What Is An Audio Interface?

The audio interface is an essential component in the computer-based audio production and is used to record and play the audio. It helps the user to make good quality home studio recording from the computer. An audio interface is the external sound card that uses the inputs for microphones and instruments. It helps in expanding the inputs and outputs. And can also improve the sound quality of the computer greatly. It helps in recording music and podcasts.

The audio interface will reproduce the more accurate representation of the sounds when you record the audio or listen using the speakers or headphones.

Why should the audio interface be used?

When you need a professional level of audio performance from the computer you would need to use the audio interfaces. Secondly, when you are using professional microphones, instruments or any other type of signal that should be routed in or out of the computer system, the audio interface is used.

A USB microphone can be plugged into the USB port for an effective audio interface. It could just be the input device or you may use the headphone for output too.

Audio interface vs the sound card

The basic job of the audio interface and the sound card is the same – to get the sound in and out of the system. It is used to process and edit the sound and convert it into a digital signal and back. 

On a general note, an audio interface is the external sound card used for laptops and tablets. It means that you don’t need to fit the sound card inside your machine for improving the recordings. Hence the audio interface is one step ahead to make it more professional.

A good audio interface helps you to connect different analogue and digital signals. It is best to provide you with the superior analogue circuitry and help you improved overall sound quality. It helps you to make a different level of audio compared to the one with the stock soundcard that comes from the computer.

Purpose of an audio interface

The advantages of the audio interface over the sound card is the ease of use, and high-quality recordings you get. This could be because of the wider range of input types that can be built into the unit. It is also easier to access and has a greater physical size to its advantage. The audio interfaces are even available with MIDI, in case you want to connect a keyboard controller. Now that you know the advantages of using the audio interface, buy your Audio Interfaces online at The Disc DJ Store, the DJ equipment specialist selling top DJ brands at great prices throughout the UK, Europe and the USA.

Connecting the audio interface to my computer?

The audio interfaces are mostly the USB soundcards that need the USB port or a USB adapter to connect it to the tablet, laptop or your computer. Thunderbolt and firewire audio interfaces are also available. The advantages of these are that it is faster. But, is also costly than the USB audio interface. If are looking to shop for the audio interface, visit our showroom, The Disc DJ Store, the perfect environment to enjoy and try out the finest brands our industry has to offer.

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