What is a Netflix Limited Series?

Netflix is a video streaming service that lets you watch unlimited TV episodes and movies from your favorite shows, all for one low monthly price. With the Netflix app on your TV, computer, phone, or tablet you can be watching in seconds. There’s a world of entertainment at your fingertips.

Netflix offers the best selection of new release blockbuster movies from Hollywood to independent cinema, as well as hit TV shows, innovative documentaries, and stand-up comedy specials.

A Lot of People ask What is a Netflix Limited Series? If you’re a fan of TV shows that don’t last forever, the “limited” part of the Netflix Series may be just what you’ve been waiting for. While each episode is released at one time and holds an entire story, there are no seasons or episodes to wait for. You can watch all Netflix Series in the order that they were made available.

What is a Netflix Limited Series?

Netflix Limited Series means that the show has a specified number of seasons. A limited series is not part of a long-running show like Netflix Original Series House of Cards or Orange Is the New Black.

A limited series [can be] an exciting alternative to a standard show, because you don’t know how many episodes there will be in it!

For example, a limited series might have eight episodes in season one and then be renewed for a second season with six more episodes. At the end of the second season, the story might be finished — or it could be renewed for a third season of 10 more episodes!

Limited series are great for people who love to collect shoes, but hate having to wait around forever for a new season. If you are interested in watching them all, you can watch each episode as it comes out then buy the whole set when they’re all done!

Benefits of Netflix Limited Series:

There are a lot of Benefits of Netflix Limited Series. They include:

  1. You get to decide how much of your time you want to invest in each series, with new episodes released all at once.
  2. You get to decide what you want to watch, small or large episodes, or a mix of small and large episodes in one series.
  1. There’s a wide variety of shows and genres to choose from. If a series isn’t what you’re in the mood for, you can easily leave and try another series that more fits your mood at that time.
  1. Netflix Original Limited Series may be a good starting point for your kids or even yourself if you’re interested in watching something new but don’t know where to start! 
  1. There are no filler episodes; every episode is there for a purpose and is important in some way.
  1. Unlike standard-length series, there aren’t seasons and episodes to wait through in order to get to the end of a story and find out how everyone ends up.


Netflix is the best way to discover new series based on what you like. Browse the Browse section or find specific genres of shows related to your favorites. 

On your computer, you can use the Netflix app to instantly watch thousands of TV episodes and movies – just like you would on your TV – you already have a Netflix membership! Watch instantly with one click or queue up for later.

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