What is Sedation Dentistry and How Can It Help You

What is Sedation Dentistry and How Can It Help You?

Countless individuals across the globe fear the dentist. They put off making an appointment because they dread the thought of taking that step, much less actually visiting the office to have any work done. However, when a serious problem arises, they find they cannot delay any longer. They need to get the problem resolved immediately. Sedation dentistry offers the solution they need to have the work done. What is sedation dentistry, and how does it benefit patients?

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry involves the use of medication to help a patient relax when they visit the dentist. Dentists offer several options for men, women, and children in this situation. Oral sedation remains a common treatment for dental phobia, and dentists frequently offer their patients nitrous oxide or laughing gas to keep them calm while in the chair. IV sedation and general anesthesia provide relief for those individuals who find they cannot visit a dentist without extreme measures. Learn more about the different options over at wilmotfamilydentistry.com. How do these methods help patients?

Anxiety Relief

Anxiety serves as the biggest issue for many dental patients. Sedation dentistry provides them a way to get necessary services without being overwhelmed by their anxiety. Some patients find taking an anti-anxiety medication prior to the procedure resolves their issue so they can get the needed dental care. Others, however, find they must be put under to have any work done, and some dentists now provide this option.

Pain Relief

Certain patients avoid the dentist because they don’t tolerate pain well. Sedation dentistry completely removes any pain the person experiences. They cannot feel anything while sedated. This helps to explain why more people now choose sedation dentistry regardless of what work they are having done.

Gag Reflex Relief

Humans need their gag reflex, as this reflex works to expel foreign objects from the throat. However, certain patients find their gag reflex prevents them from going to the dentist. It kicks in when the dentist tries to perform any work, and their oral health suffers as a result. In fact, it can actually lead to an injury to the patient, depending on the work being performed. Sedation dentistry paralyzes the gag reflex temporarily, allowing the dentist to work quickly and efficiently. The patient remains comfortable throughout the procedure.

Less Time in the Chair

Men and women who fear the dentist often cannot sit still while in the chair. This means any work they need done takes longer. When the patient is sedated, the dentist completes the work in less time, as they don’t need to worry about the patient moving when they are in the mouth. Patients like knowing they get the work done in the least time possible.

Anterograde Amnesia

Patients who have had a negative experience at the dentist don’t return unless they must. Sedation dentistry allows the patient to forget anything that happens in the chair, so they can return in the future without fear. This anterograde amnesia or memory loss is a good thing for all parties.

Sedation dentistry serves as a good option for many individuals. Oral health cannot be neglected, as oral health issues can lead to health issues in other parts of the body. Don’t fear the dentist. Dental professionals have ways to make the experience easier for the patient. Contact the dentist today to learn more about your options.

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