What Is Coronasomnia and how to cope with it?

If you have been having trouble sleeping in the last few months, do not worry – you are not the only one. In fact, thousands of people have been facing insomnia since the pandemic began. A lot of people want to feel peaceful before sleeping, so they resort to spending hours on their mobiles, leading to Revenge Bedtime Procrastination.

The insmonia caused due to Covid anxiety is called Coronasomnia. Here are a few ideas to cope with it.

  • Consider that the situation is temporary

Sure, the pandemic has dragged on and on, but that doesn’t mean it will go on forever. Remember that the current situation is just as temporary as anything else. Things will change in one way or another, and the situations that are stressing you out today will pass too.

  • Cut yourself some slack

There might be a sense of having to do more: improve yourself, learn new skills, take advantage of the current situation, and so on. If at first there was the sense that working from home could give you more time to self-actualize, now there is the expectation that you should already be used to the pandemic and able to start developing new skills, if you haven’t already started. Let go of these ideas. Give yourself the chance to rest, relax, and recuperate – the world is pretty stressful right now so no need to add further expectations.

  • Consider your priorities

Sleep doesn’t feel quite so important until it starts lacking. Consider whether you have made it and your well-being in general a top priority or whether you have been putting work or other responsibilities on top. Often, it feels easy to deprive ourselves of sleep for the sake of things that feel more important, and a big step back towards health involves giving your sleep the place of honor that it merits.

  • Reduce sources of stress

You can’t always cut out the main sources of stress, sometimes, because they are tied to the pandemic and are beyond your control or because they play a big role in your life, like a job. However, you can boost your sleep quality a lot by reducing small and big annoyances. Allow yourself, for example, not to watch the news or read articles that make you intensely anxious or sad.

  • Integrate relaxing activities in your day

If you are working from home, ironically, you might feel that you have less time for leisure. Work and chores might be encroaching on all your time. While this is a common problem,  you should make an effort to include fun and relaxing activities. Schedule small or big chunks of time dedicated to something fun and pleasant – a warm bath, a book, a treat, to make sure your day is not all work and no play.

Coronasomnia depends a lot on your daily routine and stress levels. By improving your habits and making more space for yourself, you can sleep better and feel more rested when you wake up. Become happier and healthier by sleeping well.

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