What is more important for SEO? Content or Backlinks?

Are you an aspiring search engine optimization SEO professional looking to advance your career? You must be wondering what is more important in digital marketing, content development, or backlinks. This post will help you to discover which one is important and why you should hire an SEO company in Pakistan that can tell the difference and importance of both backlinks and content development. We believe this is a great question to ask that every business owner and SEO professional must know. The answer is also very easy, let us explain in detail. 

Always Start with the Content 

So when you have to choose between making backlinks or developing content, the expert advisor and SEO professional of Pakistan’s top SEO agency Rizwan Zahid says that” content is for your customers, however, backlinks are for your own marketing needs. Content helps your users to get more engagement with your website and brings more impressions and likes. Therefore, if your website does not have content, then there is no point in creating backlinks to a blank page”. 

This shows that you should be focused on getting results from your users in terms of content, and then you can always focus on the backlinks strategy if users are already engaged with your website. Moreover, Pakistan’s top SEO company IT Height’s director also reveals that “content is always important to link people together via the website. I always think that content is more important than the backlinks because a person needs a good reason first to be able to link to your website”. 

Naturally, when you create more natural content and resources for the users to engage with your pages, you can share more data and accomplish specific goals with your content. It is the content that often creates a reason for the link and also helps make everything on your site look useful. 

Moreover, the importance of Content can never be underestimated because content defines the topic of your page and discusses the solutions you provide to the customers for solving their problems. On the other hand, backlinks vs. content does not define the topic of the page, neighed it can be used in the header tags and Meta descriptions or internal links. 

You Must have a Mix or Backlinks 

When it comes to backlinks strategy, the SEO expert from Elink Solution Rizwan Zahid is always in the favor of creating backlinks, however according to his statement, “you must include a mix of backlinks such as keyword rich backlinks, citations, do-follow backlinks, no-follow links, and more. These are the links that happen naturally. Just like content help with site structure and its credibility, link building is also important and creates your content through internal linking. Therefore, a latest post by SEJ Search Engine Journal states that “by building a natural internal linking structure you’re trying to guide people to resources and purchasing options from useful content like comparison guides”.

Content is Necessary to Define a Well-Structured Website 

Content helps the website professionals by building a website structure and helps to attract both visitors and clients. Moreover, when there is optimized content on the website, the search engines and spiders can also discover the content in a more appropriate manner, this way, people will be able to search your content with appropriate keywords and topics. 

Backlinks Create Value for Search Engine Optimization SEO

According to a Moz post, as the name suggests, a backlink is always created to form a link between different websites. Backlinks are most crucial for SEO because they often help to receive a vote of confidence from another website and help to boost the ranking of your own website. In essence, when your website has quality backlinks, they always provide a signal to the search engines that other websites value the content of your website and they wish to link to yours. 

This implies if you get backlinks from many other sites, this sends a positive message to Google and other search engines that your website has a content that is worth linking to. Therefore, always use backlinks after you create content. 

The Conclusion or Summary 

The summary or bottom line of the above discussion is that for ranking your website on the search engines, both backlinks and content play a major role to boost SEO efforts. However, backlinks have their own viability; they play a crucial role in boosting the rankings of your website. However, the content of the website works across all channels from SEO to PPC, media coverage, and referral traffic. Good content can also provide your SEO team with more backlinks; however, when deciding to choose between the two things at the beginning of the SEO process, the experts in the best Pakistani digital marketing companies suggest that content always comes first compared to backlinks.

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