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What Is a Low Profile Tonneau Cover?

Pickup trucks can be great vehicles. They offer the practicality of a bed with the comfort of an SUV (some trim levels are exceptionally luxurious). Additionally, many of them are impressively good in off-road situations. They can be made even better when you add a few accessories. One great option may be a low-profile tonneau cover like the TruXedo Lo Pro tonneau cover.

Tonneau Covers

Tonneaus are truck bed covers. They act as a lid on top of your truck bed. So, rather than having a completely open bed, you have an enclosed cargo area almost like a huge trunk. Unlike a trunk, however, they can be opened completely or even removed to give full access to the bed. As such, you get a trunk-like storage area with the practicality of a traditional truck bed when you need it.

There are a lot of reasons to consider adding a tonneau cover. These are some of the most significant:

  • Protection From Weather: One of the main reasons for buying a tonneau cover is that it can keep rain, snow and other weather out of your truck bed. Many covers are waterproof.
  • Security: A tonneau cover can obscure the items in your bed and make them harder to reach. Some covers also lock to keep any thieves out.
  • Aerodynamics: Tonneau covers can improve the aerodynamics of the truck bed. Pickup beds cause less drag than one may expect, but every improvement helps.
  • Styling: A lot of people love the look of a tonneau cover. Plus, there are numerous options and colors to choose from.

Low-Profile Covers

A low-profile tonneau cover is simply a tonneau that fits onto the bed with minimal protrusion. To help with security and waterproofing, many tonneaus have somewhat complex mounting systems that connect them to the sides of the bed. This can stick out, and some people would prefer a more subtle look.

Some low-profile covers are almost entirely flush with the top of the bed. This makes them more discreet. In some cases, low-profile covers are also lighter than other options due to their minimalist designs. However, the main benefit is purely aesthetic. If you want a tonneau cover but think that other options are too big, look for a low-profile one.

Top Low Profile Covers

There are a few great options for low-profile covers on the market. As mentioned above, the TruXedo Lo Pro is a great choice. Another good option is the BAKFlip MX4, a relatively low-profile folding design. Alternatively, you may like the ACCESS Vanish. All three of these offer relatively subtle designs but each one has its own advantages. Check them out to find the right low-profile cover for your needs.

Get a Tonneau Cover for Your Truck

Accessorizing your truck with great parts can make owning it a more rewarding experience. There is nothing quite like hitting the road or trail in a truck that you have customized. In addition to a tonneau cover, consider getting fender flares, shocks and wheels. Learn more about the accessories and parts available for your truck and place an order today.


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