What Is Medical Grade Water and How Is It Actually Distilled

What Is Medical Grade Water and How Is It Actually Distilled?

If you run a medical practice, you know the importance of cleanliness and sanitation. Keeping your space clean and your patients safe are probably some of your top priorities.

Medical grade water is an important aspect of medical sanitation. In dental offices, hospitals, laboratories, and other professional settings, purified water helps uphold cleanliness standards. When water is unclean, waterborne diseases like typhoid, giardia, and cholera can easily spread.

For more information on the best distilled water, keep reading below. You’ll learn all about how medical grade water can keep patients and healthcare professionals safe.

What Is Medical Grade Water?

Medical grade water is water that is purified to the highest degree of purity. This water has fewer contaminants and less calcium buildup than tap water.

A water’s grade depends on factors like pH level, sodium, silica, oxygen, and chloride content, the amount of residue left after it evaporates, and more.

There are several international bodies that work to create consistent standards for water purity. This helps ensure that purified water meets the same criteria all around the world. These organizations include the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute and the International Organization for Standardization.

Why Is Medical Grade Water Important?

Ultrapure water is free of the microbes and bacteria that are sometimes found in unfiltered water. This means that it is useful for a wide variety of tasks. Also, it does not raise any contamination concerns.

For individuals with weakened immune systems, medical grade water ensures safety at every step of the medical process. Purified water has many direct medical applications, and it can also be used to steam clean medical equipment.

Steaming with medical grade purified water is the best way to remove fungi, spores, and other contaminants from medical equipment. For this reason, medical grade water is an important part of sanitation and disease prevention.

What Is the Best Distilled Water?

There are three grades of distilled water. Grade three, or “type three” water, is created via reverse osmosis. Type two water is more purified than type three. Professionals use it in laboratory settings and for microbiological analysis.

Type one water is the most purified and is considered “ultrapure.”

If you need purified water for your medical or dental practice, check out countertop and freestanding purifiers. They can create water that is adequately purified.

Models like those offered by Rocky Mountain Water Distillers can fit into any office. They create purified water by boiling tap water and collecting the steam that is produced. 

Find The Best Water For You

Now that you have a basic understanding of medical grade water, you can make sure that the water used in your office is high-quality and safe. Using high quality water is a great way to prevent the spread of disease. Clean, pure water keeps patients and medical professionals safe.

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