Kapton Tape

What is Kapton Tape, Multiple Uses Of Kapton Tape


The tape consists of an adhesive system that creates a thermomechanical tape, a thermomechanical film, and a high temperature tape finish, such as Kapton tape. The Kapton tape is good for a wide range of temperatures, excellent physical and mechanical and electrical properties, and the ability to perform any product at high temperatures. Kapton tapes have excellent dielectric strength and can be removed cleanly without leaving any residue.  Also you can prefer K Type Thermocouples, they are a very important component part, as it is a sensor that is used to measure temperature.


Because of these properties, thermomechanical tape, such as Kapton film, is used for various applications in the general manufacturing industry of electronic automobiles. The thickness of the adhesive can be in the range of 1 to 2 miles, but for thermomechanical tapes, or orange or processed color, the film thickness can range from 1 to 5 million. It can be double-sided, adhesive-based silicone or acrylic. Anti-static thermomechanical magnetic circuits are used in construction and can be used for electrical applications where the static matter is present.

Some of the main uses of the thermomechanical film are in electrical applications such as wave welding, coil insulation, capacitor and transformer winding or insulation, magnetic wire insulation, and gold leaf masking. It is also used as a very high-temperature mask when applying powder coating. 

The multiple uses of Kapton Tape

  1. Spaceship
  2. X-rays
  3. 3D printing 
  4. Plastic Industry


Thanks to the NASA Jet Skills Laboratory, Kapton Tape has good plastic support for various solar panels aboard the ship. The new NASA layer traveled more than 3 billion kilometers from the small planet, Pluto, using the innovative “isolated model bottle” to keep the spacecraft operating at 10-30 ° C (50 -86 ° F) over nine billion years. And come July 14-2015, the most important is clear, gold-colored, and covered with many warm insulators – such as living blankets – with 18 layers of aluminum volcanic liquid and cassettes – electronics in the ship sky (hot monetization) Surgery is the effect on Lavan mesh film – Kapton, which retains heat. He also helped protect the ship’s meteorites.


Kapton also uses common X-ray sources (specific line synchrotron X-rays and channels) and X-ray sensors as a variety of Windows tools. The machine does it like high radio transmission high and heats stability. It is also as sensitive to harmful radiation.

3D printing

Each 3D printer follows ABS Kapton and the good, which led to the use of Kapton spread as the roof. Kapton is mounted on a flat surface and ABS is extruded on a Kapton surface. The non-printing when the ABS cools part of the printing contract is the main cause of the deformation part, and the construction stage must be separated. Kapton tapes are widely used in the printing payment industry. Thermomechanical tapes are transparent, and this allows for precise control during their processing. 

Plastic Industry

Kapton Scotch also uses safe components, such as thermocouples, and hot-rolled plastic extruders. This nozzle is more than necessary for uncontrolled overheating and fire. It is helpful to prevent the host of thermocouples, which can lead to something that is selected for the special functions of the Kapton cassette.