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What is phpTrader AND How does it works



phpTrader is an auto-trading bot that routinely trades crypto coins for traders. If you are one of those that wonder if phpTrader is a legitimate or trustworthy firm, this article will reveal to you all you need to know about the auto crypto trading company and its business practices, By the end of this article, you should be able to know if the company is a true innovation of our modern age exaggerated bitcoin scam? Want to find out more? Follow us as we review how phpTrader works and the value propositions to traders.

What is phpTrader?                            

phpTrader is a crypto auto trading robot that promises to streamline cryptocurrency trading. By signing up for phpTrader today, traders of all levels of experience including newbies and veteran traders can reduce risk and boost their profit potentials. At least that’s what phpTrader claims.

The creators of phpTrader carefully note that their auto trading bot doesn’t guarantee revenue. However, to show the trust they have in the robotic system, traders only pay an administrative fee when they make gains with the robot. They configured the trading bot based on a set of algorithms. These algorithms look at external signals and then buy and sell crypto coins based on the significance of these signals.

You can use the default setting of the trading bot or fine-tune the settings of the trading parameters with phpTrader. Alternatively, you can add more complex signals to your profile and utilize copy trading to replicate the trades of more experienced professional traders and generate your trading strategy.

phpTrader as you’d expect from a legitimate investment company gives you no guarantee of a return. However, there are many testimonies of people who made quick money with the trading robot. There are multiple claims of investors who used the bot to make money without risk, especially as you only pay when you make a profit. They only registered with phpTrader and the rest trade activities were made by the bot.

You can try phpTrader free for 7 days. Subscription is free, but you pay maintenance fees when you make money with the auto trader.

phpTrader Company Introduction

phpTrader has developed sophisticated algorithms designed to increase revenue profit. This stable and secure system eliminates any risks and automatically buys at a low price in one cryptocurrency market, and resells immediately at the highest price in another market. Our powerful system can handle huge amounts of multi-transactions simultaneously and can quickly and effectively leverage price differences for optimal profit. Also, there is a dedicated team of virtual currency market experts that is available 24 hours a day to provide expert support in your language at the moment you need it.

phpTrader believes that all social and technical challenges associated with blockchain can be overcomed if market owners are required to contribute a fair share. So, phpTrader is committed to bringing the good news about blockchain technology to the world. The company has already gained a reputation in the Asian market and is expanding worldwide. 

phpTrader maintains transparency of its management and other information. The crypto firm is an officially registered company. The domain was registered in 2019 Switzerland in 2019 to create a hub for virtual crypto assets and virtual cryptocurrency trading.

Benefits of phpTrader

phpTrader enhances its portfolio with very innovative technology to make the right decision at the right moment. Our next-generation platform delivers levels of speed and stability that has never been seen before while benefiting from the inherent transparency and security of the blockchain. Since we automatically assess spreads and complete real-time revenue-generating transactions with our high-speed data centers systems, it can make a profit when the opportunities emerge.

phpTrade’s Vision

phpTrader do it’s best to create an environment where people without extensive experience or available investment capital can make money from market price differences. We made the process entirely automated and simplified so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of market opportunities with minimal exposure and maximum revenue and to help the beginner earn revenue. We do our best to provide professional personal guidelines regardless of the level of expertise of our customers. Therefore, with innovative margin trading technology, customers can optimize their revenue potential without a limit. 

Our trading bot collects and analyzes market information in the fastest and most accurate way. Our trading bot collects and analyzes market price information of dozens of exchanges and virtual currencies in real-time. Based on this, we find the most optimal trading point and secure a stable rate of return. 

What are phpTrader Features?

The main features you will get from the phpTrader’s trading bot include the following: 

24/7 Automated Trading 

The bot gives you all the time you need to succeed without any need for the time consuming manual trading. phpTrader relieves you of your trading tasks by buying and selling cryptos for you utilizing trading signal analysis of the robotic system.


phpTrader features an arbitraging tool feature that tracks alterations in crypto prices between exchanges. You can make a profit by buying at a high price on one cryptocurrency exchange and selling at a low price on another crypto exchange.


phpTrader offers shorting supports, so with the bot, you can earn money when the price drops.

Copy Trading

The phpTrader platform equally offers copy trading or mirror trading from multiple dozens of experienced traders, so you can make the same profit by copying all the trades made by these traders.

Strategy Builder

phpTrader allows you to create your own trading strategy with over 130 candlestick trading indicators and patterns.

Simulated Trading

phpTrader has a trading simulation sandbox that allows traders to experiment with the bot without spending real money.

Connect to 11 major cryptocurrency exchanges

phpTrader connects to 11 cryptocurrency exchanges including Binance, Coinbase Pro, Bitfinex, KuCoin , Bitpander, Okex, Kraken, Bittress, Bitvavo, hitbtc, 

Coinbase, Poloniex, and Huobi Global via API.

No Transaction Fee if you make a loss

phpTrader does not charge any commission if there is a loss. If there is a profit, the commission fee will be paid according to the grade. The picture is in the attachment below.  

With phpTrader, you don’t pay any administrative charge until you make profits. While the bot fee is free, traders are required to make a minimum investment of 100 dollars to use the system. phpTrader is confident about the technology enough to allow users to only pay only fees equivalent to their income. In other words, if you don’t get anything, so does phpTrader.

Historical backtesting

If you want to create a new strategy and test it in different market conditions, you can use phpTrader’s auto trading bot backtesting features to see how the algorithm works.

Trailing Stop Loss

Minimize your losses with the phpTrader’s trailing Stop Loss feature. The feature allows you to set a risk limit and this helps you prevent a loss that exceeds a specific percentage.

phpTrader does not keep traders money

The phpTrader API trades for you with your exchange account. However, it cannot withdraw money from the account. Your funds remain on the exchange of your choice. phpTrader does not save your money.

See your entire transaction history

phpTrader allows you to see the entire history of your transactions. Therefore, you can readily track the transactions made by the robotic trader, and the times the trades were performed. You can also view the profit and loss ratio for each transaction.

Multiple Indicators: 

With the trading bot, you can Scroll through indicators like Bollinger Band, MACD, RSI, Stochastic indicators, and more.

How does phpTrader work?

phpTrader links up to multiple trading exchanges through an API (Application Programming Interface). By giving your trading account access to the phpTrader API, the program can automatically conduct transactions to earn crypto coins.

For clarifications, the phpTrader trading bot cannot withdraw money from your account. However, it can check your balance and perform transactions on your behalf but you can mute the feature if you want.

The key benefit of phpTrader is that it eliminates emotions out of the trading process. The robot does the trading for you and can’t be influenced by your own emotions. A volatile and risky market like the crypto market can make control of emotion tasking for traders. These robotic traders remove emotions out of the trading process and help you do business based on real data, not emotions.

New and advanced traders can use phpTrader

New traders can register with phpTrader and let the robot start trading immediately. There is no need to set parameters, copy trades, or develop your trading strategy. Instead, you can start phpTrader and forget about it.

Some configuration options of the phpTrader auto trading robot are:

  • Strategy (select a particular strategy or “No Strategy” and utilize either manual or external signals)
  • Profit percentage 
  • Low bid percent rate and high bid percent
  • You can activate or deactivate Stop Loss and trailing Stop Loss 
  • Trailing Stop Loss Ratio
  • You can choose a number for your trailing stop loss.
  • You can make use of only trailing Stop Loss. You can activate or deactivate it.
  • Holding assets when fresh targets are equivalent. You can equally activate or deactivate the feature 
  • Automatic real-time tasks termination 
  • Maximum open time shorting and going long
  • Optimal numbers of open positions
  • Highest percentage of open positions for every crypto coin
  • Purchase rate
  • Minimum BTC per order

You can select your desired setting based on your profit expectations, risk exposure, and other measures.

How to use the PHP Tutorial Trader

It is very easy to register and use phpTrader for the first time.

Step 1) Visit the phpTrader website and create an account. Enter your name, email address, username, and password.

Step 2) Click the activation link to verify your email address.

Step 3) Create an account, select a trading bot and invest without an API connection

Once this is done, you can start to utilize the bot instantly. You can either choose:

1. Inter-exchange bots

It is a specialized trading system for scanning, analysis, strategic development, and trading by statistical profit-taking between the exchange and exchanges. We provide an automatic profit-taking system by using the exchange system.  

2. Triangular Arbitrage bots 

It is a specialized trading system for scanning, analysis, strategic development, and transactions by statistical margin trading within a single exchange. We provide a profit transaction system for automobiles within the single-person exchange.  

3. Market maker bot

Personal artificial intelligence trading bots deal with some of the best signal providers or top traders, it is designed to be traded faster and more efficiently and to generate secure revenue.

Step 4) Subscribe to signal services providers

phpTrader makes it easy for you to subscribe to professional external signals. These signal services are offered by experienced traders. A functional trading signal can determine the market condition and direct you to buy or sell, for an instance. Free and paid signal subscriptions are offered by phpTrader.


phpTrader is an automated cryptocurrency trading robot that uses trading algorithms to trade on your behalf. You can configure your bot for a variety of strategies. For example, you can copy another seller or add another signal to your profile. You can also create your strategy based on getting more bitcoins through micro-trading.

phpTrader can presently link up with 11 different exchanges as mentioned above. If you are looking for a convenient way to buy and sell crypto coins, phpTrader can be a great option if you don’t expect huge returns without risk and effort. While everyone is obsessed with bitcoin prices and has BTC predictions for the month, it might be wise to use an automated, self-adjustable, and customizable crypto trading bot, and phpTrader trading bot is one of the best ways to go.

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Professional Bed Bug Treatment Across UK




Professional Bed Bug Treatment Across UK

are little, oval, tannish creepy crawlies that live on the blood of animals or people. Grown-up blood suckers have level bodies about the size of an apple seed. In the wake of taking care of, be that as it may, their bodies swell and are a reddish color.

Bed bug or Kissing bugs are bugs from the class Cimex that feed on human blood, typically at night. Their chomps can bring about various wellbeing impacts including skin rashes, mental impacts, and unfavorably susceptible symptoms.

Bed bug nibbles may prompt skin changes going from little territories of redness to conspicuous blisters. Symptoms may take between minutes to days to show up and irritation is commonly present. A few people may feel tired or have a fever. Typically, revealed regions of the body are affected. Their nibbles are not known to communicate any irresistible disease. Complications may seldom incorporate zones of dead skin or vacuities.

Symptoms of bed bug bites.

Most people who are bitten by bed bugs experience symptoms that include irritation, sores, or itchiness. But how should bed bug bites be treated and can they be prevented.

So we are here talking about bed bug treatment and how to get rid form these.

Bed bug treatment in UK

The two main strategies we use are heat treatment or spraying with either pesticides or organic


Bed Bug Heat treatment is an alternative to using chemicals and a service that involves raising the temperature of an infested room above 56ºC for an extended period of time. The result is killing all insects at any stage of their lives: adults, nymphs and eggs.

Heat treatment is also the method of choice against fleas and moths, as well as cockroaches and other insect pests.

Why increasing the demand for bed bug treatment in UK

The bed bug issue is exacerbated in London due to house sharing being ordinary and a city-wide high turnover of inhabitants. The travel industry is additionally a factor that influences blood suckers. Londoners travel a great deal, and London gets a high number of guests from everywhere the world. This expands the opportunity of swarmed bags tainting different conditions, for example, the cylinder, air terminals, baggage hold of planes, inns and pads.

Types of bed Bugs

Here’s a horrifying bit of trivia: there are actually around 90 species of bed bugs out there. Luckily, just two of them like to snack on humans.

C. lectularius and C. hemipterus 

C. lectularius and C. hemipterus are the ones you have to worry about if you live in Europe countries  or the U.S. They feed on humans and like to nest in household items like mattresses, sofas, carpets, and even behind wallpaper.

L. boueti 

L. boueti is only found in West Africa and South America, as it prefers tropical climates. Unless you live in those regions or have recently traveled there, this type of bug is unlikely to have taken up residence in your homes. L. boueti are mostly interested in bats. They won’t pass up a human blood meal if it’s convenient, but you’re unlikely to encounter this species unless you live in an area with a large bat population.

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Meet Elaine Chappelle, Dave Chappelle Wife



Dave Chappelle wife Elaine is the woman behind the massive success of the American standup star and she graces public appearances with Dave

“There is a woman behind every successful man,” Quite right! The most loved and one of the best comedians that have been entertaining America for decades – Dave Chappelle – is no exception. He has been in love with Elaine right after their first encounter. The star comedian married her following few years of relationship. She is adorable and has great chemistry with Dave. The Internet has a lot of information about Dave but very little available about his wife Elaine Chappelle. Don’t worry. This piece will discuss all the hidden and known facts about the couple’s life, in detail.

Dave Chappelle wife Elaine comes of a Filipino descent

Elaine Chappelle is largely known as the comedian’s partner because of his famous status and her public appearances with star comedian. There is little detail available about the life of Elaine before her relationship with Dave. It is because of reason that she has lived a very private life. 

Dave Chappelle has won great name due to his award-winning stand-up performances. He is now one of America’s most successful comedians. He started his career in the ’90s and earned the title of the “comic genius of America” by Esquire in 2006. 

Elaine comes of a very rare ethnicity, Filipino descent. The youthful beauty Elaine moved to the United States in search of a better life. She must have learned to manage to remain in the spotlight and still keeping her background history private.

The only fact known about her is that Elaine Mendoza Erfe was on August 31, 1974, and was raised in Brooklyn, New York. Before officially becoming the Dave Chappelle wife Elaine might have the first encounter in New York. Moreover, Dave has confirmed that he lost his heart to Elaine in the first encounter. Love at first sight!

Elaine Chappelle Net Worth

Thanks to her very private life before marrying Dave and her tightly managing after marriage private life, Elaine Chappelle net is unknown. Though she had dreams of becoming a professional chef, Dave Chappelle’s wife Elaine is a devoted housewife. Thus, she has given up her dream to raise her family. 

As of the last year’s stats, the Chappelle couple has a net worth of $40 million. The major chunk of this comes from Dave’s ever-growing career, which would not be possible in the absence of his gorgeous wife. 

First encounter and kids

After completing his high school degree, the Washington D.C. boy Dave moved to New York in the ’90s. His major goal was to establish a career. With a little difference of a few years, the Asian beauty moved to New York for a better future, too. Stars had it!

The city of lights New York has the privilege to let Dave have a first glance at Elaine. Though Dave lost his heart to Elaine, at first sight, Elaine had her doubts about the future of their relation. The exact time of their first meeting is unknown and it barely matters considering how far they have come in their relationship. 

Elaine is Blessed with Three kids with Dave

The couple is blessed with three adorable kids: two sons, Suleyman, and Ibrahim, and one girl named Sanaa. The couple has decided to raise their kids away from the star comedian’s fame in Ohio. It is where the patriarch reportedly spent his summer vacation as a child with his father. 

Wrap Up

Dave Chappelle married Elaine Chappelle in 2001. She has seen the American comedian though thick and thin. She is also known as the comedian’s partner owing to her gorgeous appearances with Dave. The couple is currently living in Ohio where they are raising their three kids.

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How to find best essay writing service providers



When it comes to producing high-quality essays, guesswork is not required. Writing is not only hard but also time-consuming which makes it a very challenging task for many students. You might also be an expert in writing but because of limited time, you end up not being able to deliver the required standards. Being a student these days comes with plenty of responsibilities which makes time very scarce. For that reason, students are forced to seek the assistance of Essay writing service providers. Your work will not only be done perfectly but also within the shortest time frame making you score high and be on good terms with the lecturers. 

At our Essay Writing Service company, we have a team of researchers, experts, and quality checking team to ensure every project that passes through our hands is handled with the care it deserves. From the moment you submit the topic, research already gets initiated and reliable sources are collected. The sources will then be used for citation and referencing to ensure the essay is valid, enriching, and adheres to the writing guidelines of the academic Essay protocols. Once the writing, citation, and referencing is complete, the quality checking team is then allowed to go through the written document and point out all the mistakes or areas that need improvement. Remember at this time, the essay is being checked against your instructions to note any discrepancy that could be present. 

Your tight schedule should not be a contributing fact to getting low grades because we have the best service for you. Whether it is due to family issues, part-time jobs or any other kinds of commitment, just come to our web page, leave the order details and we will start working on it straight away. Some of the things that we will need include the topic, number of words, time frame, and the referencing style needed. Once you select all that, you should proceed to the payment option and send your payment, we will be notified and we will start on the order straight away. We do the work fast without compromising the quality so that you submit before the deadline and still score high grades at all times. 

To ensure you also learn how to write the best Essays and also learn how to do citations and references, there is also a template offered to all our clients. You not only perform well in your assignments but you also learn how to perfectly write. You can use these essays for future references and ensure you get the best grades. Our work is always error-free and delivered within the shortest time frame to make you stay within the tight deadline. We aim to provide outstanding essays that adhere to the current formats and guidelines so that you enjoy excellent grades. Every topic is handled by subject matter experts ensuring facts and ideas are well-presented to make the lecturers see that you understand the topic under discussion and also the critical thinking in you. 


Your level of education doesn’t matter because we have experts who handle topics in all fields of study and we can provide them with your topic to do research, compile all sources, and handle the writing. We will ensure you have the best Essay that will present facts, ideas, and concepts in line with the discipline without compromising the academic aspect of the article. We always have the best quality checking that ensures all the work is up to the standards before being submitted to the client. With us, expects high grades while at the same time learning a lot of writing skills at all times.

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How To Succeed In A Competitive Online Niche



How To Succeed In A Competitive Online Niche

So, you have got started in the exciting world of Affiliate Marketing or eCommerce but have discovered that it is very hard to rank on Google as the niche you have picked is super-competitive!

Fear not, in this post I will share How To Succeed In A Competitive Online Niche so you know what you can do to improve your rankings on Google. This will also be of interest if you are just starting out and haven’t decided on your niche.

Here are some key actions you take to get you back on track:

Narrow down your niche

The chances are that you picked your niche because just about everyone needs the solution you offer, but that in itself can be a problem. You need to make it more specific if your website is ever going to be found. What do I mean by that? With a gazillion websites focussing on weight loss for example, how would yours ever be found?

Here are a few examples of how to get more targeted and consequently get more traffic::

Weight Loss Niche – This must be one of the most competitive niches but there is lots of scope for narrowing down your audience. You could focus on losing weight over 50, as a teenager, after having a baby, after illness, on a vegetarian diet, with a disability and so on.

Pet Niche – People love their pets and this means there are millions of blogs on the subject. How could you narrow it down? First of all, I would suggest starting with one species, e.g. dogs. Ideas to narrow down further could be how to raise a puppy, how to care for elderly dogs, focus on a specific breed, focus on the needs of small dogs or large dogs etc.

Or you could focus on a type of product instead of a type of dog. Dog beds for example or kennels to start. The great thing about starting this way is that you can expand to include all dog breeds (or products), then move onto cats etc.if you wish. You would never run out of content ideas.

Make Money Online (MMO) – Can you imagine how competitive this niche must be right now? People are losing their jobs and struggling to make ends meet so making money online must be one of the most searched for terms, so how on earth do you compete with the big boys?

There are two ways to tackle this. First of all you could pick a category that someone starting out online will need to know and go into every aspect of it very thoroughly. For example, website builders, website hosting, plugins for WordPress, Google Adwords, SEO, email marketing and so on. The downside is that these are still very competitive terms (although with brilliant content you can still rank – read more later in this post).

The second way to tackle this would be to look at who you would ideally like to target. You could target students, retired people or people approaching retirement, veterans, people who have been laid off, people on low wages, Mums who don’t want to go back to work, people who love to travel, people with a lot of debt to pay off, people who hate their jobs etc.

 I would recommend that you pick a group of people you can relate to e.g. if you are a student, target students or if you are a new Mum, target new Mums as you will already be on their wavelength and be aware of their struggles.

There are many more competitive niches but hopefully this will give you enough insight to be able to adapt some of these suggestions into your own niche.

Redefine your target audience

Now that you have a better idea of who you are targeting, this would be a good time to redefine your target audience.

The purpose of your blog is essentially to solve problems for your readers. In order to do this, your need to know more about them and what their pain points are. A good way to do this is to imagine your customer like a character in a book. You ideally want to know:

  • What they do for a living or business currently
  • Their age / sex / income and where in the world they live
  • What their goals and aspirations are
  • What their interests are
  • What Social Media they use
  • What their biggest problems / biggest fears are
  • What are their likely objections to your product or service

This is somewhat easier to do if you already have some customers! If you don’t, you can use Facebook Audience insights to find much of the information you need. Once in the Facebook Ads Manager you click on the search button and look for Audience Insights.

You can even search for audiences of people who like dogs (for example) and follow a particular website (or websites) or buy a particular publication. This is a really good, free tool to get started with (even if you decide never to use Facebook ads).

When you have redefined your audience, it will give you ideas of how to structure content too. If you can solve their biggest problems and address their objections before they arise you are halfway there.

Refine your keyword research

Having taken the above steps, you are now in a much better position to find less competitive keywords so take some time and try some keywords that will be a good fit for your narrower niche and audience profile.

For example, you will have a much better chance of ranking for the keyword ‘How to lose weight after giving birth’ than ‘How to lose weight’.

For a deeper dive into keyword research please check out my post on the subject here.

Write killer content

Above everything, Google likes to rank high quality, relevant content so it’s a great idea to search for the top 10 posts that come up when you search for your keyword. Take some time to study the posts that appear and create something better!

Look for weaknesses in the top 10 posts – what have they not gone in-depth about? Make sure your post goes into greater detail. Make sure it is super-relevant to your keyword as you want people to stay and read the content (which is also something Google values). Also make sure you have excellent images, use infographics where possible and link to the sources of information.

You can go a step further by sending your post to any authority sites you have quoted, letting them know let them know that you have quoted them and hope they will link out to it or share it on their social feeds. If they promote your link it will help improve Domain Authority (or DA) which also has a massive impact on your ability to rank. (For more information on how to generate backlinks for your website check out What Is Backlinking In SEO?)


It’s easy to be discouraged, especially when you have a new site and no one is seeing your content. However, with a bit of extra work and creative thinking you can rank in the most competitive of niches. It takes time and effort but the results will be worth it!

Jean Kilpatrick helps new bloggers to avoid overwhelm with a step-by-step process to ensure success.

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How Celebrities Make Money




How Celebrities Make Money

Lifestyles of the rich and the famous, am I correct? Honestly, we wish we could have just a small portion of what some of these stars are doing, so we could live in a penthouse apartment and have a driver. (Or maybe just pay off our student loans.) But funny enough, celebrities don’t just make money out of their jobs. In today’s economy, it’s more about diversifying your portfolio—meaning the stuff you hear about it isn’t exactly the stuff that makes it wealthy. Here’s what it is.


Sofia Vergara has been named the highest-paid actress for three straight years, earning numbers that we can’t even imagine ($37 million in 2014 alone), but while Modern Family and other acting gigs make up some of her cash flow, they’re certainly not the bulk of it. Instead, her endorsement deals with Diet Pepsi, Cover Girl, Head & Shoulders, AT&T, and even the drugs—Synthroid—are where she’s making big bucks, Noah Beck also makes a lot of money.

Beauty and Perfumes

Britney, Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift… most famous celebrities know that coming out with their own perfume is an easy way to make some serious pocket change. And don’t forget to bow down to the Queen of Celebrity Perfumes—Jennifer Lopez—who comes in with 18 perfumes. (We’re waiting for the 19th, J.Lo…)

Social Media and Apps

Do you want to know how much Kim Kardashian’s app has done so far? It’s $200 million. (CURSE YOU, KARDASHIANS!) And Kim K’s not the only one with a foot in the software world—Selena Gomez, Will Smith, Jay Z, Justin Bieber, Edward Norton, Ashton Kutcher, and a host of other actors are all investors behind applications and tech firms, making us wonder if Silicon Valley is still just Hollywood, and we’ve all been tricked.


From Justin Timberlake’s NYC restaurant Southern Hospitality to Eva Longoria’s Hollywood restaurant Beso, celebrities realize that throwing their name and resources behind a restaurant will only get many more dollars and cents.

Royalties The Royalties

Fun Fact: Aerosmith has received more revenue from the Guitar Hero video game: Aerosmith than all of their singles, gigs, or even their own merchandise. From Spotify to that Subaru ad, musicians are seriously rakin’ in dollars, though their licensing works for them.

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