What is a CPAP Pillow and how to buy the one according to your needs.

Sleep apnea, a disorder that disorientates your breathing while you are asleep, can even be more difficult if you have to wear a CPAP mask while going to bed. People suffering from Sleep Apnea usually find it tricky to sleep on their sides as they usually have a mask on. A CPAP pillow is to the rescue!

As the name suggests, medical supplies online like CPAP pillow is designed to be used along with a CPAP machine. They are your best friend if you desire a sound sleep, but also wear a CPAP mask to bed. Specially designed to solve this problem, these pillows provide extra spaces for mask wearers, without compromising on comfort or sleep. Unlike traditional pillows, CPAP pillows do not interfere in your sleep or even with your mask.

Normal pillows lead to discomfort as they do not have enough space for the mask. As a result, the mask interferes with your sleep. With the help of CPAP pillows, a much needed medical supply online you don’t face problems like pushed up the mask, poor sealing, and even discomfort that comes with wearing a mask.

 If you too are on breathing therapy which requires CPAP machines, masks, and tubes, CPAP pillows should also be added to the list.  CPAP pillows are necessary for your therapies as they reduce pressure sores and redness on your face that is caused by the designing of traditional pillows. CPAP pillows offer different cutouts and designs to let you choose according to your needs. They help you to achieve the goal of effective therapy, by eliminating neck pains, stiffness, and other related problems. You can easily buy medical supplies online.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of a CPAP pillow

  •     Compliant with CPAP masks and machines.
  •     Helps to attain therapeutic goals
  •     Provides comfort sleep to CPAP mask users
  •     Prevents the leakage from masks
  •     Relieves from the pressure sores and marks
  •     Makes wearing masks throughout the night easier


CPAP pillows are very significant when it comes to the therapy of sleeping Apnea patients. It, therefore, makes it very important for the patient to be CPAP compliant. This breathing disorder increases your risk of developing high blood pressure, Type-II diabetes, and even heart diseases to some extent. Therefore, one should look into this seriously. The following list will give you an idea of how and why to buy medical supplies online.

Is it the right filling material?

This is one major question that should have the correct answer. The CPAP pillows either use fiberfill or the latest filling in the town called the memory foam. The fill is responsible for the firmness of the pillow. It also affects heat retention and level of comfort. Choosing the right fill lets you have the desired sleep and control over the pillow.

What are the right size and shape proportions?

 The market offers a wide variety of sizes and shapes to be chosen from but the CPAP pillows with sufficient room for masks and tubes are always recommended. The right shape and size also help in releasing pressure as well as neck stiffness.

How firm should be the pillow?

The firmness of the pillow is something everyone likes to be customized accordingly. While a pillow should be firm enough to retain the needed support it should not be too firm. After all, it’s a pillow. Best CPAP pillows give you the desired stiffness without leaving pressure masks or pushing masks into your face.

Things to keep in mind while choosing a CPAP pillow.

(Your guide to buying medical supplies online)

  •     The type of your CPAP mask

If your mask type is the large full face mask, it is recommended to look for a pillow with deeper recesses to accommodate the mask properly. Although nasal masks don’t need such deep recesses.

  •     Thee CPAP pillow budget

These pillows are available in the market for around 70 dollars or somewhere near that. The price has a little say over your choice of the right fill.

  •     The preferred pillow loft

Most people who sleep on their sides would rather opt for a medium or high loft options and most CPAP pillows in the market today have this. But, those who prefer changing preferences may find that the ones that can be adjusted are a much better option.

  •   Look for the right dimensions

Well, it should be noted that CPAP pillows are not as big as their traditional counterparts. The size of the pillow is totally up to your discre

  •     The durability and warranty

 Different manufacturers offer a different warranty with their products. Although quite a few of them come with no warranty at all.


To sum up, a CPAP induced sleep can be very uncomfortable due to the process of wearing a mask to bed. This experience can be made better by the use of a CPAP pillow which provides enough comfort to a mask-wearer by accommodating the mask. Therefore, by the use of the right technology, achieving the right therapeutic goals can be made easier, just like in the case of these CPAP pillows.