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What is Branding and Why is it Important to Your Company?



What is Branding and Why is it Important to Your Company

You’ve got a great product idea that you’re excited to tell everyone about. You start the marketing process by creating a website and linking it to your social media account. You make fun posts and exciting weekly competitions.

All of this is a good start to get your name out there, but you need to take your strategy one step closer. You need to develop a brand.

Branding is something that many startup companies fail to account for. The problem with that is branding is the most essential part of any good business plan.

Without it, your customers may not trust you as much as you would like. Check out this guide to learn more about what branding is and find out why it’s so important to your business.

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What is Branding? 

Before we get into why your company needs branding, let’s talk about what it is. Many companies are under the misconception that developing a brand is the same as creating your logo. We will tell you that having a good logo is part of the process, but it’s not the only thing you should focus on. 

Branding is a little deeper than a nice font and pretty colors. It’s your website and personality. It’s a promise that you make with your customers to deliver a quality product. 

In short, it’s a message that you send to your clients that tells them what you’re all about. You’ll center every bit of your marketing around it. 

Why it’s Important to Develop a Brand

As you can gather from the description above, having a brand is a pretty important part of any business. It’s the face of your company. It instills a sense of trust, gives your company a purpose, and much more. 

Your Brand is Your Company’s Face

Your brand is the face of your company. This being said, it does need to be a little flashy. Flashiness is what catches the attention of the general populous. 

However, a fancy logo isn’t what gets people to stick by you. We’ll get into that a little later. For now, just know that people should be able to look at your logo and immediately recognize it as you. 

It Provides a Sense of Trust

Having a good and recognizable brand identity won’t only attract people to your products and services, it gives you a larger foothold in the business world. Additionally, you want to ensure you maintain consistency with your brand identity by utilizing a digital asset management system.

Someone who’s had a good brand identity across the span of many years means a lot to people. If you’ve been in business for over ten years and have had the same brand identity, there has to be a reason for it, right? 

At least that’s what potential clients will think when they consider your products. It gives you credibility and provides a sense of trust. 

Branding Gives Your Company a Purpose 

When creating your brand identity, you must ask yourself what your company’s purpose is. What values do you stand for? Are you eco-friendly? 

Do you give money to certain organizations? Pick out a mission statement and make it a part of your brand. It will give potential customers something to latch onto and keep them coming back to your business. 

Attract New Customers and Keep Old Ones

If your company mission is to protect the rain forests, you’ll have a group of people who latch onto that message and buy your products to help support you. Your brand attracts new customers who are passionate about what you do. 

They will then tell other people who are also serious about the environment and so on and so forth until you have a loyal band of followers. These followers will stick with you no matter what because they believe in your products and what you stand for. 

It Creates a Promise Between You and Your Customers 

On top of being your mission statement, your brand also creates sort of a promise between you and your customers. For example, the catchy jingle in the Folders commercials; “the best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup”. This jingle, while being fun to sing, also creates an expectation. 

Your brand should include a similar slogan. We know, it can be hard to attach a single phrase or sentence to your business. There’s a lot you want to say. 

Still, do your best to brainstorm something simple that people can latch onto that’s akin to Folgers. If you can think of something just as catchy, customers will think of you every time they need something related to your products and services. 

It Sets You Apart from Your Competitors 

Depending on how good you are at your branding, you can set yourself apart from your competition. Think about what you can provide that others like you can’t and run with it. 

It can be something as simple as your customer service or prices. It doesn’t take much to convenience people to go with your products. 

A Good Brand Provides Protection 

Going off our last point, someone can steal the formula for your products. They can make something of similar quality and sell it. You know what they can’t copy, though. 

The answer is your branding. 

Try as they may, nobody can duplicate your message and voice if you do it right. This will provide you with a little bit of protection in the event someone tries to yank your business out from under you. 

Elements of Good Branding 

Now that you know why branding is important, let’s talk about what makes good branding. You need a clear message that anyone can read, something that makes you credible, and you want to get some kind of emotional response out of your potential customers. 

Clear Message 

No matter what you do as far as advertising goes, your message needs to be clear. A customer isn’t going to want to pick apart a two-minute video to try and find what your company is offering. 

You only have a few seconds to capture their attention. Each time you create a new logo, slogan, or mission statement, consult someone who isn’t attached to your business. 

Perhaps try to bring the concept to a friend or family member. After they take in the content, ask them to describe what your company does in a few words. If they can’t do it, you know that your message isn’t clear enough. 


You’re passionate about your business. It’s easy to oversell what you do and make big promises that you can’t possibly meet. You don’t realize that you can’t do what you promise until it’s too late and you’ve lost tons of customers.  

If you make it to dissatisfying a customer. Many people look at large claims and stay clear from the company because it looks sketchy. The only way to reel them in and keep your credibility is to be able to prove that you can do what you say you can do.  

Emotional Response 

Take a moment to think back on the sad animal commercials you see on TV. They create an emotional response that makes you want to give money to the depressed puppies and kitties on your screen. 

You need to strive to invoke similar emotions. Reaching into people’s heartstrings and making them cry isn’t the only way to go about things, don’t worry. 

You can also tickle their funny bones or create feelings of anger. Make them want to act by giving money to your company and supporting your message. 

Brand Development Tips 

So, now you’re probably wondering how to develop a brand. It’s not as hard as it seems. As long as you take the time to do your research, you’ll be able to come up with something that catches on. 

Do Your Research

Again, there’s a ton of research that goes into branding. The first thing you need to consider is your customer base. You can’t use the same tactics to attract a pre-teen that you would use to snag an adult’s attention. 

Figure out who your target audience is. Learn where they from, what they care about, and what they need at the present moment. Doing this will help you push your branding in the right direction. 

Your target audience isn’t the only thing that you need to research. Take an in-depth look at your competition. Check out what they’re doing as far as branding goes, so you don’t make the same mistakes they do. 

You can even take some inspiration from their brand. Inspiration is the keyword here. You want to set yourself apart from your competition, not become a mini version of them. 

Consider Hiring Branding Services  

If everything we’ve talked about so far has completely gone over your head, it might be a good idea for you to look into branding services

Your company is your baby, so it’s hard for you to take an objective look at your brand and make changes. A digital marketing agency can be a second pair of unbiased eyes. 

They’ll tell you what’s working as well as let you know what you need to change to make your branding pop. Part of their job is to stay up to date with the latest trends and technology. This means that they know how to keep your company relevant. 

They have access to branding software and tools that you might not be able to get your hands on. They also have specialized training in all things marketing and branding. You may pay a large price to get all of these perks, but as you can imagine, it’s worth it. 

Know What Your Business Offers

An important question to ask yourself is, “what does my company offer that others don’t offer”? You need to have a clear idea of how you’re different from your competition. 

Again, keep an eye on your competitors to see what’s working and not working for them as far as branding goes. This way, you don’t make the same mistakes. 

Give it Personality 

You’re a company, not an individual. Still, it’s crucial to pretend that your company does have an entire personality. Do you want to come across and friendly and outgoing? 

Are you professional and fancy? Are you flirty and sexy? These are all important questions to ask yourself. 

Create Your Logo

Now that you’ve got an entire persona ready to go, you can get down to business and create your logo. Keep in mind that your logo isn’t all your branding is, but is the cornerstone for how a brand is developed. You want people to look at it and immediately connect it back to your business. 

Your logo needs to have some interesting features that set it apart from others. For example, McDonald’s has their brightly colored M. Burger King has the words between the hamburger buns.

You get the picture.

Restaurants bring us to our next point, which is color. According to color psychology, certain shades instill different emotions in people. If you notice, restaurants use a lot of reds, yellows, and oranges in their logos.

The reason why is because these colors are known to make people feel hungry and energized. Whatever design choice you decide on, you need to make sure that you’re consistent. It should look the same across all your merchandising and packaging. 

Develop a Brand and Bring in the Customers 

A brand is much more than your logo. It’s an entire personality. It’s a promise that you make to your customers to deliver a quality product. 

If you refuse to develop a brand, you might find that your target audience doesn’t trust you. The second that happens, your competition will overtake you. If you follow the advice we’ve given you today, we can promise that won’t happen. 

Are you looking for more ways to get your company off the ground? Check out the business section of our blog for all the latest tips and tricks.

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What Is Bridging Loan And How Does It Work



No matter how efficiently we manage our finances, there are some unforeseen circumstances in life. We need instant financial help, such as the renovation of a home, paying medical bills, repairing cars and more. A bridging loan is a short term loan that provides you with instant cash flow to fulfil your current financial obligations. It is a secured loan designed to provide the fastest access to cash that borrowers can use for almost any purpose. Bridging loans are different from traditional bank loans in both criteria and primary uses. Typically, bridging finance is used by property developers and investors as a temporary loan or short term mortgage. 

How Does Bridging Loan Work?

In most ways bridging loans are similar to traditional secured loans in which borrowers need to submit an application form to get money using an asset as collateral. However, in bridging finance, a loan is provided against the property of the borrower. The lender has a right to take ownership and sell the property if the borrower fails to repay the loan amount. One thing that makes bridging finance different from conventional property loans is that the loan amount is repaid as one lump sum at the end of the loan term. As it is a short term loan, the loan is usually offered for a period of 1 to 18 months. With this type of loan, you have the option to pay the interest rate monthly or at the end of the loan term. 

Moreover, the application process of bridging loans is easier and quicker than other types of loans. You may need to wait for weeks or even months when you apply for a mortgage loan, but bridging finance is approved within days or sometimes within 24 hours. It makes bridging finance an ideal option in time-critical situations, such as when purchasing a property at auction or completing the property purchase before the sale of existing property. However, be mindful that bridging loans come with high interest rates and fees, and they make financial sense only when used correctly.

Uses Of Bridging Loan

Although bridging loans are usually used to complete the purchase of a property, they can be used for almost any legal purpose. Some of the most common uses of bridging finance are as follows: 

  • Purchasing property at auction 
  • Renovation of property to increase its value before the sale.
  • Paying unexpected tax bills. 
  • Purchasing uninhabitable or non-standard properties.
  • Preventing your property from repossession.
  • Solving business financial problems 

Other than that bridging loan is worth considering when a significant amount of money is needed quickly and can be repaid within months. 

The demand for bridging loans is increasing day by day because of the ease and flexibility they provide to the borrowers. Several bridging loan providers are present in the UK, so you should shop around to choose a well-reputed and trusted platform. You can check online customer reviews to know borrowers’ experience with a provider. Always choose a provider that has a transparent lending process and following best lending practices.

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Things to do on getting a rapid enterprise inc. notification



Something that has been doing the round more often than ever are these rapid enterprises inc. notifications! People need to understand that it can be anything from a genuine order shipment or a scam.

There are certain things that you need to do if you get a notification of mails from rapid enterprises inc. It will help you understand which notification is coming from trusted sources and which one isn’t!

What is Rapid Enterprise?

Rapid Enterprises Inc. is a brand that has been in the business of trading since the year 1994. It offers postal service solutions and has a great amount of outstanding customer reviews. It has multinational level business.

Here’s the truth behind the notifications from rapid enterprises Inc. stamps

If we talk about the authenticity of the notifications from rapid enterprises, we can say that it depends on various factors, and it can be anything – a trusted shipment or a scamster try to make a fool of you.

In either of the scenarios, all you need to do is to perform a simple test of the notification or parcel (if you receive one) and it will help you know more about the source of the notification or parcel.

People in the US can check if the parcel is from US postal service, you will get a tracking number through mail. Next, you can go to the USPS website and track the shipment through tracking number. If it is a genuine parcel, you will get all the information from the website.

If you don’t find any relevant information, you can contact the USPS customer care, drop a mail or call on the 24*7 available number – 1-800-275-8777.

Why do we get such notification?

Many people experienced that it is indeed a genuine shipment that they received. One of the individuals who received the parcel said that he got a parcel as a gift from Amazon for dropping a positive review in appreciation for a product.

Is it really a scam every time?

It is the perception of the people which makes or breaks trust on a brand or business. Therefore, we would say that due to the perception and half knowledge of people about the whole thing, the masses have developed this thinking that parcels from rapid enterprises are total scam.

But the fact is many times it is not a scam, but a stupid glitch which sends the mail to your address.

How do you contact rapid enterprises Pvt. directly?

Rapid Enterprises Pvt. is based in India. In order to get all the information or relevant details about Rapid Enterprises Pvt., you can directly visit their official website.

Here you can get all the information you want and also check their various offerings and plans if you want their services anytime in the future.

What can we conclude?   

As of now, there is indeed a little known about the notifications that claims to be coming from rapid enterprises inc. stamps. However, being cautious is what’s in your control.

The thing is simple, if you get enough information from trusted source about the parcel or mail, then it is indeed coming from rapid enterprises Inc. and you don’t have to worry.

But! If you have the tiniest of doubt about the mail, and you don’t get relevant data to prove the authenticity of it, then it is scam! So, beware and stay alert.

In case of it being a scam, don’t forget to inform the postal service about it and then just ignore everything from that source.

That’s it! This is all you need to do.

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What is peer to peer lending?



It is an online platform where investors are connected with borrowers directly. The peer to peer lending firm pools investor’s funds and lends them to borrowers at different interest rates based on risk assessment. Typically, borrowers benefit from this kind of process as peer to peer firms might be able to offer quick access to finance or might be able to secure better interest rates compared to those offer by high street banks. Remember that all the individuals and businesses who borrow peer to peer loans have to undergo extensive credit checks and their creditworthiness is assessed by the platform. While some firms allow investors to perform their own due diligence, investors usually depend on the due diligence carried by the peer to peer lending internal credit control teams. 

How does P2P lending differ to property crowdfunding? 

While peer to peer firms allow investors to put money in debt instruments, the crowdfunding allows investors to take an equity stake. This means that the investor owns a proportion of the property in which they are investing.

 How is peer to peer platforms different? 

The main differences between p2p lending platforms are the following: Secured vs Unsecured (loans are not backed by assets) Loan term (how long the loan will last) Loan loss provision fund (the level of cover provider offers vs The expected bad debt) If loan is secured then what type of security it offers (i.e. business assets, property and personal goods) Manual vs Automatic investment (i.e. extent to which a lender allows hands-free investment)

ISA providers:

Peer to peer lending is a method where people can lend to businesses or individuals, removing the middleman, which is typically a bank. In 2016, the government recognized the growth of this industry by introducing an ISA to make tax-free investments and profits. Like other types of ISAs, individuals can invest up to £20,000 each tax year. A person can set up only one IFISA per tax year. A lot of Innovative ISA providers allow users to choose specific businesses, consumers or other projects to invest in. Other providers can take your funds and distribute it automatically over diverse loans, to keep a particular return and risk profile. Fees and returns differ based on the nature of the loan, the work that the provider puts in and the security that is in place. These lending platforms are not protected under the protection of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme that covers investments and savings in case the platform goes bankrupt. Some platforms set up provision funds to cover the investments. However, this doesn’t guarantee any money back, particularly with market conditions. With the majority of Innovative Finance ISA  if users wait for the investment to run its term, they will not have to pay any other fees. But, if users opt to withdraw funds early or sell their investments to others, they will have to pay a fee. In order to do this, users need to find investors to buy their investments because they cannot be sold back to the platform.

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How to save money on Internet?



Installation costs and seasonal price rises are commonly bundled into monthly internet bills. If you’re not alert, data overage fees and early termination costs can be added to your bill. There are a variety of options for saving money on home internet. You may save money by paying close attention to your monthly account and arguing with your internet service provider. By purchasing Discount codes, you can easily save money on internet. You can also save money if you use additional methods and suggestions.

Are you looking for “lumens voucher codes?

Remove channels that you aren’t watching:

If you can’t bear cutting the cord entirely, lowering your channel selection for a monthly discount is another alternative. Call your provider and explain that you’re paying too much for channels you’re not watching. If they refuse to work with you, be ready to terminate your TV service entirely. They’ll almost certainly make you an offer at the last minute to keep you from entirely cutting the cord. This will, however, only work if you have a track record of on-time payments to use as leverage.

Switch Billing:

Sign-up bonuses might save you up to 50% on your first year of Internet service. Consider having your significant other take over bills for a while instead of paying the extra money when the time arrives. It will very certainly require you to cancel or move providers in order for it to be worthwhile. You’ll both get two sign-up periods in exchange for their taking responsibility for the bill.

Bundle offers:

Thanks to your cell phone, TV services, and Internet connection, your home is a true communication hotspot. Keep in mind, too, that obtaining these services from various suppliers will almost certainly result in you paying more than you should. A growing number of businesses that formerly only offered one service, such as cable television, are now posing a triple threat. They offer packaged services, such as a television and Internet package. In addition, some mobile phone companies now provide a package of services that includes Internet access and television viewing.

Create a Better Deal:

Even if you don’t switch, if you evaluate the features and pricing of many Internet and TV providers, you may be able to cut your rate. When you call your provider to cancel, you can be offered a special rate that reduces your cost by a third for three to six months. Although it isn’t always essential, being courteous to the customer care professional on the other end of the telephone can go a long way.

 Don’t miss: “Pure electric discount code

Best way to save money on internet:

You can easily save money on internet by purchasing coupen codes. Voucher codes or discount codes are very helpful in saving money.


You may cut expenditures on your internet subscription by lowering your internet speed and purchasing a modem and router rather than renting them from your internet provider. You can also ask customer support to match a competitor’s internet price or give you a discount on a bundle package.

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Picture Frames – What Size Picture Frames Do You Need?



Picture Frames are not only functional; they also can add beauty to your home or office decor. A picture frame is essentially a decorative and protective edging around a picture, for example, a photo or painting. It not only makes displaying the picture safer and simpler but both put the picture in line with its surroundings and creatively blends it with them. picture frames come in many sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. There are those made out of wood, Plexiglas, plastic, metal, glass, or some combination of all of these. They can be fashioned into practically any shape imaginable.

Inlaid With Beautiful Stones

Some are beautifully carved and inlaid with beautiful stones. Others are created from delicate silver or gold-leafed glass. There are metal picture frames and those crafted out of bone and porcelain. The frames you choose depend on the theme of your room or office. Inexpensive ones can be purchased in bulk for a low price if you are looking to save money.

Picture frame sizes range from the smallest, which is the size of an ordinary picture frame to extremely large specialty pieces. If you want to matt on your picture frames you’ll be able to find all types of different matting for them. You can purchase thick, wide cloth or heavy paper to put over each picture individually. If you want matting that goes across all of the frames then you’ll have to order that separately.

Matting On Picture Frames

Many choices are formatting on picture frames. If you like flowers, you can order a sheet of flower-shaped matting. If your decor is modern then you might want a geometric design. For something, a little bit different try going with a photo of a cute baby seal or perhaps a collage of pictures that has a cute animal or other subject included.

When shopping for picture frames you might also be interested in custom framing. If this is the case then you can get them in just about any size you want. Some companies even allow you to order in specific sizes. You can place in whatever information you desire including the size you want so that they know how big they need to make your frame.

Easier To Clean And Maintain.

Wood frames are often more affordable than metal and you can choose between various types of wood. They are often easier to clean and maintain. If you want to learn how to buy picture frames then the links below will show you the basic ones that are available.

Picture Frames are not only for pictures anymore. You can order art frames that are made to hold sculptures, photos, paintings, and many other types of artwork. They come in various sizes and styles. The prices for picture frames will vary depending on the type of artwork and the company you order them from.

Wood picture frames are much cheaper and are usually much easier to clean. They also have a more natural look to them and are usually more pleasing to the eye than metal frames. If you are looking for a way to purchase picture frames then take a look at the information below. Learn how to buy picture frames that will last a lifetime.

Picture Frames That Fit Properly

Picture Frame Sizes: Before purchasing picture frames it is important to know what size they need to be. You must do this because you will not be able to purchase picture frames that fit properly if they are not the correct size. There are several manufacturers of frames including Pritikin, JVC, Casablanca, and of course Casa. Here in this article, we will give you some information on different frame sizes as well as some easy ways to mat them down.

Here in this article, we will give you some information on matting picture frames that will help you make the right decision when buying one. Matting these things will allow you to create a professional look and feel for your home. If you want matting that is low cost then you need to buy smaller ones. You can easily find these at any department store because most are made for small space. The best backing for these items is acid-free paper. When you are matting these for the first time, always read all directions before you start working. Then once you have learned how to do it you will be able to remove the backing to see which frame sizes you need.

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