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What is RDP?



What is RDP? Remote Desktop Protocol is a type of computer protocol used for remote desktop connections. Unlike traditional LAN-based networking, RDP allows users to connect from anywhere. The most common use for RDP is in the implementation of remote administration and implementation. This software is also useful for “headless” computers, which do not have a direct input device. Typically, these types of computers are controlled by end-users using KVM switches, which are devices that connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

The RDP protocol supports Dynamic Virtual Channels, or DVCs. These are virtual channels that can be created and destroyed at will. Developers can create extensions that transport data over DVCs, including graphics rendering, video redirection, and PnP redirection. In addition, the protocol supports a variety of protocols, including RTMP. This feature makes it easier for IT professionals to manage bring-your-own-device policies.

Whether you are running RDP for work or for personal use, it’s vital to use the right security precautions. While RDP has been deemed relatively secure by the FIPS 140-2 security committee, it still has several vulnerabilities that need to be patched. To prevent these attacks from occurring, it’s best to use a VPN. This type of security is much more robust and reliable than traditional thin-client computing.

RDP is a great option for companies that need to deploy remote access solutions for mobile users. These solutions are cloud-based, making it easier to manage and secure RDP deployments. The key benefit of these solutions is the ease of implementation. Furthermore, they’re free. Compared to traditional desktop sharing technologies, RDP is able to be deployed in virtually any company environment. If you’re wondering what is the best choice for your organization, read on.

The best way to use RDP for remote access is to connect to an existing server. This is the easiest way to set up an RDP server in a corporate environment. Many people are unaware that it’s possible to connect to a server from anywhere. The most important benefit of this technology is the freedom it provides employees. It can also be a valuable tool for disaster recovery, business continuity, and remote working. If you are considering RDP for your business, it’s essential to consider the benefits it can bring to your company.

What is RDP? It’s an open-source protocol that works with Windows servers and PCs. It works with any operating system, such as Linux, MacOS, and macOS. Its T-120 protocol is used to connect between client and server. It supports remote work by allowing employees to access resource-intensive applications while working from a distance. Consequently, it is vital to learn more about RDP. The more you understand this technology, the safer it will be.

While RDP can provide a range of benefits for businesses, it has one major disadvantage. It is not a secure protocol. In addition to its inability to support advanced topologies, RDP does not protect the data stored on a server. However, it can provide many other benefits for businesses. It is easy to secure and manage, and is ideal for small and large organizations. Further, it is very easy to add more resources for your business.

In general, RDP is an open standard for desktops. Its use case is the same as for a remote desktop. It is a good solution for businesses, as it increases productivity. It allows them to access the same desktop as their employees, but it also allows them to run applications on their own computers. The main advantage of RDP is that it is easy to secure, manage, and maintain. This makes it ideal for many different types of businesses. Despite its ease of use and security, RDP has one significant disadvantage: it can be difficult to maintain. It is also difficult to secure. The reason is that RDP is vulnerable to hackers. This makes it difficult to maintain secure RDP environments. Hence, it is best to avoid sharing credentials with colleagues. For security purposes, it is better to use multi-factor authentication. The more complicated password, the more likely it is to be compromised.

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Amazing facts about safety boots and why you need one



Safety boots also known as steel boots are boots that have protective reinforcement in the toe. These boots are mostly protecting the feet of the worker from falling heavy objects and sharp objects as they carry out their daily industrial duties. It also protects them from rolling objects, reducing degree of injury incase of accidental fall outs. Workers who work in slippery conditions also use these boots as they have rubber soles with grips reducing chances of sliding in these slippery surfaces.


There are several factors that makes the safety boots to be considered fit for work environment. Various factors are considered such as durability and comfort. Also risk assessment is supposed to be carried out first in the work place, which is the process of evaluating potential risk that may occur as workers continue with their daily duties at work place. This process is important to both employer and employee.

The assessment helps the employee to answer what process, activity or substance that could harm the health of the employee and how these safety boots can protect then and reduce the harm or fully protect then. Mostly in Nairobi, these factors range from extreme weather conditions mostly cold weather for security gads and extreme high temperatures for industrial workers, wet surfaces, falling objects, acid, metals and chemical splash.

Sectors in Kenya having intense use of Safety Boots

Oil and petrochemical industries

Nairobi has undergone industrialization. Among the industries is Oil and Petrochemical. These industries require safety work boots that are waterproof and have thermal features. The boots should also be made of genuine leather for durability as well as rubber sole that make it slippery resistance. The boots should also be resistant to oil, acid and chemicals. The availability of these bootsis a great relief to workers in this industry.

Foods and Drinks Manufacturing

Most of these manufacturing industries are associated with wet surfaces exposing its workers to risk of slipping and falling. The safety work boots recommended to be used should be: water proof, slip resistant, steel toecap, shocks absorber soles and also easy to clean due to contamination with food waste. The safety boots Kenya are of big relief to workers in food industries.

Construction Works

This is among the major working sectors in Nairobi. This sector is associated with rolling heavy objects, falling object, sharp metals such as nail. Workers at this sector are at a high risk of encountering one of them there for the need of protective safety work boots with metallic toecap, genuine leather and rubber sole. These bootsare readily available for workers in this sector.

In conclusion safety work boots are essential to all workers in most of the workers for the good of their feet all day long, keeping their feet safe and comfortable. Choosing the right work boot that brings satisfaction to your needs is important for the health of your feet. Workers in Kenya   are very lucky as these boots of all types are available in Kenya. Check

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Types of washers and how they benefit the user



A washer is any tool that is useful for cleaning homes and household items, cars, or even business premises.

This article deals with washers that capitalize on pressure to produce the best results. This type of washer is a great invention and efficiently makes cleaning easy than when not involved. This article will help you understand why it is wise to own this tool.

Washers are divided into three types according to their source of power. Washers may use diesel, electricity, or petrol as the source of energy. Therefore, the three major types of washers are;

Diesel engine pressure washers

This washer fuels a high-pressure pump using diesel. This washer is either cold water or a hot water machine. While in operation, this washer produces fumes. It is useful both for heavy-duty and medium-duty work.

Petrol engine high-pressure washers

This washer is designed the same way as the diesel engine washer but uses petrol to power its pump. Plumbers use it to clean drainages. It can also be used by builders for cleaning on building sites.

Electric pressure washers

These washers use electric current to power the pump, so they use a high voltage of electric current depending on the manufacturer’s manual.

Description: C:\Users\Adshake\Desktop\image.png

All these washers are mobile and can be moved from place to place or fixed at a certain place depending on what it is meant for. Cleanliness is a concern for everyone as this helps to maintain your home, office, car, et cetera. For this reason, it is good to understand the advantages of acquiring a washer. Here are some of the benefits of using a pressure washer machine;

It helps to save your much needed time

Using a washer cleaning is done fast and efficiently, thus helping to save your time. Therefore, one can carry out cleaning within a short time.

It removes disgusting and stubborn filth

Due to the high pressure, various forms of dirt is removable from surfaces, giving your house, car, or office a nice look.

It helps save money

Since thorough cleaning is possible in a short time, there is no need to hire cleaners to do the work. That means you keep your environment clean at low costs. Working on your own helps you take care of your place; the hired workers may not do so effectively.

You can use it on a surface wherever you want

Washers have wheels attached to them, hence mobile, and can move from place to place. Besides, their average weight makes it possible for them to be portable.

Easy storage

You can easily ride it on its wheels into the garage or storage room. However, if you need to store it for a long time, you may disassemble its parts and place them in the storage provided with the washer.


This article helps you understand the benefits of these washing equipments and will help you know how to stay clean without putting so much of your time and energy into it. Check also

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What is Motherboard ?- A Short Guide



What is a motherboard? This is a question that many people do not know the answer to. A motherboard is the most important part of a computer. It is what everything else plugs into. Without a motherboard, your computer would not be able to function. In this blog post, we will discuss what a motherboard does and why you need one on your computer!

How Motherboard works?

A motherboard is a large, flat piece of hardware that is usually made of plastic or metal. It has many different connectors on it for attaching other components to the motherboard. These connectors include things like the CPU, RAM, and storage devices.

The motherboard also has various slots for expansion cards. These expansion cards can add features to your computers like graphics or sound. Without a motherboard, your computer would not be able to do anything.

How many sizes of motherboards are there?

Motherboards come in different sizes and shapes. The most common size is ATX. This stands for Advanced Technology Extended. ATX motherboards are the most popular type of motherboard because they offer a good balance of features and price. MicroATX and Mini-ITX are smaller versions of the ATX motherboard. They are typically used in small form factor computers.

Why motherboard is necessary for your computer?

Now that we know what a motherboard is, let’s discuss why you need one in your computer. The motherboard is the most important part of your computer because it is what everything else plugs into. Without a motherboard, your computer would not be able to function.

 The motherboard also provides slots for expansion cards. These expansion cards can add features to your computer like graphics or sound.

Bottom Line

 So, if you are looking to build a new computer, make sure you get a good motherboard! It will make all the difference in your computing experience. Thanks for reading and I hope this was informative! Let me know if you have any questions down below! 🙂

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5 Materials Vastly Used in Construction




Construction has by far been a part of us since ancient history; it has since evolved into bigger and better. This is mainly because of improvement and enhancement in the use of materials. This article explores a variety of materials used in the construction world. Read on for everything worth knowing about marine boards and related construction materials. 

Among the fastest-growing industries in Kenya is construction. This is especially because of the increase in urbanization and the need to embrace change. As far as construction materials are concerned, there are readily available local materials that play a crucial part in enhancing tradition and originality.

Below are a few of the major construction materials commonly used:


Concrete is popular for its beneficial attributes, including durability and versatility. It can be utilized in various applications, including driveways, roads, buildings, highways, and more. It is composed of fine and coarse aggregates bound together by a liquid binder. It contributes to the aesthetic elements of a building as it can be poured and to make a form of the required shape and size. Its strength increases with time as it can form bonds with the moisture particles.


Wood has been used as a construction material since ancient history. This is especially because of the variety in type due to the many types of trees available. The marine board is one of the most superior wooden materials used in construction; it is quality plywood made up of tropical hardwoods without defects and joined using phenolic glue. Wood is also preferred because it is a natural, readily available resource.


If you survey around the area you are in now; the building is probably brick. Masonry construction mainly consists of single units bound together by mortar. There are brick-making machines invented for use on the site; this significantly cuts transport costs and enhances convenience. One of the advantages of using masonry is that it is fire-resistant and durable. However, the longevity of a masonry unit depends on the artistry and mortar quality used.


Steel is a very strong construction material that is mostly used in the structural framework of most high-rise buildings. Steel, when in its stainless form, is corrosion and oxidation resistant. In terms of installation, it is compatible with any environment and time-saving compared to concrete. Important to note that poor maintenance or improper installation may lead to steel corrosion.


Stone especially is a widespread construction material because of its affordability and availability. There are various stone types available depending on the use and aesthetics. Stone is heavy and dense to work with, especially regarding portability around the site area. Stone is mostly obtained from the quarrying process.


Many construction materials are available as technology improves and as the need to go green and conserve the environment is emphasized. However, the choice of material is dependent on use and availability; the most crucial factor is to cut costs without compromising the quality of output. For more, click here

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What is the Difference Between Asana Cost vs Trello Cost?




Asana is a platform that gives you optimal control of project management. Trello is software where you can manage your tasks through a dynamic system. 

Asana software was launched in 2012, and now it is being used by more than 100,000 companies across the globe. Asana regulates the ebb and flow of projects with features like workflow builder, app integrations, timeline, and boards. Trello, on the other hand, has also supported millions of users with tools like cards and easily connectable applications. Asana and Trello software are both competitive project management tools through which you can assist your remote workspace. 

List of Asana Features 

The Asana software attracts users for a number of reasons. It is not merely an efficient management tool but also accessible to its users. The bright and neat layout amplifies the productivity level generally. Here are some important features of the Asana software: 

  1. Popular Integrations 

Asana cultivates a considerable number of well-known applications that are part of your regular workspace. This list includes Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Google Drive, Wistia, Zoom, Outlook, and several others.  

The goal behind integrating applications is to help you align all of your work on one platform where you can control and customize your experience.  

  1. Process Management  

One main objective of project management tools is to help you streamline the work process, which you can track effortlessly. On Asana, you get real-time status updates for each task and run reports. With the assistance of these tools, you can further ensure that you are ahead of any issues and conflicts with the potential to upset the project. 

Additionally, you will get an augmented collaborative platform where you can gather feedback from your team. Asana software keeps track of files and other details that may be required during project management.  

One way to highlight tasks is through color-coding columns so you can access the right information quickly.   

  1. Finer Communication 

When you are working on a project with your team, you naturally have to share ideas and feedback with each other. On Asana, you can stabilize your communication with your teammates, vendors, as well as your clients and make sure that everyone is on the same page.  

Asana targets different fields, and it can be utilized for marketing purposes, sales, operations, and even products. There are many differences besides Asana cost vs Trello cost that can play an integral role in choosing one of them.

List of Trello Features  

Trello refines work management through plain yet sprightly Kanban boards. Moreover, there are a number of distinct traits that Trello features for increasing the success rate of your goals.  

  1. Detailed Information 

One of the features that make Trello stand out is that you can organize your details and provide critical information on cards. Trello claims to present an ecosystem of attachments, deadlines, and to-do lists to simplify the way you and your teammates approach projects.  

  1. Updated Integrations 

Trello’s list of integrations is extensive and useful. It fosters reputable applications like Slack, Evernote, Adobe XD and Google Drive to name a few. These integrations create an inclusive remote workspace so you can manage your projects without having to go back and forth with different applications all day long.  

  1. Task Automation  

Trello has the option for task-automation with the help of Butler, so you don’t end up wasting time while orchestrating assignments. Trello saves you the time which is usually wasted on wearisome tasks, and you can save time across the team.  

Trello software has its own attractions for people who are managing heavy-scale businesses, and it provides suitable solutions to manage assignments overall.  

List of Wrike Features 

Another software management tool that is often compared with Asana and Trello is the Wrike project management system. Wrike has been named by Forrester business management company as their leading software. Wrike comprises tools that can resolve concerns regarding product management.  

  1. Customized Dashboards 

Each team requires a different set of tools when they are managing products. Therefore, you can control your dashboard by making sure that it supplies tools that are useful to you. You can further customize request forms and workflows to improve the workflow.  

  1. Collaboration 

It is crucial that you are able to work with your team without a communication gap. Wrike is a platform where you can share your files and tasks within seconds. There are automated approval systems, so you do not have to spend too much time going back and forth with each other.  

 Monthly Cost Plans: Asana vs Trello 

There are three different pricing plans provided by Asana in addition to enterprise. The first plan is free and suitable to manage tasks and complete checklists. It is equipped with vital tools such as unlimited tasks, unlimited messages, the opportunity to collaborate with 15 team members, and board view projects. Moreover, there is unlimited file storage available where each file is limited to 100MB. The second plan provided by Asana is premium, priced at $10 for each user. In addition to the tools provided by the basic plan, it integrates a new feature called the Workflow builder. And lastly, the premium plan is billed at $24 per month with a broader range of features.  

When it comes to Asana cost vs Trello cost, each offers a basic plan for $0 that can be availed at any time. However, Trello’s standard plan is charged $5 and has all the features of the basic plan in addition to single-board guests, advanced checklists, and unlimited storage. Trello pricing also accommodates a comprehensive plan for users who want to opt for premium features. The premium plan costs about $10, and it has a dashboard view, timeline view, collections, observers, unlimited workspace command runs, map view, and many other work management tools.  

Wrike project management also has three billing plans, whereas you can request a private quote for three of their services. Wrike also has a completely free plan, and the other two plans are professional and business, billed for $9 and $24 each, respectively.  

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