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What is domain hacking? An example with

What is domain hacking? A good example with a city in Alsace, France and the website for Mulhouse.




Whenever we hear the word “hack”, the image of a person in a black hood in a dark room and a few machines making and unmaking security systems on other computers, platforms, social network profiles, etc. immediately comes to mind. The same thing happens when we hear “Domain Hack”; we immediately think that it is someone who wants to steal our Internet domain or alter it for their own benefit, but the reality is that it has nothing to do with this.

What is Domain Hack?

Domain Hack is the composition of a domain name derived from two or more levels close to the same domain. Sometimes it also involves the combination of a subdomain to form a word or phrase collectively.

Generally, these Domain Hacking is composed of three parts: a subdomain, Second Level Domain (SLD), and Top Level Domain (TLD).  We can visualize this better with some examples. First, we will explain a simple one; let’s suppose a traditional domain name with a structure like the following: “”; “example” would be the Second Level Domain (SLD), and “.com” the Top Level Domain (TLD). Now, a Domain Hack could be “”, where “playlist” would be the SLD, while the TLD would be “.es” from Spain. Likewise, “” could also be a Domain Hack, where “play” is the subdomain, “list” the SLD, and “.es” the TLD:

Many Domain Hackers usually combine words or divide them into several parts to form domains such as play.list,, You can even form Domain Hackings including the subdomain as a whole sentence; the .best.bread,, etc.

What is domain hacking? An example in Mulhouse with

Example with for Mulhouse

One of the best examples of a Domain Hack and on which we want to focus in this post is the case of Although at first glance it looks like a conventional domain, the truth is that it comes from a hacked domain. This French website registered its name by buying the domain name mulhou and combining it with “.se”, the Swedish TLD. So the hacked domain is divided into “mulhou” as SLD, and “.se” as TLD.

This site was registered with the purpose of informing the most relevant events and news of Mulhouse, a city in France, in the province of Alsace. Mars Rouge was the agency in charge of idealizing and developing this project, in order to make this small city known to the world. Also, this platform promotes the growth of new enterprises and businesses in the city of Mulhouse.

Logo Mulhouse pour

How to register a Domain Hack?

There may be several ways to register a Domain Hack, but if you want to do it in the right way you can follow the steps we will mention below.

1. Select a Top Level Domain (TLD)

The success of a Domain Hack can depend greatly on the selection of a creative Top Level Domain, so you should take your time to decide which TLD you will need for the Domain Hacking. There are many companies that offer hundreds of TLDs for their domains, and these are divided into two types: generic (gTLD) and country code (ccTLD). The latter was implemented in the creation of using “.se” as the Swedish ccTLD. These are other examples of generic TLD hacking; .com, .org, .net, etc.  However, lately, other gTLDs have emerged and have become a trend in many parts of the world. These have also shown that you should not always end a web address with .com, but can also have “.blog”, “.home”, “.game”, and others like gTLDs. You can check all the options available on the platforms in charge of selling and distributing domains in different parts of the world.

Registering a gTLD of this type can cost between 9.95 Euros? and 17.00Euros?. In some cases, the renewal of the gTLDs has the same price as the registration, but other servers can have a lower cost than the registration.

On the other hand, it is necessary to make clear that ccTLDs only have two letters and always refer to a certain geographical region. Likewise, there are some registries of these ccTLDs that are only available for use by companies or citizens living in that territory, although there are others that have no requirements and can be registered for use anywhere in the world, such as “.es” or “.se”. “.se” is a ccTLD that defines Sweden, but Mars Rouge registered its domain name with this ccTLD being in France and using it to give news and other information about the city of Mulhouse.

In the case of ccTLDs, most servers usually offer the same price for a range among so many domains. These can vary from 1 to 20 domains for a cost of 7.00 ?, and 501 domains or more, for 4.95 ?.

Most servers and sites that offer hosting and Domain Hacking services include descriptions in each ccTLD to know if they have any requirements or if they can only operate under certain conditions. Because there are so many ccTLDs, the best thing to do is to make a list of the best options, and then choose the one that best suits your needs. In the case of, Mars Rouge noticed that although the ccTLD is not from France, the .se was the most convenient, and its daily views have shown it.

2. Search for a domain name and/or Second Level Domain (SLD)

Once the TLD you want to register is clear, it is time to choose the domain name and/or second-level domain, which will accompany the TLD to register. At this point, it is not really necessary to worry about the sub-domain since it usually ends up being www, besides in the hosting you can create as many subdomains as you want, which has nothing to do with the registration of the TLD and the SLD.

Some hosting and Domain Hacking servers offer a kind of consultancy, through a tool that allows developers to search for the word they want to use as SLD, and they will notify you if the name is available or not. If it is available, you will be able to use it and combine it with the TLD you have chosen.

What is domain hacking? An example in Mulhouse with

3. Register the SLD and the TLD

In this step, you must already have your Hack Domain selected and now proceed to register the second-level domain (SLD) and the top-level domain (TLD) that you will use for it. This process is really simple and at all times the developer will be guided on what to do. At the time of registration, you can also see different options to select, such as the Private WHOIS option, which keeps the database and other information hidden from the general public that not everyone should see. However, there are some TLDs that do not have this privacy option.

It is important to mention, that just like conventional domains, a hacked domain is also registered for one year and then you will have to renew it. However, if you are convinced that you will keep the same hacked domain for several years, you could opt for a long term contract and thus avoid annual renewals. Once you finish the registration you will have your haking domain available and you will be able to start modifying it, uploading content, improving the interface, and everything you want to do with it, as long as you comply with the terms and conditions established by the hosting company.

What is domain hacking? A good example with a city in Alsace, France and the website for Mulhouse.

Is it necessary to have a subdomain?

As mentioned above, subdomains are not required at the time of registering a hacked domain. However, a sub-domain can really make any website more eye-catching and valuable. In the case of, it has the subdomain “www.”, which makes it look better and also makes it a complete Domain Hack. 

In case you want to create one or several subdomains for your SLD and TLD, you will need web hosting because without hosting this will not be possible. has the hosting that allows it to be a faster and easier web to navigate. Most servers that sell Domain Hacks, also offer web hosting at affordable prices and with several benefits. One of the best options is Ultra-Fast SSD hosting, which allows any website to operate at a fairly fast speed.

Uses of a Domain Hack

Many people may be wondering what a Domain Hack can be used for or why they should choose it over a conventional domain. But to clarify a little more, we leave you with 3 of the main uses of the Domain Hacking.

  • It gives a touch of peculiarity to any website name.
  • It uses a landing page, which works very well for promotions.
  • It reduces the size of a URL. A Domain Hacker can cut out a URL by redirecting you to it with a shorter name.

Thanks to Domain Hacking, many people have managed to make their sites more visible, and take advantage of ccTLDs in other countries to spread the word about stories and events from around the world, such as a project from the web agency Mars Rouge. With the Domain Hacking, it is not necessary to limit yourself to the terms and conditions of one country, nor does the ccTLD determine that the site is in the corresponding region.  Now everyone can register their domain name anywhere in the world and make it accessible to everyone.

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Car Tracker – What is the Best Guide



Car Tracker

Get details about “Car Tracker” –

Car Tracker – If you wish to monitor your company assets and equipment, GPS Tracker Programs could be your perfect program. It can be used by everyone coming from ordinary people to corporate organizations. You can monitor and get opinions on your vehicles, fleet, or perhaps resources daily. The products are pretty affordable and provide fantastic value for money.

Suppose you want to keep the on employee or diver behavior. Such trackers aid in showing detailed information according to driving or handling styles. It looks complex yet is very easy to use in the real world. Once you have the tracking method properly installed, you can stop damage scenarios before they happen. It puts an individual in command, handing above complete control.

Car Tracker – A typical GPS DEVICE Tracker System attached to a car records a lot of information about the place, speed, start and stop particulars, and fuel consumption. It can help in securing your vehicle so that it never gets lost. You can even use it to find out if it has undergone many changes and modify that change.

If the car is lost or perhaps stolen, the device is an excellent method by which it can be found. Updates are usually sent to a web-based storage space or your cell phone. Generate updates store data inside the device itself while dynamic ones provide real-time facts over the network. If you position something suspicious about a recent location, you can auto shut your vehicle remotely unless a good explanation is given for the adjustment.

Car Tracker – Tracking can involve some personnel. Fleet tracking can often monitor an entire transport cargo order. It is used for effective means of resource in addition to employee management. You can give more with the same information if your performance is hard-wired. The data sent by the units are entirely accurate. It is familiar with build performance charts for top-level results.

You can also keep in touch having clients to improve customer interaction. If you are worried about misplacing corporation assets, you can use a Gps Tracking System to monitor their movement. If you see a difference in route or employee neglectfulness of any kind, you can take strict action. This would help in lessening project costs and raising company profit margins to a great extent.

Car Tracker – Many people use tracking technological innovation for different reasons. Owners put it to use to keep track of the daily movements of their vehicles. Large organizations use it to protect and also to secure their assets. It also permits them to monitor the transportation of the kit for the most effective results. Several concerned parents use it to help keep a check on their teenage kid’s driving habits.

The information aids them in setting road principles for their kids. Transport government bodies use the system to create a repository for each vehicle and are hunting for rash drivers. From defense to supervision, trackers aid in eliminating worries and simplifying performance for increased performance flow and productivity.

Car Tracker – You could use it for your purpose. Nonetheless, it is worth all the expenses. Head out and get yourself the latest inside GPS Tracker Systems rather than lose touch with your property again.

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4g Gps Tracker – The Amazing fact about it



4g Gps Tracker

Find out about “4g Gps Tracker” –

4g Gps Tracker – NAVIGATION trackers are now designed worldwide for different purposes. Earlier their particular significant role was to help military tasks performed by the armed forces of other nations.

GPS DEVICE or global positioning system is generally a satellite-based navigational process that enables users to look for the specific location of the object. These GPS traffic monitoring devices take help from your satellite to track the positioning and direction of the subject.

GPS tracking devices are already demanded more since their particular commercialization. Several people use traffic monitoring technology for different purposes. Logistics companies are using this tracking unit to monitor their transportation method. With the help of GPS trackers, they can keep track of the everyday movement of their vehicles.

4g Gps Tracker – This specific technology is a boon for the Transportation authorities, as it is traditionally used to create a database for each car. Rash driving and personal makes use of a vehicle can be found easily by tracking the velocity and direction of the auto.

To track and display the entire transport shipment get, fleet tracking can be beneficial using GPS trackers. The knowledge sent by these trackers is accurate and ideal for supervisors and managers. Professionals used to make performance data by using the data received by GPS trackers for the best benefits.

4g Gps Tracker – As a manager, you need not think about misplacing goods and materials. You can use tracking technology to observe the movement of different autos of your company. Companies might also keep in touch with their suppliers and clients to make healthy interactions with them. GPS tracking technological know-how would help you in minimizing undertaking costs which would result in boosting profits.

This practical technological know-how is widely using around the globe, particularly for locating folks in different situations. Drivers are usually kept under surveillance to track their activity. GPS trackers are quite popular among parents because they use them to track their teenage drivers in unfamiliar appointment prohibited places.

4g Gps Tracker – This technological know-how is also quite useful for visitors, as with the help of GPS trackers, they can get their exact position. A good map is permanently exhibited in their vehicle. In this way, many people get the direction for their fate. Almost every car of local rental travel agencies has a GPS DEVICE tracking device in it, and someone who does not want to seek a driver’s services can use this specific technology in his own generating.

In this way, the technology regarding GPS trackers has got such a significant change in today’s business and social life. It indeed was started by a defense company, but the use in day-to-day existence has made it expositional to be able to us.

4g Gps Tracker – Today this technological innovation is using in a multifaceted fashion. There are plenty of users who use GPS tracking products such as Auto security, business vehicle fleet movements, children, Bicyclists, Explorers, Vehicle Area Locator, Disabled people and police / private investigators, etc …

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Wireless Security Cameras – Why it is Great



Wireless Security Cameras

Details about “Wireless Security Cameras” –

Wireless Security Cameras – If you are convinced of what you need for protection, then determine what you want to accomplish with the latest camera program. A wireless camera is excellent for your own small office or home. This is simple to set up and comparatively affordable. A wireless camera is the contemporary evolution of camera programs.

There are several advantages present in utilizing wireless security cameras. The advantage offered is the capacity to become set up at any location. Cable connection is not one factor intended for wireless cameras in indication range.

Wireless Security Cameras – So this can be set up indoors and as well as the out-of-doors. Wireless cameras can also be put together with the home computer’s networking. Specified a more excellent hard drive or possibly a single hard drive space, a cordless camera can save up months of recording. These burglar alarms rely on IP-based camcorders.

The camera system conveys file feed towards Web hardware intended for presentation by the experienced users even though several security camera systems include their personal hardware space. Distinctive cameras hold other advantages toward an invisible security camera system. As an illustration, the bullet security photographic camera is an exceptional security photographic camera that offers a field of eye-sight and excellent range.

Wireless Security Cameras – Cordless camera systems include some options. This option is Infrared LED light that can give a wireless camera system with the outdoor camera system and night vision that encourages a security camera for you to endure the elements. Camera computer software also provides the cordless security network with the chance to outlook its video foodstuff distantly while the users are generally out or on the subway.

If linked into a television set or computer, they Are living feed on the security camera might be immediately recorded to the DVD AND BLU-RAY, cassette and the hard drive are determined by which is more convenient.

 Several camcorders can be applied to obtain signals that only signify you have more coverage on the several locations. If you decide to purchase a wireless camera system, try to avail yourself of the cordless security packages, which are popular among security users and can get at any electronics store.

Many are on the expensive side, nevertheless worth it enough to keep your household, possessions and property safe. You can navigate or maybe browse through the electronics retail store websites for you to make a price quotation.

Wireless Security Cameras – Electronics stores have some sections dealing with a type of camcorders, home security kits, wireless safety measures camera systems, environmental command devices, wireless and feeling stimulated products, personal safety providers other security needs.

The apartment security system is a significant issue for a few persons in their security demands. The person’s home is usually their fort, and they often want to feel secure and safe. Some cameras will be applied to assure security systems, such as alarms, but a complete security need is a wifi camera system package.

Wireless Security Cameras – Whatever you need in the security system bundle is the camera to suit the outside back and entryway that will pass on wireless transmission. Choose and install the security system now to complement the security needs and steps to give you peace of mind.


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Top Approaches to Successful Customer Segmentation



The Different Approaches to Successful Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is the need of the hour for every sales and marketing team. It improves the efficiency of a targeted campaign and boosts engagement. Creating segments leads to a divide and conquer approach so marketers can focus their efforts on the client base that will bring in the highest ROI. The marketing funnel becomes more aligned as the data insights that feed into the CRM tool improve in quality. 

Approaches to Customer Segmentation

In a broader sense, the customer segmentation approach applies to both the B2B or B2C business models. We can choose which strategy to use with help from a CRM consulting firm but listed below are some models that have been proven to attract more customers.

You can experiment with them and find one that works best for you. It is also possible to mix up different ideas and create your unique segmentation model.

What to Consider

Before you choose one approach you should look at your business domain, the volume of customers, and time sensitiveness. Once you have figured out the basics it will be easier for you to make the right decision. This knowledge is useful for a CRM software consultant as well.

A Priori

This is the easiest and most cost-efficient approach to customer segmentation. It uses public data and a lot of intuition to divide the client base. These segments might not be excellent in terms of targeted marketing but they work well for mass campaigns. It doesn’t take the needs into account so it should not be applied for high-quality advertisements. 


Post-Hoc takes a customer’s intentions into account using data insights from your CRM consulting platform. The quality of data drives his approach because it uses buyer habits, patterns, and trends to create segments. You will get better segmentation that you can use for your meaningful marketing content. 

Your advertising will be more targeted and focused. The way Post-Hoc works is by creating groups based on many attributes with larger data volume and better insights. 


We can identify customer needs and use customer segmentation to combine a group of people through this approach. There is a lot of value in the needs-based segmentation because it creates well-defined customer clusters. You can also find out which segment has already been targeted.

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 The only challenge that exists here is identifying the customer’s needs. Often they are dependent on quality, service, and price. You need to do a lot of market research to align the company’s vision and deliver the right message to the right audience in the wide and diverse market. 


Customers base their buying decisions on a lot of factors but in the end, it all comes down to the price. The value-based approach analyzes customers on the economic value associated with them. Customers with a similar financial background or spending habits are grouped by a CRM software consultant. The customers can identify the prospect as an influencer and brand ambassador.

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The Best Rated Miami SEO Company for eCommerce Businesses



Miami is one of the fastest growing business hot spots in the country, and if you manage a retail store and want to get into eCommerce, you have to be prepared for some stiff competition. 

A Miami SEO company that knows the market will be able to help you tackle your marketing and compete even in the most saturated niches. However, not just any kind of marketing will do. You need a rock-solid approach and a custom-tailored plan to see any traction. 

The following article will walk you through the basics of SEO and why it’s an essential part of finding success in a crowded market like Miami. You will also discover what to look for in a digital marketing agency and why it’s so important to find one that fits your specific business needs. 

SEO For eCommerce

First, it’s important that you recognize the difference between a typical eCommerce SEO Agency and one that specializes in eCommerce stores. While the high level SEO tasks might be similar for any kind of website, once you dig into the user behavior and purpose of a website, the strategy has to shift accordingly. 

The ultimate goal of an eCommerce website for instance is to get users to buy products. You want them to take action, ideally by first finding you in th eGoogle search results. This is a tall order compared to other websites where the objective might simply be for a user to call a phone number for a consultation or sign up to an email list to get blog updates. You are asking users to trust you as a company and part with money as well.

You could argue that SEO for eCommerce is the most difficult kind of digital marketing, simply because of how competitive it is and how fine-tuned you need your approach to be. In the early phases of an eCommerce SEO campaign, you need to put together a comprehensive strategy that will actually help users find specific products and categories that are available on your website. If Google – and any potential users – don’t see your website as the ideal match for these products based on on-page content, relevance, UX, and backlinks, chances are you aren’t even going to rank at all, much less on the first page. 

So before anything else, you will want to make sure that the SEO company you select is eCommerce focused and that they truly specialize in eCommerce-based services. This is how you will know that the company will be able to put together a strategy that applies to your industry and business model. You can’t afford a cookie cutter approach in a space as competitive as Miami SEO. 

What to Look For in a Miami SEO Company

Of course, just being positioned to provide eCommerce-centric SEO services is not enough in a place like Miami. New businesses are springing up here every day, and many with robust marketing budgets and a strong brand name behind them. 

If you are just starting out with your business or find that a competitive edge you once held is slipping, how do you stand out in such a rapidly expanding landscape? Miami may hold a lot of opportunities for savvy business owners, but you still need to have your marketing plan down pat if you intend on overcoming the competition. 

There aren’t many SEO companies out there that not only speciallize in eCommnnerce but in the Miami area as well. Yet it’s this unique combination of expertise that will get you the kind of results you are looking for, especially if you are interested in long-term growth. 

Here are a few things you will want to take note of if you are looking for SEO services in Miami:

  • Does the agency have a presence in the Miami area? Are they featured in local map listings or an office in the region?
  • Do they have clients in the area and a track record of helping Miami-based companies find success?
  • Is the SEO company known for getting results across a wide range of different digital marketing fields?
  • Is the company partnered with the biggest names in eCommerce such as BigCommerce and Shopify?
  • How is their reputation? Do they have great reviews across multiple different platforms?

1Digital® Agency is a Miami SEO Agency that checks all of these boxes and then some. They are known for putting together incredibly effective customized SEO campaigns for Miami businesses that want to rank higher in Google. 

What really stands out is their approach to marketing, which is smart, aggressive, flexible, and Miami-focused. If you are located in the Miami area and want to really give your competition some heartburn, this is the agency that you need to call. They are one of the biggest names when it comes to eCommerce digital marketing, and they have the track record to prove it. 

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