What Is a Virtual Private Server?

A virtual private server is a cloud hosting platform that usually involves several tenants. The hosting provider installs the software on a physical machine and runs multiple servers. If you use a virtual private server, you get all of the benefits of a physical server without having to maintain it. You also get the same kind of privacy you would expect out of a traditional private server. Learn more about this below.

What is a virtual private server?


With a VPS, you get flexibility and control over your site through a hosting provider. This differs from shared hosting, where all of the hardware and software are shared. With a virtual private server, the data is isolated on a virtual machine that is specifically meant for the user. It’s the ideal compromise between web hosting plans and physical servers. This is because you don’t have to manage the server’s physical hardware, but you still get the same performance as a private network without any shared hosts. And even with a virtual machine, you still get all of the same benefits as a dedicated server.

What is OVHcloud?

OVHcloud offers virtual private servers at affordable price points without compromising on performance. They offer five different VPS options for a dedicated online environment. In fact, you can choose to host anything from a small blog to an Elite game hosting-capable VPS. This is perfect for hobbyists who love hosting games or professionals who just need reliable servers. You can get 2GB or 4GB of storage options and even up to 2 Gbps of bandwidth. Overall, this is a reliable provider for anyone looking to use a VPS. It’s even a great option for anyone who wants to learn about becoming a systems administrator. Different roles can greatly benefit from the use of a dedicated environment through OVHcloud.

Is OVHcloud reliable for virtual private servers?

OVHcloud has over 1.4 million customers worldwide. They offer OpenStack-based public cloud, dedicated servers, and VMware-based hosted private cloud. The company has over 32 data centers over four different continents, 22TBps of global network capacity, and 48 redundant PoPs around the world. Their global infrastructure is truly unmatched. The company has been helping shape the internet since 1999. They partner with millions of professionals all over the world and have been recognized as the largest European cloud hosting provider since 2011. It’s one of the top five hosting companies in the world and is expanding its operations to the U.S. So, you know you can rely on their services.

Why should I use a virtual server?


Virtual servers are great for any business because you can simply scale your services to your needs. Servers configured by OVHcloud offer you increased performance because they’re powered by Intel. You can use the hardware for business applications and hosting sites. Manage web projects in a dedicated virtual environment that’s specific to your usage needs. Your VPS server can handle unlimited traffic with a maximum bandwidth of 1Gbps. So, your customers will have the best possible browsing experience and you can host other services or applications without issue. You can even get automatic backup to store and secure your data. The availability of OVHcloud’s servers is ideal for business applications. You’ll get constant service, and they’ll guarantee that it’s stable. If you want simple solutions for a virtual server without having to worry about upgrading parts or dealing with technical issues, then their VPS solutions are ideal for you.

At the end of the day, a VPS server provides you with the ability to host websites and applications without having to share anything. You get a dedicated server through a virtual machine and never have to worry about maintenance. Leave it to OVHcloud to provide a solution.

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