What is gurumonkeys.com and how many people know about them?

In this technology-based modern world, people like to use the latest technologies in the smartest way possible. They want to be updated about tech-related issues as technology is making lives faster than ever. And to know such information, they like to depend on different websites which publish tech-related news. But, the fact is not all site provides the up to date and accurate pieces of information. Some sites provide wrong information to get attention and draw more traffic to their websites. But there are sites like gurumonkeys.com, which provides up-to-date tech-related information about different technologies, how to use them the best way possible, where to get these technologies etc. Those people who never checked out the articles of gurumonkeys.com can click here to get an overall view of the whole site.

Now let’s check out some information on some of the tech-related articles published on gurumonkeys.com

  1. Considering CloudFlare for websites:

 Cloudflare provides Content Delivery Network, performance layer, and Firewall for one’s site. Cloudflare is easy to activate.  The DSN management of CloudFlare is excellent and also controlled by an API.

  • Best mail hosting services on the internet:

Office 365, G Suite, Zoho, the 3 of the best online mail hosting service providers. Essential apps like Microsoft word, excel, and outlook are all included in Office 365. One can also work online through the website without downloading any software. One billion-plus people use G suite cloud, and Gmail, google drive, google docs are all included in it. Now Zoho is a cheaper alternative compared to the G Suite and Office 365.

  • The 5G Internet service:

The first generation or 1G of phone networks were about voice calls, and 2G added sending messages. 3G added the Mobile data using technology.  4G just increased the speed of 3G. And now 5G is working on Real-time data transfer.

  • getting the site on google:

Google search console provides the free service of submitting website. All one must do is submit a sitemap on google search console telling that the website still exists

  • The best tech blog in Singapore:

 technology-based sites publish the article on different technology and their use. These sites are Tech in Asia, Vulcan Post, e27.these are the 3 of the best in Singapore. Tech in Asia is not only in Singapore but also the best tech-related job platform and the best tech media. Vulcan post publishes technology-based news like using that specific tech and which one is better etc., and these are related to our day-to-day life. e27 is for finding talents, write news on different events, and so on.

  • Conversion Tracking events with google analytics:

So, conversion tracking is a tool which free to use, and by this tool, one can see how many customers actually bought the products, signed for the newsletters, and also downloaded the app, and so on.

So these are some of the important articles which are published on the site gurumonkeys.com. Fam Wencong, Kenneth owns this site. A Singapore national who was born and raised in Singapore. he is a Microsoft technology associate who also has mobile and web application development experience. He also likes to write tech-related blogs, and that’s why he developed this site to help general people to know more about him and his site gurumonkeys.com; please click on this and you will get all the information you needed. So, visit the site gurumonkeys.com and enjoy free tech-related articles, which will help you know more about your current technologies and which one you should use shortly.

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