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What Is Criminal Law? Explained in Simple Terms

Criminal law is the rulebook that allows the government to prosecute and fine or imprison someone if found guilty. Here’s all you need to know about Australia’s criminal law system and tips on how to navigate it.



What is Criminal Law

Criminal law in Australia is a body of law that deals with criminal offences. It gives the government license to convict and punish those responsible for crimes as land out within the statutes and laws of various States and Territories. Think of criminal law as the rulebook that allows the government to prosecute and fine or imprison someone if found guilty. Here’s all you need to know about Australia’s criminal law system and tips on how to navigate it. 

Where do our criminal laws come from?

Many of the criminal statutes found within Australian criminal law come from the United Kingdom, as Australia is part of the Commonwealth of Nations and was colonized by the British back in 1788. During these early days, Britain implemented English laws in New South Wales despite existing indigenous populations already having their own legal systems in place. As Australia developed as a modern nation, it has naturally taken on many of the traditions and proceedings of English common law. However, when Australia federated in 1901, it brought in the Australian constitution which set out the legal landscape we live in today. 

Why are criminal laws different across Australia?

You may be surprised to learn that not all laws are the same from one state to another. Each Australian State and Territory is responsible for implementing laws within their own jurisdiction, for example, the Western Australian Criminal Code deals with all offences committed within the state’s borders only. There are offences that can be dealt with at the federal level such as anti-terror law. Federal laws are dealt with by Australian federal police and not by your every-day police officer. 

The purpose of criminal law in Australia

The overall purpose of criminal law in Australia is to lay out the law when it comes to committing crimes and offences against fellow citizens. But the purpose isn’t just to punish those who transgress, it’s about providing a safe and equal society where we all commit to the same rules, no matter where who or where we are. In Australia, we all benefit from a relatively robust criminal law system that aims to keep crime rates low and give everyone a fair chance in court. 

What’s the difference between criminal law and civil law?

Criminal law is different from civil law in that criminal proceedings are initiated by the government or prosecuting attorney against an individual or group for committing a crime, whereas civil cases are legal actions brought before the courts by individuals, businesses, or corporations against another individual company or entity. There are slightly different proceedings and outcomes based on whether the case is civil or criminal. Here’s what that means:

  • In criminal law, to convict an individual for a crime the judge must be satisfied 100% that the offender did in fact commit the crime they are standing trial for. 
  • In civil law, to convict an individual or corporation the balance of proof depends on the probability ie. what is more likely. 
  • The standards of proof are higher in criminal law and the burden rests on the prosecutor to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty. 
  • Outcomes in civil law cases can involve access to compensation such as emotional or injury damages. 

What kinds of offences are laid out in Australia’s criminal law system?

There are many different kinds of offences laid on within Australia’s respective state criminal codes. Generally, they follow a simple category system that ranks different types of crimes depending on their severity and impact on the victim or society:

  1. Summary or simple offences – this can be something like repeat drink driving or a minor criminal damage charge. 
  2. Minor indictable offences such as theft, aggravated assault, or criminal trespassing. 
  3. Major indictable offences – such as arson, murder, and treason. 

How criminal law works in practice 

Depending on the level and type of offence, Australian criminal law works by allocating certain types of offences into different courts. For example, all summary offences are dealt with in local Magistrates courts, and the kinds of punishments dished out are on the lighter side. More serious indictable offences allow a trial by jury and will take place in either the District or Supreme court. Naturally, the consequences are proportionately higher for more serious cases. 

Are you facing criminal proceedings? Here’s how to navigate the system with a criminal lawyer

No doubt, criminal law can be confusing – especially given how complex the language is and how little experience the majority of people have with the legal system more generally. If you find yourself in a position where you’re being questioned, arrested on a charge, or simply curious about a personal matter – don’t proceed without a qualified criminal lawyer to back you up. Self-representation may seem almost romantic but can result in harsher sentencing and worse outcomes for those who try. Get in touch with a criminal lawyer for the assistance you need.

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Judge Carolyn Nichols Announces She’s Running for Pennsylvania Supreme Court Judgeship



Judge Carolyn Nichols, one of Philadelphia’s icons of social justice, has announced her candidacy for the P.A Supreme Court position. The judge currently serves in the state’s Superior Court, where she reviews criminal, civil, family and orphan matters.

Her commitment to social justice, and in particular to fighting racism, has earned her numerous accolades. Most notable among them being named the City’s Most Influential African American by the Philadelphia Tribune for two years in a row.

Throughout her outstanding legal career, Judge Carolyn has always been outspoken about issues affecting minorities. As a judge, she is keen to see that procedural justice is followed in criminal proceedings, always advocating for the rights of the accused and victims of crime in equal measure. She showcased this quality best during her tenure at the Philadelphia Common Pleas Court, where she regularly handled felony matters in the court’s criminal division.

The judge is a proud native of Philadelphia, the city where she was born and raised. She attended Overbrook High School in the city, later on pursuing a Bachelor in the Fine Arts, a Juris Doctor, and a Master of Laws degree. She also attained an MBA from Eastern University in 2002. It is, therefore, hardly surprising that she wants to give back to the state that has given her so much.

Of all social justice projects that Judge Carolyn works on, her primary mission is to fight racism and promote equality for all. Her passion for racial equality is deeply rooted in the fact that her father, a Tuskegee airman, experienced racism in his legal career, limiting what he could achieve.

For instance, he could not approach the Common Court Pleas, on which his daughter served as a judge. According to the judge, “I am honored to be now where my dad could not be in his time. I learned his values of integrity, hard work, and the commitment to the Rule of Law to help everyday people.” Currently, she is the only judge of color of the 31 judges to serve in the appellate court system.

The judge serves her community in other ways apart from rendering impartial decisions and adhering strictly to the Rule of Law. She is a champion of numerous grassroots projects aimed at bettering the lives of Philadelphia residents. Judge Carolyn Nichols advocates for the provision of amenities for people in disadvantaged neighborhoods and actively runs mentorship programs for young people.

She is also committed to helping those who have had negative interactions with the justice system rebuild their lives. She supports them in finding jobs and developing life skills that could alter their lives’ path for the better.

Her guiding principle of equality for all surpasses any societal barriers, including gender discrimination and discrimination against sexual minorities. She also helps promote peaceful living in her community by advocating for effective methods of conflict resolution.

If elected to the Supreme Court, Judge Carolyn Nichols would be the first Black female judge to hold that position in the court’s 300-year long history.

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When Should You Hire a Car Accident Attorney?



When Should You Hire a Car Accident Attorney

Were you aware that three in four motorists have already been in at least one vehicle accident? Or that, on average, each driver can get into about three to four car accidents over their lifespan?

As such, it’s no wonder that motor vehicle collisions in the US cost the nation billions of dollars each year. In fact, just one car crash that causes a disabling injury can result in an economic burden of $96,200 per person.

So, if you’ve been in a crash yourself, it’s best to consider hiring a car accident attorney. Otherwise, you may end up shouldering all the losses the accident may result in. That includes car repairs, medical bills, and lost wages.

However, some situations already warrant the immediate assistance of a personal injury lawyer. Read on to discover what these are and why you should hire a car accident attorney right away.

Your Health Is in Such a Bad Shape

As many as 800,000 motor vehicle crashes in the US result in neck injuries. Whiplash injuries are among the most common examples of such trauma. Unfortunately, such injuries can be quite severe that they cause painful body-wide disabilities.

For starters, extreme whiplash injuries can cause severe sprains, strains, dizziness, and fatigue. It may also cause tingling or numbness in the arms and back. A study even found one in four whiplash patients to have developed visual problems.

If your accident leads to such health problems, you need as much rest and recovery as you can. That leaves you unable to start processing your claim, much less handle negotiations. In this case, it would be in your best interest to hire a car accident lawyer.

Your lawyer will carry out most of the legwork associated with filing a car accident claim. They’ll gather evidence, talk to witnesses, and speak with insurers. Most importantly, they’ll fight for a fair settlement amount on your behalf.

Other Driver’s Insurer Doesn’t Want to Settle

A common belief is that 95% of personal injury claims settle before trial. However, some researchers believe this to be “unrealistic” for most other legal cases. Even if that 95% estimate is spot on, it still means that 5% doesn’t conclude with a settlement.

One way that this can occur is when an insurer avoids paying out or settling a claim. Instead, they may counter the allegations of the injured third-party claimant. They may even make claims that the injured contributed to the accident.

If that happens in a state with a contributory negligence law, you may not receive any settlement at all. Such states include Alabama, Maryland, and North Carolina, Virginia, and Washington, DC. In these states, even just a 1% contribution to the accident bars a person from making a claim.

In those states, a defendant’s insurer may make claims about a plaintiff’s contribution. They can do this in the hopes of not having to make payments to third-party claimants.

Your best chance to fight such allegations is with the help of a car accident lawyer. One of the duties of this lawyer is to gather evidence that can disprove the other party’s biased claims. Instead, the personal injury attorney will prove that you weren’t at fault in any way.

You Received an Unfair Settlement Offer

Many insurers can make offers that are much lower than what the plaintiff deserves. Insurers may do this by taking advantage of the comparative negligence law.

Let’s use California’s “apportionment of responsibility” (pure comparative negligence) as an example.

In the Golden State, motorists involved in accidents get apportioned with fault. Suppose you get into a crash, and you’re confident you’re free of fault. Ideally, you should receive 100% of the amount you can recover.

However, the other party may claim that you were 45% at fault for the accident. If the court sides with them, you’d end up recovering only 55% of the damages. So, if your losses amount to $20,000, you’d only receive $11,000.

This is why proving fault is fundamental in car accident cases. Otherwise, you might have to make do with an unfair, even low-ball settlement offer. The settlement amount may not even be enough to cover your medical expenses!

You can prevent these from happening by hiring the best car accident attorney for your case.

Keep in mind that reputable car accident lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means you’d only pay for their time and services if they win your case. This is why they have a strong incentive to do everything to achieve a successful outcome.

You’d Like to Sue for Pain and Suffering

At-fault and no-fault states allow plaintiffs to sue for punitive damages. Also known as “exemplary damages,” these are damages aimed to punish wrongdoing. They’re still monetary, but they’re much harder to quantify than compensatory damages.

An example of punitive damage is pain and suffering. As you can see, it’s difficult to assign such experiences with a monetary value. For this reason, states implement descriptive or monetary thresholds for exemplary damages.

Either way, you must meet these thresholds before you can sue for punitive damages. The idea is that the more severe the injuries, the greater the “pain and suffering.”

Your health has already taken a toll, so trying to prove this can affect your well-being further. In this case, it’s best you delegate your case to a car accident lawyer. This way, you can have almost every aspect of your case handled by a legal professional.

You, in turn, can focus on healing and recovery.

Hire a Car Accident Attorney as Soon as You Can

Ideally, anyone who gets into a motor vehicle crash should hire a car accident attorney. However, this is even more important for motorists who are certain they’re free of fault. A car accident lawyer can prove that they indeed had no contribution to the incident.

Besides, car accident claims and lawsuits take a lot of knowledge and resources. That should be enough reason for you to hire a seasoned lawyer as soon as you can following an accident.

Ready for more informative guides like this? Then be sure to stick around to check the rest of our site then!

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What to Do After a Workplace Injury: A Guide for Employers



What to Do After a Workplace Injury

Over 5,300 American employees died from work-related injuries during the span of a single year. In nonfatal instances, there were 2.8 cases for every 100 workers. 

Do you know what to do as an employer after someone sustains a workplace injury? It’s important to plan ahead of time. Otherwise, you might not realize you need a workplace injury lawyer until it’s too late. 

You might have a serious lawsuit on your hands. Without a plan and an experienced lawyer, you might hurt your case.

Here are the eight steps you should take if an employee is injured at work. With these tips, you can control how the situation is handled. Ensure your business is a safe environment for your employees with these tips today.

1. Prepare Beforehand

You never know when or how someone might sustain a workplace injury. While you can’t avoid every accident, you can prepare for them.

First, make sure every employee knows where your first-aid kits are stocked. Make sure these kits are easily accessible, too. 

Establish a risk and response plan for your entire team. It’s important to make sure each supervisor and their team members are prepared. Otherwise, your employees might not respond quickly enough after an accident. 

Training your team could protect them from potential accidents in the future.  

It can help to prepare your business for employee injuries as well.

First, do everything you can to prevent workplace injuries before they occur. Look for ways to ensure your work environment is safe for your team.

Many states require businesses to get workers’ compensation. Without worker’s compensation, you might have to pay out of pocket if someone is injured at work. They might hold you liable in court as well. 

You can look into workman’s comp insurance here.

Have your procedures and policy in place before you hire employees.

You can also prepare your business by having an investigation checklist. You’ll need specific forms on hand, including:

  • Your company’s light duty policy
  • Each employee’s job descriptions
  • Medical treatment consent forms
  • Return-to-work release forms (for a physician to complete)

The light duty policy is a plan for how you plan on managing employee injuries that limit the employee’s work abilities. You should try to accommodate these employees by giving them light work to complete as they recover. Accommodating these employees will ensure you maintain an employer/employee relationship with them. 

2. Respond Quickly

What happens if an employee is injured at work? First, make sure to respond quickly. Move the injured employee away from danger.

Take the time to assess the scene. What caused the accident? Pinpointing the cause can help you avoid getting hurt yourself. 

Ensure any other employees who are on-site are safe as well.

Grab the first aid kit as quickly as possible. Don’t handle an injury without wearing gloves first. Follow the protocols you established for the team. 

3. Ensure Your Employee Receives Medical Care

Over 2.5 million workers sustained work-related injuries that required emergency room visits in a single year. If someone on your team sustained a workplace injury, make sure they receive medical care right away. 

If you’re not there when the accident occurs, it’s still important for your employee to seek help. Tell your employees they’re responsible for notifying you of any injuries. They should either report to their supervisors, the HR department, or you directly.

Once they receive medical care, make sure to follow up. Let your employees know you have their best interests at heart.

4. Investigate What Happened

While your employee receives medical attention, try to investigate what happened. Investigating the accident can help you avoid employee injuries in the future. 

First, try to get written accounts from anyone who witnessed the accident occur. It’s possible different employees noticed different details. Talk to as many people as possible.

Take photos of the scene as well. If you know what caused the accident, direct your camera that way. For example, faulty equipment, an exposed wire, or wet floors could cause an accident. 

Even if no one was injured, it’s important to complete a full investigation.

Show your employees you take their safety seriously. Document any actions you take to fix these unsafe conditions. 

5. File a Report

Companies are required by law to remote any illnesses, deaths, or injuries that occurred on the job. Contact your local Department of Occupational Safety and Health office to report what happened. Even if it’s not serious, document the incident in the Cal/OSHA Log 300.

An employee who sustained a workplace injury has the right to file a workers’ compensation claim. It’s your responsibility to provide the form they need.

You can also report the injury to the workers’ compensation insurance office. Complete the Employer’s Report of Accident form as well. Note any of the evidence or facts you gathered during your investigation. 

The claims administrator who receives your form will handle any other details involving the workers’ compensation case. In the meantime, keep in contact with the claims adjuster, insurance agent, injured employee, and their physician. 

6. Speak With Other Employees

Your other employees might not feel as safe as they used to after a colleague was injured at work. Talk to them about what happened. While you can’t share private medical information, you can listen to their concerns.

Remain open and keep communicating with your team. Listen to any suggestions they have about avoiding accidents down the road. 

7. Prevent Future Issues

Take the suggestions you received into account as you make changes to your workspace. Look for ways to reduce risks for your employees. You can also invest in training, regular inspections, and education for your team. 

8. Hire a Lawyer

If your employee decides to file a lawsuit, make sure to hire an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer right away. They can lead you through the process to ensure you protect your business. Otherwise, you might have to pay out of pocket to cover damages. 

Prepare Yourself: 8 Steps to Take After an Employee Sustains a Workplace Injury

Don’t let one workplace injury impact the future of your business. Instead, develop a plan and stick with it. By following these eight steps, you can protect your business and your employees.

Looking for more helpful advice? We have exactly what you’re looking for.

Explore our latest guides today to get started.

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Take The Right Course Of Action By Choosing Car Accident Lawyer!



If you have been victim of car crash accident then it is important to take up right action that you can get the justice and reimbursement or the material loss and of course the physical injury. The only viable option in such a case is taking professional legal help to get justice easily.

It is needless to mention that it is certainly not easy on the part of the not a point because this will help you to have the great services. Also, this is the reason why it turns out to be vital to choose the best attorney who will help you to get you justice and at the same time peace of mind by choosing the car accident lawyer.

Before you move ahead here we would like to you know about the reason, because this can help you to look at the series of step this will certainly help you to manage it in the best manner. Let us discuss the role of these attorneys in detail.

Common causes of car accidents!

The following are the common causes of an accident-

  • Driving error
  • Drunk driving
  • Insurance claims
  • Car defects and malfunction

Many factors come into play when looking forward to seeing a car crash attorney; thus, here to help you, we will bring you a few points that will help you find the best legal aid.

  • Expertise: is indeed one of the best way through which you can easily make the most and this is the reason why you need to be well aware of the fact; this will take your case in right direction. The best is to look for an expert on a car accident.
  •  Service:  it is another important aspect that you need to look before you go ahead and finalize the particular lawyer, apart from that it is important to know about the services that are being provided by them.
  • Review:  reviews and ratings are indeed one of the easiest ways to easily get the best deals to manage it in the best manner and at the same time, it will help to have a better understanding of the service provider.

Best help of Car Crash Attorney

Some of the expert Car accident lawyer understands well all difficulties that arise after a car accident. The riders will   have tommm face problems because of the damages resulting from crashes or understanding the struggle that some of the victims have faced while trying to recover the compensation from their losses. It includes certain rules or regulations that can complicate more insurance claims and recover additional damage as suffering pain during cases of death or severe injury. Such car accident attorneys have even handled automobile accidents in different states and able enough to help all clients, based on the circumstances of the accident case.

Proffering the attorney with complete information can even help in strengthening the claim. If the attorney and the insurance company are unable to agree on the settlement, the case can also proceed to trial. For all car accident assistance types, you must get in touch with the Abogado de accidente de carro en Miami that can offer the best services, benefits, and optimum results, which can shower premium service. Hurry up; make a call to these professionals today These are the major points that you need to keep in mind because this will help you take up things in the right manner and at the same time, you will be able to be at peace, which can help you have great services. So, choose the right service provider to get justice timely.

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The fake lawyer was found dead in the motel room




fake lawyer

A man known as Craig Anderson was spotted at a local motel in Tasmania, Australia, a few days ago. Another source said he had been hiding there for some time. Although some people were questioned about this, some of them said that they did not agree with anything. Why he is staying in that motel like this

Craig Anderson is a fake lawyer, according to Glitzy Vault, a private Vault company. Craig Anderson introduced himself as a lawyer by copying the papers of a famous lawyer in the United States and the general public. That is, he used to harass Parthi in various ways. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, it seemed that he was staying there alone and taking extra drugs out of frustration and emotion. The cause of Craig Anderson’s death appears to be a drug overdose. Earlier, when the real identity of Craig Anderson came to light, the local police started searching for him, but the police have been searching for Craig Anderson for the last two weeks.

Craig finally found Anderson but not alive but dead. It would be a relief, at least for the police, to be frustrated. Truth be told, however, it is never wise to deceive someone else using one’s identity. Even after that, he was constantly cheating people by keeping his real identity secret knowing everything. One thing we should always remember is that honesty is our best approach.

A private vault organization called Glitzi Vault recently told police that Mr. Craig Anderson was using the details of a lawyer named Craig Delsack of the United States, New York, to deceive the general public in various ways by pretending to be a fake lawyer. He was pretending to be a fake lawyer even though he was not a lawyer. He then booted from his hotel room. He had been on the run for 2 weeks now. He has resorted to deception with people. But as a civilized man, it was not right for him to do such a thing. What will happen if I don’t understand civilization even though I am a man of civilized age?

Sadly, these kinds of things shock our human mind. In order to get out of the world of life, we have to fight with the objects around us and keep ourselves in tune with others. And we hope that the security agencies will catch these influential people and provide exemplary solutions.

Defamation and loss of reputation may not be possible, but you can find a world to comfort yourself. Not to mention a word at the end. Only we can save our beautiful world from the liars and liars. So, be aware, be aware, take part in the happy prosperous society hole.

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