what they have learned into practice.

In many cases, analyzing and implementing based on the data is a matter of making small changes. There are, however, times when a complete overhaul of an idea is necessary.

The importance of listening

Some small business owners do not see the importance of social listening. Such individuals may view their product as a “take it or leave it” type of arrangement.

It is important to note that entrepreneurs who are flexible to the demands of customers may find themselves in more prosperous positions than those business owners who are not as open. Perhaps, customers deem the ingredients of a sauce as overwhelming. The owner of the said brand stands to gain dozens of more supporters by simply tweaking the ingredient list.

Refusing to implement social listening in your company could, in essence, cost thousands of dollars and supporters. Such is the reason why every business owner should monitor the health of his, or her, brand online.

Avoid PR pitfalls by listening

It is not difficult to make a social media gaffe in the current climate of the world. The public is rather forgiving to those entrepreneurs and brands willing to quickly admit mistakes and correct problems.

It is fairly difficult to admit mistakes with a quickness without some form of social listening. Such is the reason why it is best to hire a team of professionals to manage and monitor your popularity, or lack thereof, online.

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