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What Gear Do You Need to Turkey Hunt?

Certain things are way more exciting than going turkey hunting. For most hunters, turkey hunting is how they end their long winters and return to the field for this activity. They consider spring turkey hunting the most convenient for young hunters. However, even the aging hunters prefer going on a spring turkey hunt.

This one’s a fun activity. You will find the male turkeys to be most active during the spring and are found strutting, gobbling, and chasing down their mates. Although most people find spring turkey hunting more convenient, the hunting gears are equally great for fall season turkey hunting. Most of it can also act as crossover gear suitable for other hunts. You will encounter many hunting gears in the retail or online stores, making it challenging to find the right one.

Nevertheless, these gears can help you make your mission successful before you go on a turkey hunt. So, read about some of the best turkey hunting gears that will make your life easier when chasing the gobblers.

1.      Turkey Calls and Decoys

Turkey calls are among the essential gears, which isn’t as simple as the box calls. A few hunters also carry pan calls, box calls, diaphragm calls, and locater calls like a crow call or an owl hooter. It is a great idea to bring multiple calls where the other can be effective if one doesn’t work. Hunters do carry 3 to 4 different kinds of calls for their convenience.

In addition to a turkey call, a decoy is another must-have turkey hunting gear. You can use decoys that come in a pack of three, including an upright hen, a feeding hen, and a half strut jake. These three life-like decoys can attract the gobblers when they are approaching while keeping the attention away from you. Decoys can act as an essential gear when hunting with kids or bow hunting.

2.      Clothing and Boots

The common point of debate when turkey hunting stops at getting yourself the best hunting clothing. Remember that turkeys have exceptionally sharp eyesight. Even though you can suffice turkey hunting without wearing camo or camouflage clothing, most professional hunters recommend wearing camouflage clothing from head to toe. You can purchase simple camos with a basic pattern that goes best with your surroundings. Nevertheless, you can also choose from brands that offer textures in their camo pattern.

Next, as much as your clothing for your turkey hunting is necessary, you also need to consider buying a pair of hunting boots. It is paramount to your hunting success, and it is unlikely that anyone will ever want to hunt in blistering or wet conditions. Your hunting activity will end when your feet give up on you irrespective of the hunt. Regardless of the place you are hunting, wear a tall rubber boot to make hunting even easier. Even a pair of comfortable boots that won’t blister the feet and provide enough support is sufficient for any hunting conditions.

But hiking boots are most suitable if you plan to go hunting mountain turkeys in the Rocky Mountains. The combination of a durable and agile hiking boot makes it an excellent option for hunting turkeys in the mountains.

3.      Turkey Seats

Another essential gear for turkey hunting includes an easily adjustable and comfortable seat. This can be handy when minimizing your movement within the woods. Most brands have designed this gear with this concept in mind. It is best suited for the crossbow hunters who hunt while sitting on the ground. These seats consist of durable powder-coated aluminum frames that often come in a camo pattern. It is lightweight and has an adjustable back, allowing you to sit in an area with no tree for support. Moreover, it is also adjustable on an uneven ground surface, ensuring a comfortable hunting experience.

4.      Shotgun

The essential equipment for a successful turkey hunt includes a shotgun to shoot at your target. You won’t require a top-end, expensive shotgun; you’ll do just fine with any reliable shotgun. Fire the rifle you’ve bought to get a feel for its workings and patterns and enter the turkey woods. However, don’t forget to attach a sling, particularly for mobile turkey hunters, as it is helpful while exploring the woods where the birds are found.

For the shotgun you’ve chosen, ammo is required. If you don’t have any ammunition for your shotgun, you can’t pelt them with bullets. Fortunately, many affordable solutions are available, and you may purchase quality turkey loads for a fair price.

5.      Blinds

You may sit with your back against a tree and bring some turkeys home without using a blind. However, a blind enables you to move around more covertly because turkeys have highly developed visual acuity.

Additionally, a blind may be particularly helpful in case of weather or when taking along inexperienced hunters who might find it harder to keep completely still. Blinds are equally suitable for spring and fall hunting. Look for a portable, simple-to-assemble, compact blind constructed of camouflage material and light enough to transport.

Final Note

There are numerous other gears used by turkey hunters, including shears, flashlights, bug repellants, processing tools, food, first aid supplies, water, and other odd stuff. Considering everything, it doesn’t take much to start turkey hunting. Hence, if you are on a tight budget, begin with the necessities listed above for a productive turkey hunt.

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