What is alter ego? How it channels your talent

An alter ego is the second identity or life hidden from a person or its family and friends. It is known as the subordinate self. The intrigue behind an alter ego is in its secrecy. The word originates from Latin but stemming from Greek állos egṓ. The term is coined by author Cicero, who stated it as “second self, a trusted friend”.

Although the concept of ‘Alter Ego’ seems very simple, using it at the right moment for good motives is what makes it tricky. But how to trigger your alter ego at the right time? follow us below in the article.

For example, You would never know the friendly old Bob had a secret life by looking at him. He became a man-eating werewolf every month on the full moon. His secrete werewolf identity only comes out after dark.

Advantages of Alter ego

The most significant advantage of an alter ego is maintaining a distance between yourself’s dark and negative side. It helps you convey your talent for good and get out of your comfort zone. It also allows you to do things that you might not have accomplished.

Versions of alter ego

There are five different versions of alter ego

  • Second persona- the other you
  • Ideal persona- the ideal you
  • Dependable persona- a trusted friend
  • Dark persona- the negative side of your soul
  • Purpose-built personality- the alter ego

How do you Create your Alter ego?

Activating your alter ego can be done in many ways. You have to think about concerning habits, beliefs, thoughts or actions to alter ego. Trigger a person in your mind who personifies all of this. You could read an article about them before transform; you could listen to their voice, watch a video of them, or look at a photo of them.

Create a person who has all the characteristics you want to be. It made the whole experience more natural, but do as you see fit. After that, you can use this identity in any way which you like. You can also set a timer to remind yourself to take some time to convert into your alter ego to grasp your behaviour or next steps.

However, don’t figure your insecurities or weaknesses on your alter ego in the moments of doubts. They’re not the part of your alter ego. Then stepping back and convert into your alter ego again. Feel your feelings, think and then act accordingly.

Also, don’t design your alter ego beside yourself, but actually, take them off. It is the person you want to change in the end. You can’t transform into a different person entirely overnight. The process is neither too long nor too short. However, it gives powerful and fresh aspects whenever you use your alter ego. You can see that you change into your real identity if you do it consistently.

How to trigger your alter ego? A few ways are mentioned below.

Ways to Trigger your alter ego

  • Practicing your alter ego on daily basis
  • Use a costume and materials to trigger your alter ego
  • Stay in your Character
  • Follow the actions of your alter ego’s personality

Way to remind yourself to use alter ego

You can use a physical object such as a picture or bracelet that remind you about your new identity. Moreover, you can invoke your ideal self whenever you think of it.

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