What is Cotton Bag Packaging? Cotton Bag Packaging Explained

What is Cotton Bag Packaging? Cotton Bag Packaging Explained

Now more than ever, more and more businesses offer printed cotton bags as an alternative to single use plastic and paper bags thanks to their reusable properties. With properties suitable for many uses and the option to design unique artworks, both businesses and customers love cotton bag packaging!

How are cotton bags made?

If you find an environmentally friendly supplier, your cotton bags should be made using 100% natural cotton which is ethically sourced from trusted suppliers. The fibres are derived from the cotton plant, a delicate flower that changes from a small plantation to flower buds known as ‘squares’. As the flower goes through its life cycle, the petals change colour and eventually fall off, leaving behind a pod which contains the cotton balls.

To turn the cotton balls into a usable material, they are turned into thin threads which can be produced in various thicknesses. The fibres are tightly intertwined using a weaving method that strengthens their properties and produces a tight knit fabric. This fabric is highly compact to offer resistance to heavier weights and minimise the number of external contaminants that can affect the contents of the bag. The fabrics are sewn together using cotton threads which are just as strong and long lasting, whilst creating full consistency through all of the materials used, ideal for recycling if it comes to disposing of the cotton bag.

The versatile nature of cotton bags means they can be fully customised to produce new and exciting designs, grabbing the attention of customers to encourage them to switch to cotton bags and use them with pride. Both spot colours and full colour transfer printing methods are compatible with the fabric, so brands are able to unleash their creativity and design unique styles which make a welcome addition to customers’ lifestyles.

Why choose cotton bags?

Nowadays, the popularity of cotton bags is increasingly growing and once you’ve learnt the benefits for yourself, it’s a no brainer! Once you get your hands on a cotton bag, its durable properties will provide you with a long-lasting way to carry around your bits and bobs without worrying about the strength. Although the production process of cotton bags requires more water consumption and processing than other types of bags, they become a better alternative to single use counterparts if they are used sufficiently. The strong materials are designed to hold larger weights than traditional plastic or paper bags, ideal for carrying around groceries or being used as a day bag for work or college. However much you use your cotton bag, keep it looking (and smelling) fresh by washing it for maximum lifespan.

As well as the practical side, cotton bags are a more stylish addition to your collection than other forms of carrier bag. With a convenient shoulder strap and a flat surface area which can be used for fun designs, the opportunities are endless. By choosing a cotton bag from your favourite brand with an aesthetic design, you can wear your bag with pride and accessorise in style. 

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