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What is good customer service?




Good customer service is the ability of a firm to know its consumers’ needs, meet their expectations, and strengthen the relationship between them and their customers. Firms that have great customer delivery create customer-centric strategies to maintain their already loyal customers and to gain new customers. Over the years, customer service has evolved from being a simple after-sale service to a significant concept that businesses view as a long-term investment.

Seeing that customer experience is an essential part of the business world currently, most businesses have or are in the process of improving the customer care skills to level the competition for market share. Companies that are in the process of improving their customer experience, can go through this article to learn how to transform customer service.

Ways to improve customer experience skills in a firm

Knowledge of your products

A firm should ensure all staff knows the products that they trade. It should know the price, place of manufacture, how the product functions, and the benefits of the product. This way the staff will be able to help a customer whenever they have a question concerning the company’s products.

Handling of customer feedback

A company should have a customer feedback system in place to know what customers think about their products and services. Quarterly complaint and positive feedback analysis will help point the company in the direction. The company will know which features of a product are undesirable and services to improve on.

Impeccable communication skills

All staff should have good communication skills and know the firm’s sales process. This will enable them to solve clients’ issues with ease and without a drawback of miscommunication.

Building strong client relationship

A company should create a transacting environment that is friendly and comfortable. Once the customers feel that their needs are prioritized, they will be loyal to the firm. The staff can also help improve the firm-client relationship by doing the following:

  • Reminding the clients, the services that they will continue enjoying.
  • Showing the customers that you know and understand their expectations and needs
  • Strengthening the relationship with the loyal consumers.

Inclusion of service delivery charter

The company can use a service delivery charter to inform customers of the services offered, their charges, and the time that it will take for service delivery. After some time the company can analyze to get the service delivery to turn around time. This will help them know if the customers experience a delay in service delivery which is an unattractive quality. In short, the company will know how to offer fast and high-quality services.

Training of staff

Firms usually have a different kind of staff. Some tend to be more technical than others. A good example is a telecommunication company where engineers are the staffs who are mostly dealing with the client. Engineers are more technical which makes it hard for clients to understand the recommendations engineers make. To solve this problem a firm can decide to invite customer relations agencies to train their staff on communication skills and customer relation skills.

Conducting customer satisfaction survey

A firm can collect information and analyze it to understand the satisfaction levels of their customers concerning every aspect of the services they offer. With this knowledge, a firm can deduce where they need to improve, what to do away with, and what to add.

Creation of a comprehensive website

The firm should have a website that communicates the products, services that the company offers. An FAQ and contact section will also contribute to helping a client to gain access to information concerning questions that may have not been answered by the website.

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Placing temps faster with recruitment software




A  good temporary recruitment software system plays a pivotal role in temps recruitment. This is because the temporary recruitment space has an even more brisk pace than the rest of the staffing industry.

Speed is of utmost importance when placing temp workers. Similarly, there is a big need for accuracy. And the temps placement space is extremely competitive because of the client’s urgency for good temps workers. Recruiting is people-based and data-driven as we all know.

Thus, it takes a robust recruitment software system to help recruiters sidestep all the temps placement challenges and meet the goals.

•          Helps understand the candidate base

Candidates are central in recruitment. A temps recruiter must understand their candidate base deeply. If they want to surpass their competition, they need to understand the candidate market and their applicants. Using software that allows recruiters to find, filter and evaluate candidate data is essential.

Temporary recruitment agency software has these features. The live candidate planner availability feature allows recruiters to see which of their candidates are ready to work and which ones are booked. After finding the appropriate candidates and filtering their CVs from within their database, recruiters can quickly check the shift patterns and placements on the software dashboard. Once the temporary workers are placed, recruiters can monitor them via the simple booking sheets in the software.

•          Helps raise the search game

Recruiters can’t afford to wait for good applicants. In temps recruitment, the pressure is felt more intensely as there is more urgency. So it is time to consider the network you have and the tools that you can employ. The purpose is to find the best temps workers in the market and place them as quickly as possible.

Social media is a good way to start your search. But there are only so many candidates you can find on LinkedIn. Take advantage of the advanced search tools within a sophisticated temporary recruitment software system. First of all, it allows users to set up a candidate database and add to it continuously. It is easy to comb through this private candidate database. The temps recruiting software also makes it convenient to search through multiple sources and cross-reference data all from within the main platform.

•          Helps engage with candidates

In the hustle and bustle of recruitment, it can be easy to forget about candidates and the importance of nurturing relationships with them. It is easy to see candidates only as numbers and data. But candidate engagement and candidate experience are crucial aspects of recruitment.

Using the right temporary recruitment software elevates the relationship between candidate and recruiter. It is no longer just about placing one candidate and moving on to the next. The temporary agency recruitment software tools provide advantages such as faster communication, automatic delivery of job offers, managing bookings, etc. Quick and consistent communication is really important. Many recruiters are guilty of forgetting to update their candidates. So using temps recruitment software is a great help in ensuring that applicants receive quick feedback and do not feel ignored.

Ready to place better quality of candidates faster? Visit Voyager Software for a free online demo.

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Best Free VPN For Android – Enables You To Surf The Net Instantly




best free vpn for android 4

Free VPN for Android is the best way to have the best experience in the cyber world. You can safely use your mobile device while surfing the web. It offers you complete security and privacy from any kind of online attacks and nuisances like hacking, malware, spyware, and the like. If you are wondering what kind of security and privacy you get with this service, you’ll be surprised at how it protects your private data and enables you to streamline your browsing. Here is a quick guide on how to sign up with the best free VPN for android and enjoy the ride.

To begin, sign up with the VPN service provider that suites your needs best. The most common application types are for UDP (Universal Multiple Protocol) and TCP/IP packets. If you are not familiar with these two protocols yet, you can always learn more about them through the Android Managed Apps website. With this app, you will be able to see the differences between both types of protocols and their differences in terms of security. A simple comparison would be that TCP/IP is the older of the two and the UDP is the newer one.

After signing up, download the VPN app and install it on your android device. This application works just like an authentic VPN server does. It’s easy to use since it lets you configure its different settings like port forwarding, username, passwords, etc. Once you’re done configuring it, you can already use it like you would with an actual private network. You’ll see your internet traffic goes through a private tunnel.

Free VPN for android works just like any other VPN service provider does. It offers various options that will allow you to surf the web securely and at the same time, enjoy unlimited browsing speeds. This type of service also allows you to unblock resources and websites whenever you need them. That’s why it has become the most sought after service today. Since it gives so many benefits, most android users opt for it these days.

If you ask me, I believe that man is the best way to surf the net while enjoying unblocking content. The app offers various options which allows you to gain access to unblockable sites. In fact, android users are quite happy with this application as it allows them to remain anonymous while browsing the internet. Their privacy is never compromised and they are able to browse the internet freely.

This free VPN for android service has various advanced features. Some of them are the speed optimization, which helps you get high speed access to websites. When you visit a site which has slow loading speeds, it might affect your downloading speed as well as your viewing experience. With this speed optimized VPN, you get to enjoy streaming videos at high speeds.

The VPN provides you complete security and hence you can stay away from the cyber criminals. The strongest VPN offers you great speed, huge bandwidth and strong privacy features along with unlimited access to the net. Therefore, if you have been looking to choose a VPN for your android device, then probably windscribe best free vpn for android is the best choice for you. You can connect to the internet anytime and anywhere without facing any problems.

Other than just getting high quality streaming video, you can also enjoy the YouTube videos at high speeds. You can view the YouTube videos on your phone without facing any issues. This high speed of android devices makes it the best choice for streaming media. Moreover, you can download various apps, games and other media files at super fast speeds using windscribe VPN.

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Why Do Petrol-Driven Cars Use Lead-Acid Batteries Instead of Lithium Batteries?



Due to the rapid development of lithium battery technology, which has led to the rise of new energy vehicles, lithium batteries have better performance and lower prices than before. However, many gasoline-powered cars still use bulky lead-acid batteries as starting power sources. Although lead-acid batteries have many advantages, they are still lagging behind compared with lithium batteries. However, why do petrol-driven vehicles still use lead-acid batteries instead of lithium batteries?

First, let’s compare these two batteries:

Advantages of Lithium Batteries

1. The cycle life of lithium batteries can reach 800~1000 times, while the cycle life of lead-acid batteries is less than 500 times, and the service life is shorter than that of lithium batteries.

2. For batteries of the same size, lithium batteries have a larger battery capacity, while lead-acid batteries have limited capacity.

3. Under the exact specification and capacity, the volume of the lithium battery is 2/3 of the volume of the lead-acid battery, and the weight is 1/3 of the lead-acid battery.

4. Lithium batteries can achieve high-current rapid charge and discharge, while lead-acid batteries can not achieve high-current fast charge and discharge.

5. Lithium batteries are environmentally friendly batteries and do not contain toxic and hazardous substances. However, lead-acid batteries contain a large amount of lead acid. If they are disposed of improperly, they will pollute the environment.

Since lithium batteries have so many advantages, why do traditional car batteries still use lead-acid batteries?

Advantages of Lead-acid Batteries

Lead-acid batteries are indeed cheaper than lithium batteries. Is this the root cause? Not necessarily. I think the deep-seated reason why automakers still choose to use lead-acid batteries as starting power source is that the safety, stability and environmental adaptability of lithium batteries are far inferior to lead-acid batteries. The cost of batteries is only a secondary factor.

Although lithium battery manufacturers use professional battery testing equipment to perform a series of safety tests in accordance with UN/DOT 38.3, IEC62133, and other industry safety standards in the process of R&D, design, and production, there is still no guarantee in actual use. Due to the structural characteristics and material properties, lithium batteries can not withstand low temperatures and high temperatures. If installed on the car as a power source for starting and lights, when our car is running for a long time, the engine cabin temperature may be very high and can’t immediately dissipate heat. If a lithium battery can not withstand such a high temperature, there may be an explosion or fire.

Lead-acid batteries can be used normally in low-temperature environments, while the discharge performance of lithium batteries at low temperatures is attenuated. The power consumption of minus 10 degrees Celsius is high-speed. Lead-acid batteries can still easily start the car at minus 50 degrees Celsius, but the lithium battery is problematic. If you own a lithium battery-electric car, you should know this: why in the cold winter, the battery life will be significantly reduced. An electric vehicle that should drive 300km on a full charge runs out of power when it travels 200km in low temperatures.

Lithium batteries must not collide. The car is driving on the road. If there is a car accident and the lithium battery is hit, it may explode or catch fire. Although the safety of the driving device is the first priority, in the event of a major traffic accident, the instantaneous collision force is considerable. In case of a collision or squeeze to puncture the lithium battery, it will cause a short circuit, explosion or fire. This situation is dangerous.

Besides, lithium-ion batteries are prone to form negative current lithium crystals when discharged at high currents. They will break down the diaphragm, causing short circuits and explosions.

In summary, traditional car manufacturers mainly consider which battery to choose from the perspective of battery safety, environmental adaptability, and cost. As a result, most cars now use lead-acid batteries as power sources for starting engines.

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Penetration Testing Is Crucial for Business And Here is Why




Penetration Testing

In the era of tech, cyber-attacks have become the norm. This is why companies are spending a considerable amount of budget to develop or update their security system to avoid these cyber attacks. It is important for organizations to orgnize penetration testing to understand and analyze the vulnerabilities and gaps in their cybersecurity system.

The Penetration Test is all about vulnerability testing and to examines any exposed weak assets (network, server, applications) of the business. The major downside of the vulnerability test is that false positives can frequently appear. Further Pen Testing will let you know about the weakness of the security system that should be addressed quickly. Here is why your company needs Pentest.

Determine The Infrastructure Weakness

Companies invest in infrastructures such as applications, servers, websites, and software to develop control. However, with the advancement in technology, it’s not only the companies that have updated their systems but hackers as well. Hackers have also updated their way of cheating as well to intrude the system. However, with the help of the Pentesting Company, you can easily find the weakness in your system by faking a hacking attack and determine the weak points of the infrastructure.

Updated Controls of Infrastructure

Companies often spend time developing tech and just before it needs to be launched, companies must take a test launch with Penetration Testing Provider to find if the flaws of the products that had been addressed are now fixed. With this, companies will be able to rectify any errors and gaps before the launch of their new technology, and the more precise they will be the better they will be able to launch and their money and efforts will be fruitful.

Better Security as a Whole

Oftentimes, the newly launched applications have flaws and even developed by reputed companies, they may have security flaws and these test applications are often the major target of the hacking attacks. This issue can be avoided by employing regular pen testing for your cyber security. This is because even the experienced team of developers may leave some errors and they will learn from them about the security risks.

Discover New Bugs In Existing Software

If a company is already using software then chances are that there may be some bugs and glitches that need to be addressed. These bugs may make the existing system vulnerable to hacking. The Penetration Test system can detect them so developers can come up with the patches and updates to fix these vulnerabilities but not only just that, experienced Penetration Testing Provider can let you know about new vulnerabilities as well.

Frequency of Penetration Testing Services

If you are wondering about pen testing then it is better to conduct them regularly to discover old and new vulnerabilities in the system. Testing should be done annually or monthly to find out the internal vulnerabilities in the system like servers and workstations. All you need is to contact professional penetration testing services to get things done.

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Digital Marketing- Things You Should Know




Digital marketing

Marketing refers to the activities that a company or corporation participates in to promote the buying or selling of some goods or services. Branding, advertising, and distributing goods to customers or other companies are all part of marketing.

And, digital marketing is one of the major types of marketing and it gets huge attention in this Coronavirus pandemic situation.

Digital marketing is often recognized as internet marketing, search engine optimization, or online advertising, related to every type of marketing or advertisement provided through conventional and modern digital platforms including blogs, social networking sites, smartphone applications, websites, email, or web search engines.

Digital marketing encompasses more than a variety of inbound platforms, within each array of tactics and methods to support you achieve your business objectives.

Moreover, digital marketing is typically conducted both physical and digital, and it involves both paid and unpaid digital marketing tactics also including:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Youtube marketing
  • Social media marketing; like Twitter, Pinterest, etc
  • Referral marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing, etc

Some SEO experts say that the phrase “digital marketing” refers to everything in your corporation’s internet marketing activities.

For example, SEO experts do Search engine optimization commonly known as SEO and they mainly prefer Google search engine for website or blog ranking. You may be wondering what the advantage of ranking first in a search on google.

Actually, you will get huge traffic and this traffic can be your potential customer or target-oriented customer which will generate you much revenue.

SEO professionals optimize the content for search engines to make it visually appealing to consumers. In recent times, they also keep in mind the page speed and user mobile-friendliness.

Google is the top and number one search engine in 2021, they have online’s near 80% traffic of the internet. So, Seo expert’s main objective is to rank google the first page in relevant keywords according to your business.

In recent years and for this Covid-19 people stay at home for lockdown and browse various social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, etc

We must say Pinterest grabs a larger female audience than Facebook. And, this traffic is more potential buyers than Instagram or Facebook.

That’s why Well known companies and Affiliate website owners seek help from SEO experts and Social media experts to get views from Pinterest’s marketing strategy.

Pinterest was once regarded as the go-to platform for discovering recipes and interior design inspiration, but it has evolved into many more.

Pinterest is a big consumer exploration driver, with 72 percent of Pinners claiming they are inspired to buy even though they are not searching for something in particular.

And, beautiful product images can help supermarket advertisers capture customer interest and fuel this type of unplanned motivation. So, uploading high-resolution and beautiful product images is one of the best Pinterest marketing strategies.

Pinterest, in particular, has gained a reputation for itself as a multimedia search engine, hosting a plethora of images, illustrations, references, and ideas for practically everything you could want to search.

And, this ensures this is a fantastic source social networking site for companies with a visual component, such as photos or authentic visuals.

In reality, 55percent of the total visitors explicitly use the website to search images of new items, and the website is incredibly effective at pushing website visitors.

Again, to generate sales, digital marketing strategies can employ respectively paid and organic techniques. Regardless of your expenditure, digital marketing provides you with the ability to increase your corporation’s revenue point.

Regardless of the scale of your organization, you must constantly broaden your client base. Digital marketing allows you to attract consumers around the country and within the world allowing you to grow into emerging businesses and even sell internationally.

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