What is an Epic Games show name

What is an Epic Games show name and how to change your epic name?

Changing your Epic Games show name won’t influence your PSN or Xbox Live Gamertags/show names. To change your PSN or Xbox Gamertag please contact Sony or Microsoft for help. 

If you’ve just played on Reassure (PSN, Xbox, or Switch) and you need to make a presentation name for your Epic Games account, you should overhaul your record to a full Epic Games account. You can discover guidelines on the most proficient method to do that here. 

Instructions to change your Epic Games show name 

Your email address should be checked before you can change your Epic Games showcase name. Go here to figure out how to confirm it, if you haven’t done so. 

In the container named DISPLAY NAME, enter your ideal new presentation name. 

Look to the lower part of the page and snap SAVE CHANGES. 

Instructions to change your Epic Games show name 

Hence it is clear how to change your epic name as you can change it once like clockwork.

This instructional exercise will disclose how to utilize stories in dexterous programming improvement with Jira Software. It will zero in on stories in exemplary tasks and cutting-edge projects. 


Consider making an epic if you have an enormous collection of work that should be finished in more than a few runs or throughout an extensive period. You can likewise make an epic when you notice an example among a few client stories, and you need to package them into one gathering. Look at our guide on Epics to find out about models and formats. 

Working with sagas in exemplary undertakings 

Stage 1: Create another epic in Jira Software 

There are three different ways to make sagas in Jira Software the Roadmap, Backlog, and Global Create issue button. At the point when you make an epic, you’ll need to enter the accompanying subtleties: 

Epic synopsis – You’ll see this at whatever point Jira shows the epic. 

Make an epic on the Roadmap 

The Roadmap helps imagine and arrange enormous bits of work that might be in advancement at the present later on. 

To start with, empower the guide. 

In the Roadmap tab, empower the component for your undertaking. 

At that point, select Roadmap from the menu on the extreme left. 

Hit + Create epic on the Roadmap. On the off chance that your Roadmap is unfilled, basically begin composing to make your first epic. 

Select Epic for the issue type 

Star tip: You can likewise make another epic by floating between stories on the guide 

Make an epic from another issue 

You can make legends and some other issue types utilizing the worldwide route menu. 

Worldwide route with make button 

Snap the make button situated in the worldwide route bar at the highest point of the screen. 

Select Epic for the issue type. 

Make an epic from the Epic Panel in the accumulation 

Explore the Backlog. 

Snap on the Epics Panel. 

Hit Create Epic. 

Stage 2: Add stories or youngster issues 

At the point when you’ve made an epic, you’ll need to add stories or kid issues to it. 

Difference Between Epics and Other Issue Types 

Stories, bugs, and errands depict a solitary bit of work, while legends are utilized to portray a gathering of issues that all identify with the equivalent, bigger group of work. Legends are commonly finished more than a few runs or a more extended period on the off chance that you don’t utilize runs. Look at our guide on conveyance vehicles to figure out how coordinated groups effortlessly oversee degree and structure work. You can likewise reference the manual for working with issues in Jira Software. 

There are two different ways to add a story to an epic: 

From the issue make a screen 

Snap Issue in the upper left corner. Select an issue type other than epic. Locate the Epic Link field, and select your epic. Fill in some other subtleties and snap Create. 

Explore one or the other Backlog or Active runs: 

In the Backlog, drag the issue onto the Issues without stories area at the lower part of the Epics Panel; or 

In either the Backlog or the Active runs, click the significant issue to show it on the right-hand side of the screen, at that point click the x in the epic name (for example “Apples” in Screenshot 1 underneath). 

Stage 3: Viewing your stories 

You can see data identifying with every one of your stories in the Backlog. 

Stories board, List of sagas, View issues in epic 

Legends Panel: Go to the Backlog and open the Epics Panel to see and deal with your sagas. 

Rundown of sagas: The Epics Panel shows a rundown of all the stories in your venture. 

View issues in epic: Click an epic’s name to see all the issues having a place with that epic, across all runs. 

You can likewise see an epic issue to see a rundown of the narratives it contains 

Stage 4: Set up swimlanes for your stories on your board 

During a run, you may think that it’s valuable to separate your board into swimlanes for every epic, to make the board outwardly more clear. 

During a run, you may think that it’s helpful to isolate your board into swimlanes for every epic, to make the board outwardly clear 

Here are the means by how this up in Jira Software: 

Explore the Backlog (or dynamic run). 

Select more (Ellipses button) > Board settings. 

Snap-on Swimlanes. 

Under Base Swimlanes, select Epics. 

At the point when you start a run, your board will show issues gathered under their legends. 

Stage 5: Monitor the advancement of your epic 

You may think that it’s imperative to monitor all fragmented issues connected to an epic. For instance, on the off chance that you have an epic that will traverse different runs, you may think that it’s helpful to follow the measure of work staying after some time so you can appraise when the epic will be finished. Click here for the latest news like this and we will never disappoint you.

In Jira Software, you can utilize the Epic Report to effectively acquire this data. 

Screen the advancement of your epic 

Stage 6: Complete your epic 

To finish an epic explore the accumulation or guide 


Explore the Backlog

Open the Epics Panel. 

Snap the drop-down for your epic, and select Mark as Done. 

Complete your epic 


Explore the Roadmap 

Snap-on the epic 

Snap the status drop-down in the detail see and select Mark as Done. 

Complete your epic 

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