What is a woven Banarasi saree?

Woven Banarasi saree are the most expensive among all kinds of Banarasi sarees. The lighter and smoother touch of these Banarasi sarees increases the price of the same. Fake Banarasi sarees do not have the ability to provide that softness. 

As the fake Banarasi sarees look exactly like the woven Banarasi sarees, it is quite difficult for the customers to understand the difference between the fake and original one. 

The handwoven Banarasi sarees can provide you a flawless and gorgeous look as well as a next-level of comfort. You can carry these smooth-textured sarees for any kind of occasion. The various types of woven Banarasi sarees are mentioned below.

Types of handwoven Banarasi sarees

Some of the popular types of woven Banarasi sarees are Shattir Banarasi, Zari, and silk with kora design Banarasi, Jangla Banarasi, Tanchoi Banarasi, and Butidar Banarasi.

Other than these, there are a variety of other fabrics available on the market these days. Due to the high price of the handwoven Banarasi sarees, anyone can be curious about the genuine quality of the same. You can check the authenticity of your woven Banarasi in different ways.

Luster test:

The handwoven Banarasi sarees have a unique texture to shine in a particular angle of light. The arrangements of the yarns and Zaris in the woven Banarasi sarees are in such a way that these sarees are used to be highlighted in a particular manner. 

However, the fake Banarasi sarees do not have that specific texture. As a result, these fake Banarasi sarees will give you a white shine at a glance.

Burn test:

If you can take out a single thread from your favorite woven Banarasi saree, then this test will definitely help you check its authenticity. If you take a thread out and set it on fire and get the smell of burning hair, you can be sure about the purity of the product.

Touch test:

The pure silk will surely provide you a smoother and lighter experience than the soft woven Banarasi sarees. By touching the same, you will get an idea of the differences between the original and the fake one.

Chemical test:

You need to make a certain chemical compound to test the authentic silk. Then soak a single small piece of it on that compound. The handwoven Banarasi saree will remain the same, but the pure silk will melt away. 

Care for your woven Banarasi sarees

  • Do not spray perfume on your woven Banarasi sarees.
  • These particular Banarasi sarees should be dry-cleaned when needed.
  • Store the Banarasi in a cool and dark place.
  • Always cover the woven Banarasi with a cotton cloth.
  • Check your sarees every 5-6 months.
  • It is better to place a newspaper in the middle of two woven Banarasi sarees.
  • Keep these sarees away from the sunlight.

By following this simple and easy instruction, you will be able to keep your woven Banarasi sarees as beautiful and graceful as before. 

From the above-mentioned information, we will be able to identify the purity of your handwoven Banarasi sarees. There is a massive difference between the prices of these handwoven Banarasi and the fake ones. The real silk Banarasi sarees are way much more expensive than the ordinary ones because of their super-impressive quality. 

Without wasting your money and time by buying fake Banarasi sarees, you can have your dream handwoven Banarasi sarees with the help of this article. You can pass this information to help your friends at the time of buying handwoven Banarasi sarees. 

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